YC 125 New Eden Capsuleers Writing Contest

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My entry:

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Updated with all known entries to date! Reminder deadline is MAY 31st!

Feel free to submit your own or nominate someone else’s!

Updated. Last two days for entries. Deadline is may 31st! ((timezone - anywhere))

I would like to submit the Eyes for Faith series (1, 2, 3) in the Other (News and Gossip) category.

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I would like to share a little family story and submit it as my entry for this year’s contest.

I guess talking about some of the burdens capsuleers have to deal with… Felt good? Like getting something off my chest.

Anyway, there is a tiny bit of Amarr culture involved, but I am not certain it would be enough to fit the category. That wasn’t the main focus anyway.

Have a nice evening.

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Namas and Greetings

I would love to add my paper which discusses the Ida as an academic addition to your Other Category.

Richard Masseri
Isha Sainika

I’m submitting under poetry something I wrote for a capsuller friend of mine who died, though there have been several now. I don’t really want to have a separate thread just for this simply to link it here - so I hope this entry is considered valid.

Epitaph for a Capsuleer

You helped us out when we were rookies
Unsure what to do or how to play
You said you would come and guide us
Because you were only one jump away

We became corpmates, allies and friends
Finding challenge and success among the stars
You were always there to share our journey
Because we were only ever one jump apart

As we undock we still expect to see you near us
A capsuleer with whom we grew and flew
No matter what we needed or when
You were always somehow ‘passing through’

We honour you as you honoured us
We celebrate the great gift of knowing you
You go now where we will one day follow
Some day we’ll take that last jump too


Please find my submission for the Academic category of the writing contest for your kind attention, concerning a historical conflict involving my member state of residence.


I have been doubting to submit also to the academic category, since I already have two submissions in the other categories… if a third one is acceptable, I would like to submit this essay:
Comparative Study of Amarr Space Cathedrals

As you can see, it also pertains to Amarr culture, without any romance but with some theology.


OP has been updated with all known entries! If i missed your entry somehow, let me know.

As of now, as it is June 1st, entries are closed!

We’ll try to announce the winners in two weeks or so.

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I am pleased to advise that judging is largely complete and i am tabulating the results.

I need to review schedules but i anticipate the winners will be announced July 1st, 19:00 NEST, at “The Starlight Ballroom” in Tebu Ankhiman, Tanoo system.*

*checking with judges, time might change.


The awards announcements will begin in about twenty minutes, pilots.

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Winners this year are as follows!

1st Elassus Herron for Akiga-Illshisotas IIket. His award will be given to Plex for Good at his request as an Audit Entry.
2nd Imlarr Timshae for Epitaph for a Capsuleer
3rd Lightning Lemmont for Haikus
4th Erica Munory for 12 Years of Slavery
Honorable Mentions Theodosius Savnar for Alzheimer’s

1st Theodosius Savnar for Emergency Confession Booth
2nd Ambarr Dishwataah for Salvaged
3rd Candide Fool for Yearning
4th Ambarr Dishwataah for the Business of Love
Honorable Mentions to: Calus Valmont, Trajon Thrax, Sydeed Ameer Ali, Duka Shasta (2x), Ambarr Dishwataah (x2) and Tintallel Sharan

1st Richard Masseri for Ida - To Consider - A Research Paper on the Ida…
2nd Simon Louvaki for Ghosts in the Shell…
3rd Amicia Cora for International Affairs…
4th - MantelGlobalIndustrries for Member State Conflicts in the Federation…
Honorable Mention: Theodosius Savnar for A Comparative Study of Amarr Space Cathedrals and ClisaLugara for Postal Drones

For Special Topic Awards:
AMARR Emergency Confession Booth (Amarr) Theodosius Savnar
GALLENTE Yearning (Gallente/Romance) Candide Foole
CALDARI Shadows and Daggers (Caldari) Duke Shasta
MINMATAR His Home Was Among The Stars (Minmatar/Romance) Sydeed Ameer Ali
ROMANCE The Hauler (Minmatar/Romance) Calus Valmont
FITNESS The Business of Love (Caldari/Romance/Fitness) Ambarr Dishwataah

Judges’ Award: Ambarr Dishwataah “Her stories are all consistently high quality; While various judges liked some more than others but they’re consistently and immediately engaging, which is especially impressive when they’ve made 4 solid submissions.”

Organizer’s Prize for two entries that caught my fancy:
Sword of God by Trajon Thrax and Ten Thousand Light Years Away by Tintallei Sharan

Prizes will be awarded in the next 72 hours or so!

Thanks again to all the parcipants, judges and sponsors for this year’s contest!


I am certain the winners will enjoy their prizes.

Congratulations all round.


Thank you for organizing this.


Congratulations to all winners!


Thank you for hosting this event, it was an honour to take part.


Thanks so much for organizing this! I’m always grateful for the chance to do some creative work.

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