OOC Category - YC 125 New Eden Capsuleers Writing Contest

This is a test this year.

Usually the writing contest I organize is for in character entries.

Due to the lack of OOC options in recent years, such as Pod and Planet, and due to numerous requests, in addition to the “in character” submissions in the New Eden Capsuleers writing contest, we are opening an “OOC - Out of Character” Category for those stories players may want to tell, but their characters might prefer not to or are unable to!

Same Rules as the Primary Contest and same prize amounts for 1st through 4th place, including eligibility for special prizes. However, all OOC entries MUST be submitted in “Player Fiction” Only and should specifically indicate that they are an entry for the OOC category.

OOC Category Entries so far:

Chongus - “Fresh Icelandic Air”
Maksym Sobic - “About Eve”
Miyoshi Akachl - Stellar Fit OG 3000 (Health & Fitness/Gallente)


Adding our first OOC Entry! Thanks Chongus!

YC 124 NEWCWC Fresh Icelandic Air - Fiction Portal / Player Fiction - EVE Online Forums

So practically,

Case 1:
I have a character of Faction A, but I want to write a IC story set in Faction B that has nothing to do with Faction A and my character, I use this category.

Case 2:
I have no IC character at all but want to submit IC stories, I use this category.


Well if Character of Faction A wants to write and submit the story, icly, it can use the IC category. I suppose an Amarr might have reasons to write and publish about the Matari for example as a work of prose fiction (or non-fiction)!

This is meant for an OOC submission by the player, not the character. Case 2 seems to fall there.

About EvE

In EVE Online, a universe vast and wide,
A history of twenty years resides inside,
A game of friendship, war, creation, and strife,
A world where you can live a second life.

You’ll find true friends, alliances to build,
With wars to wage and empires to rebuild,
Create and destroy, explore and learn,
In this online world, your passions will burn.

A universe of stars, ships, and intrigue,
A place where you can let your imagination besiege,
EVE Online, the best game of all time,
A world where you can leave reality behind.

So come and join, be part of the fray,
EVE Online, where dreams come to play,
With battles to win and treasures to find,
A universe that will forever be kind.

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Thank you. Your ooc entry is acknowledged!

I would like to submit Stellar Fit 0G 3000 for the OOC Category - News with the Health and Fitness and the Gallente Culture themes.

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Reminder - entries close on May 31st!

What were the results?
Who are the winners?

I am pleased to announce the judges are almost finished. We’ll post the OOC winners here on July 2nd, after we announce the IC ones in-game.

OOC winners:

First to Maksym Sobic for “About Eve”
Second place to Miyoshi Akachl for “Stellar-Fit”
Third Place to Chongus for “Fresh Icelandic Air”

Prizes will be awarded in 72 hours or so.

Thanks again for all the participants, sponsors and judges who helped make this year’s contest a success.


Thank you very much, unexpected for me))

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