But everyone I named is a criminal of the highest order?

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From their website “Individual pilots, Corporations or Alliances may issue a bounty on almost any pilot in EVE”. There is no indication that the system is intended for “criminals” only, and the spirit of it seems to be intended to providing an avenue for contract killing of all motivations.

It’s a scam. I hired them to kill Wah Huren and they haven’t done it.


Gonna be real with you. Bounty is easily my least favourite of the UK chocolate bar variety.


Is it safe to undock yet?

If you are truly police, why not keep Ahbazon safe from campers?

This is a little off topic, but to answer your question, it is one of our goals. Not just in Ahbazon, but in other locations as well. We are working on training our newer guys and building our numbers across time zones. We will not be “Keeping it safe” but we hope to bust up gate camps and have some good fights in the process.

This is supposed to be a joke, right? I mean, there is a lot of manual management here. You don’t really think this bounty system can be managed in an automated way that CCP could add to the game, right?

One day I hope

But it takes people to do something other than moan about a place, it all down to pilots in

aye, true enough, we need to edit that.

we went through a lot of discussions on how to manage this, and its a tough call, but ultimately we don’t want to provide a tool that can be used against us and our allies.

There have been some questions about placing bounties and that causing the pilot/corp/alliance that placed the bounty to become a target. To set the record straight, from the beginning, we set this up so that the person(s) placing the bounty can do so with anonymity. The bounty site has been modified to hopefully make this more clear. Here is that change.


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We have issued 5 new bounties and one is now at the top of the Hall of Shame board at 180,000,000 isk.

Come sign up to be a bounty hunter and collect that isk.

EVE has a bounty system?