Yes, we have a Troglodyte problem

Have you ever experienced the bullying baby in the sandbox? The kid who seems to struggle with some inner maturity issue, low self-esteem or neglient parents, and therefore tramples down all other sand castles for no justified reason whatsoever. When you wonder why he did that he just says he felt like doing it. Yes, just feeling like things might work in a kindergarten, but it will not benefit you in the long run on EVE. You need to become an intelligent player!

In comparable terms, you may have lost a couple of ships to a Troglodyte that just felt like it. Compulsively he had to shoot you that day. He wasn’t responsible for his actions. I know you are many out there that are tired of this. They have the right they think, because they have the power. You’ve been a week on EVE, they’ve been playing for years. They didn’t gain much from it. They didn’t earn it. They just felt like killing you, you see. I am not impressed by their power - I want to talk about their shame!

I’ve heard from both sides now:

One side says that a kill is a kill and that it is not meant to be taken personally. There is no moral system, everything is allowed in the sandbox, it’s not up to them. A bunch of oversized players have already decided that intelligence is out of the question. That side claims to have a self-imposed right to decide what they feel like doing and when they feel like doing it at the expense of everyone else - without anyone else wanting it or having given their consent.

“If I feel like shooting you that is what I will do, it doesn’t matter if it’s completely pointless, if it’s detrimental, I will tramp your castle down.”

The other side says a kill is not just a kill, especially not if a new player is involved. There is always a person, a player, behind the capsule and if your negligence, maybe one could even call it stupidity, goes out of the roof to destroy and bully others without any real purpose you are probably more responsible and part of the problem than you realize. Yes, whether you realize it or not.

“Most of the time you will probably not understand it, because you are a player who thinks that shooting innocents is a power that can be exercised online. But it isn’t power. It is bullying.”

Yes, there is a Troglodyte problem on EVE! In dialogue with a well-known pirate faction I was told that the reason why an attack on a completely unprotected beginner corp’s citadel was considered justified was that it served as a blind everyday pleasure to train ‘the boys’ on such harmless targets. They didn’t need for it to happen, they just did it ‘for fun’. But now when they’ve started, they also need to finish it. They don’t have it in them to say no to themselves. That was what I was told.

The same pirates, on the other hand, were extremely offended by the fact that the corp leader in question, presumably ‘for fun’ as well, had sent out several diplomatic messages on EVE where the attack was condemned and called an embarrassing and coward act! Why did the corp leader do that, they all wondered. They had not calculated with that! So, let me get this straight: First you attack a player that can’t defend themself and now you are offended and victimized because that player calls you a capsuloser. But what did you expect? No resistance? Grow up! Stop whining! The humble reflections of a female player.

It is sometimes interesting to study the psychology of the trampling baby. The reasoning of these Troglodytes - which is of course not a good reasoning in its rightful understanding - is not very flattering because it reminds me of the psychology of most rape cases. The guy finds something unprotected he wants. Being a guy he has no objective ability to be reasonable, he is apparently like a slave under his impulses, he just acts as his impulse dictates. Telling him to back off won’t help, indeed he saw you in the beginning, but trying to reason with him now won’t make him go away, he’s made that clear. That is just how the game works he says. All you can do is watch it happen. ’I left it for the other boys to practise at’, imagine him saying that, has some scary connotation when seen in the light of the structure of what that argument really means. A kill is a kill, you see. And if you ask him to take responsibility for his actions he says he just felt like doing it, exactly as that trampling baby at the playground.

And this is all happening on EVE right now.

I refuse to think that you predominantly male gamers and capsuleers on EVE are like this! But I am indeed wondering where these unhealthy structures begin. There are other ways to play the game than simply being a jerk you know. Find a strategy to leave the new players alone, kill them when they can match you, that is much more honorable. And to all of you other guys that perhaps are not approving of this Troglodyte agenda; when your ‘boys’ are suggesting a thing like this, then have the courage to say no - or take it upon yourself to correct them! Will boys always be boys? I don’t know. Isn’t it time for you to become men - even on EVE?

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You mad?


That is the point of the game, and in fact many games.

Judging from your post i think you are describing yourself. It takes a little maturity to lose with grace and learn from your mistakes. Maturity you don’t seem to have.

The nature of eve is kill or be killed. It’s less ‘WoW in space’ and more ‘mad max meets blade runner’. The game is designed to allow people to kill you, because they feel like it. And you consented to that the moment you undocked.

Some golden rules to guide you through new eden:

In particular these two:

  • You consent to PvP when you click “undock”.
  • There is no such thing as “a fair fight” or “an unfair fight”. There’s only a fight. Circumstances are irrelevant.

Welcome to eve online.


Let’s hear what the Zoomer snowflake has to say on the subject. Said no one. Ever.


Why do people build sand castles?

For every reason that you can list for why people build sand castles, that same reason, or an equivalent, exists for why others choose a different path and knock them over instead.

