[YC 121 NECWC] To Recover

(Charles Surge) #1

Some may fear what the past has buried, yet I remain and fear
is my weapon.
I am the straight line now. Dreams give cursed call – give resonance of stones found purchase which
speed cannot shake.
Betrayal awakens. The cast bird gives me peace and blessing
to recover.
Axios! Axios! Brothers and Sisters! Select of yourself what has
always been true.
Held up to Amarr, let any fissures sound. Past will revelate and calibrate truth. It will lock and
you shall strike through.
They needed more. They needed truth held tightly in curved beaks. They needed us
to recover.

YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest
YC 121 New Eden Capsuleer's Writing Contest
(Lunarisse Aspenstar) #2

Submission acknowledged! Thank you!