You monsters! What have you done to the Badger?

The formerly most beautiful T1 hauler now looks like the ugly little brother of the Naga. Why, CCP, why?


Because the caldari got what they deserve. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiling_imp:

I wouldn’t care if it looked this bad just for Caldari players…

also props for keeping the faction roleplay up after all this time

I only play since a bit less than two years but I do my part. :slight_smile:

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But this I can get on board with. Terrible design, I hated it from the get-go, would support going back to the drawing board and undoing this change.

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Hey, I like it. The old Badger design was lame. This one makes me feel like I’m driving a Space Zamboni. :slight_smile:


The beloved child of a honey badger and an ant-eater.

f for badger :frowning:


We don’t need no stinking (old-style) Badgers!

Yeah we do! It’s not stink, it’s the scent of being the alpha predator amongst the haulers.

Probably because you poor people need to ramp up!

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It looks like 2 titans have alongsided a poor original badger and smashed it to what we have now :slight_smile:

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