You killed the single player experience

So guys after a while I started playing eve again and I discovered that capital ship production has ben refurbished.

I have been playing eve since 2012 or so and it gave me all I wanted from a space game,
fighting pvp/pve, trading, exploring and everything else, AND I could choose what I do, thanks, it was a great experience, a great game.

For me, as a passionate lone wulf, I felt great, I was not forced to join a corp I was able to do almost everything in hisec, (yeah I’m a care bear, but what is wrong with that, my balls are smaller than yours, and I’m fine with that).
I preffered to mine, and produce from ammo to capital ships (freighters), I love it and that is the reason I wanted to play eve, it was possible in hisec.

But you are going into the wrong direction, here’s why:

  1. Last year you redistributed minerals to lowsec and null sec… okay, you wanted some more fighting, you got it, hisec means veldspar nothing more.
    This was a major setback for me as a single player, since I could not mine and produce any more by myself at all, I totaly became dependent on the market, or be forced to mine in risky teritory.

  2. Today I realized, that capital ships cannot be produced in hisec any more, why reactions. They are only possible below 0.4 sec status and some parts cannot be bought in hisec.

More and more single players are forced to risk more and more, to start fighting, which i totaly dislike.

As a single player I feel totaly marginalized, since I cannot play the game as I was used to.
The experience for me is shrinking with each update.

The only direction the game is going to, is fighting and destruction, which is totlay fine for pvpers but not for all players.

A care bears opinion should not be worth less than that of any other player. They pay the same price for playing the game real $s or €s.

For me I decided to cancel my subscription, until the game has more to offer for me. It’s a pity, because it was the only video game I really liked.

Here’s what you could do to make the game a greater experience for all.

  • give single players some space back
  • don’t cut their possibilities that much
  • eve is far more than just a battle field

This post is intended to improve the player experience, not to rant.

Thanks for the great time.


is it that hard to make friends, without even joining a corp/alliance? Find something other than mining.


OP resents CCP for not catering to the antisocial drones that want to spend all their time in the kiddie pool training area? :thinking:


What does any of this look like in terms of actual gameplay changes? You basically told CCP “make it better for me” but didn’t give any specifics, no way to measure it, and absolutely no goals to aim for.


The game is not only going into the direction of more fighting it is also going into more trading. So yes, if you don‘t wanna leave the high-sec, what is hindering you to buy low-sec ore from the market to do your production?

You can do this still without joining a corp.


If you’re equating OP’s ability to make friends with his choice to play solo, you’ve missed the point.


Since when was your seal of approval required to play the game the way a player wants to play? Think hard (it may be difficult, but try. I’m sure it’ll come to you) and you’ll realise this a sandbox where everyone is free to play the way they want to.

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Good point.

I do not want to make friend with humans, they lie, cheat and betray each other…
No really, I like playing alone, its relaxing, just doing math all along the evening, without the need to care for the corp and all the problems they bring in, wars, mining missions or whatever.

I just like to sit there, mine some stuff, watch some tv, talk to my friends sitting next to me, even read books, life is hard enough, a game should not make it harder. For me, EVE was like solitaire, relaxation.


I don’t know if you realize this, but this isn’t actually a single-player game.


There are plenty of groups to join which don’t actually require you to befriend them.

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I know, but it’s a sandbox game, and you are supposed to play it your style, and that is my style.


I know as well, but I intentionally choose not to do, since I like to play just like that, it’s like sitting there on a river fishing all day long, casual interaction with others, some smalltals then go along with my stuff.

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I don’t get the point where you refuse to use the market. Can’t you just pretend for yourself it’s not a human on the other side of the trade, if you hate interaction with others?

Also which parts can’t be bought in highsec? I’m willing to fill this gap.

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What hinders me from buying stuff on the market is currently the shere lack of that stuff on the market yet, go to amarr and build a freighter. for now impossible.
I know this will change, but the sum of the changes makes it harder and harder to enjoy the game.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do not want to ruin your gameplay by forcing ccp to do whatever. I just wantet to express my worries and try to share my thought with those who want.

:slight_smile: YEAH fill the gap please.
Amarr space is currently lacking all the reaction stuff you need for building freighters.

I do not hate interaction, but I need some time for myself, you know old mans cave.

What is missing? I see Reinforced Carbon Fiber at reasonable prices. Pressurized Oxidizer … ok, the price is out of place. But you can import cheap from Jita. With low volume in Amarr not sure I want to do the logistics for a couple 100M.

True, let me explain:

The mineral distribution should be changed by putting at least some mining sites with rare minerals back into hisec and lowsec, like it was before the scarcity changes.

Every player who owns a station should be able to do reactions even in hisec.

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Scarcity isn’t over yet. When it is, the stuff may return. If you own a station, you can be in a war.

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Mostly single player here o/

I fully endorse killing off highsec anywhere possible.