You Found a Wild Module

I was thinking about this concept this morning.

In the United States of America General George Washington was our first President. As such his face is on our one dollar bill. Sometimes some one dollar bills get stamped with a “You found a Wild George!” notice from a website that tracks the bills. You then go on the website and enter the bill’s serial number and your ZIP code of where you found it and then the site tells you where that particular bill came from, how many miles its traveled, what owner number you are, etc.

I thought it might be interesting to have something similar in Eve; the Wild Module, if you will. Similar to abyssal crafted modules. For example if you loot a ship you destroyed and one of its guns was a “Wild Module,” the game could inform you similar to a Wild George. “Wild Module Acquired.” Then you can check the description or attributes of the module and it could have information like:

-This module was created in (system name) on (date and time). This module is (x) days old.
-This module has traveled (x) jumps from its origin.
-This module has changed hands (x) number of times.
-This module has survived the destruction of (x) ships.
-You are Capsuleer number (x) to possess this module.

Just a fun little addition to the game, I think.

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That might work for items that are sold through contracts, but I think items that are sold on the market (ie: due to being repackaged) have their meta data wiped. I could be wrong, but I think that’s how the server handles the item database.

If an item is stacked with other items, it would loose all that information.

(the following is really my basic interpretation, I am sure its not quite so simple)
For example if you had 3 ‘Item_Afterburner’ it records that information as so

‘Item_Afterburner’ - amount 3

If you want unique information to be stored about an item, it would have to assign a unique identifier to each item, as so

‘Item_Afterburner’ - ID:000003951
‘Item_Afterburner’ - ID:001234567
‘Item_Afterburner’ - ID:00000094

Now just imagine how many ‘Item_Afterburner’ there are existing in the game…

Its my understanding that a database that stored all that info for every individual item would be too massive to be useful.

I think this is the same reason why a ship cannot maintain a build/owner history.

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