But you seem very mad bro. It’s just a game. Nothing worth getting worked up over.


Many people feel that when life knocks you down, it’s better to get back up and keep running than to curse the road. You might take some hard knocks, but you’ll hopefully learn from each one and emerge a more capable and resilient person for them.

If you truly feel how you express yourself there, and it’s not some overinflated RP post (your corp looks like an RP corp), then you might want to take some time to step back and think critically about why players act the way they do, and why the powerful and successful ones are so. Eve is a complex game that often mirrors real life, things are not always what they seem. Learning to deal well with loss is a key factor in success in eve.

There are ways to reach your goals without subjecting your corp members to getting wardec’d. This is one (of several) lessons on offer when you dust yourself, stand up and keep running.

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You are either a predator or a food.
Welcome to eve.




You are rationalising the psychology behind killing people in a computer videogame - where the whole point of the game is killing other players - is similar to that of rapists in the real world.
And yes woman rape too, so your post is, additionally, incredibly sexist.

Trashiest post ever.


OP: What’s next, that chess is an incredibly violent, sexist and racist game for psychopaths ? Can you fit that into your world views too ?
tenor (66)
It would be fun to deconstruct your post and comment, but … nah.


Lets face it Eve has become soft.

Take away local and allow war declarations to be made on anyone, anywhere for any reason. Then we can continue to teach boys and girls how to really grow up in life…by fighting for survival.

Honestly, reading this post was like someone was asking for Eve to become like WOW.


Might makes right. Welcome to reality.


I get hate mail and convos a lot by someone I killed: “why did you kill me? I’m just a weak innocent person passing through not bothering anyone”. They also include the same sentiment as above.

Let’s get this straight:
Person comes to null, supposedly the most dangerous space - check

Person comes to us, we didn’t chase them or seek them out because they are a noob they literally fly straight to us - check

Game has skill injectors and people have alts so we have no real way of knowing the “newness” of the player behind the toon.

In the heat of the moment no one is going so say hey let’s pause combat so we can double and triple check whether we should kill some rando.

A lot of the time people that are whining after they died pretty much asked for it!

They are greedy: want rewards from null but cry when the risk bites them. They want to get that valuable loot hauled faster then cry they were ganked. They want to min/max for ISK/hr and not care about defense.

They are lazy: forget all the increased safety and plenty of tools available to avoid death. Intel that’s all busy work.

Easier to whine to CCP for “just one more nerf” than to learn to survive in the game they signed up for- a game where PVP is everywhere. All of us were noobs at one point. Some of us signed up for and embrace the game for what it is. Others sign up for a game they dislike and want to change it to suit them. It’s no wonder that some people are more successful than others.


Your main complaint is that the war and attack on your structure is uncalled for and unfair towards a ‘newbro corporation’. (Funny that you call it a ‘newbro’ corp while making the ‘boys will be boys’ comment, but I digress). ‘Newbros’, ‘noobs’, ‘new players’ are characters that have mere days in their employment history tab; not someone who saw an ad on Facebook and decided to try the game because it looks pretty (it does) but then learned they didn’t have to start at the bottom but instead could actually buy an older character with lots of skills to use to have a leg up when first starting.

As ‘newbros’ they are looking to learn the game, however they want to play it. If they join a player-owned corporation, like yours, it is the job of the CEO (you) and your directors to teach and guide them on how to play and enjoy this game. It is your job to teach them what ore is best to mine for profit, how to start an industry job, how to build a skill queue for certain ships and even how to set their attributes to have the most efficient build for that skill queue.

Besides teaching them how to be productive in the game, you are also responsible for teaching them how to survive in EVE. This does not have to be teaching them how to PvP (though that is appreciated). Thousands of players have worked for nearly 18 years to build 3rd-party resources, which CCP supports, to make information gathering easier than just guessing before clicking the undocking button. You’re an indy corp that just got wardec’d? Look up the aggressors and figure out their hunting grounds…and AVOID IT. Send mails to your corp with information or suggestions on how to avoid trouble. Ask if the corp if they want to try and put up a defense, if so use those 3rd party resources to find out what could be effective. TL;DR - Stop whining and play the game.

The ‘newbro players’ who purchased their character to have more skills on Day 1 instead of learning the game from scratch, those are the players more likely to be upset and cry about having their castles knocked over or their ship blasted. They will then cry about it and then stop playing the game. They are the real ‘Troglodytes’.


What is that?

This is not the mindset of Hunters and Gankers.

Don’t anchor a structure that you don’t want to lose and you can’t protect.

Just enjoy the game with no hard feelings. The developers are already succeeding in killing this game. Just enjoy eve’s remaining time.

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Well said Aiko <3


Personally I find it extremely disgusting and extremely disrespectful towards people who had to endure such a life destroying horrible thing like rape, to compare it to something trivial as losing at a video game just to make a point on a video game forum.

But what do I know, I’m obviously the morally inferior bully here.


Some would say ragequitting eve is winning, not losing