YC 124 NEWCWC Fresh Icelandic Air

This is my entry into the OOC poetry contest.
A bonus about this poem.
If you take the first letter from each line it spells out a message.

Fresh Icelandic Air

Recently I was given a gift
Eve Online presented me with
Year end Christmas giveaway
Known for developing EVE the great game I play
Joined their stream to show my support
As I watched, and joined in games, I saw the report
Visually, across the screen, my eyes picked up
Is this real, could this be true, what great luck
Known for their generosity, this blew me away
In September under the aurora I will stay
Calling my name as the winner of tickets to Fanfest
Ecstatic is an understatement to say it best
Long hours spent playing this game
All transportation and hotel booked, I can’t wait to get on that plane
Never did I think I would ever make it there
Don’t worry, in September I will be breathing that…

Fresh Icelandic Air

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