[YC 123] Windchime Wayism Transripts

Another submission by neocomm email to me:

Contest Entry
From: Avio Yaken
Sent: 2021.05.08 17:35
To: Lunarisse Aspenstar,

Ms. Aspenstar.

So… I have a bit of a last minute entry I like to include in your contest that may be a bit unorthodox to other entries… But I like to help spread a message with my entry. I’m a Wayist believe it or not, despite my loyalities to the Guristas, I am very much a spiritualist and I have someone very special for helping me maintain that connection away from the influence of the State.

What I have here are transcripts of several qoutes taken from Windchime Guru Suha Raibuya that expand upon the philosphy and spiritual message her teaching of Wayism brings. I’m hoping that if it preforms well int he contest, it would help boost her message out.

You can find the collection of transcripts here

Admittelly I’m not sure what catagory it could be submitted under aside from “Opinion peices” but If you can think of a better spot, I won’t see the problem with it.

I hope you’re willing to make this entry apart of your contest.

  • Avio
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