Super nice PayOut system that actually works, finaly headhunters can DO the thing with proper reward.

We added 3 new bounty hunters today.

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We have added more bounty hunters and paid out another bounty claim.

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So why cant the F’ing Devs do this shite???
Lazy bastards at CCP, always relying on the playerbase to fix their game.

Because hiring fewer artists and programmers means bigger Christmas bonuses for the executive staff?

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New bounties were posted on 3 pilots yesterday.

Are you gonna spam the forums every time you get a couple million isk?

Can I put some bounties on people?

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I’m sure if you submitted a request, then our office staff will give it the consideration that it deserves…

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Well, I’d like to place bounties on:

  • DeMichael Crimson
  • Dracvlad
  • Ridley Rohan

To be terminated with extreme prejudice.

Also, a question: is it possible to recall a bounty? Assuming that it goes unclaimed for a very long time because the target is too terrified to play, or if the target writes a heartfelt apology in order to rectify the situation or something along those lines?

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Right, but it still spams the forums.

Do you think I should list every Venture I kill as well?

What’s up with the bounties being so small? Where’s the incentive, or the pride at accumulating a big bounty on your head? A guy I flew with was infamous for having several billion on his head at any time in the old system.

I’m willing to put up hundreds of millions in bounties, but so far I have not received a response to my inquiry above.

well to be fair this is a newish 3rd party system, so folks are still getting their feet wet. the good thing is that the more you destroy the more you can make.

Destiny Destiny come on now , these people need to be real criminals ,let’s say according to Concord , not people you dislike for personal reasons . Try a real criminal and see if it works

The title of the thread says that I now have a better bounty option. The old system allowed us to put bounties on anyone, and your new system allows us to put bounties only on players that you deem to be criminal enough to qualify. How is this better? If anything, it’s much, much worse.

It’s like saying that now there’s a much better pizza option, and when a person says “alright, let me have a cheese slice” you tell them that it’s just bread and ketchup.

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To quote CCP, “killing is a means of communication”. Causing another capsuleer to be eviscerated among the remains of their ship is a perfectly valid way of of expressing one’s displeasure.

Calm down ganker. This is crime and punishment, they are advising of crimes and punishment, you are such a whining ganker, you really need to calm down…

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Yes maybe but this is for criminals , if you need to exercise a Vendetta I’m sure Black Flag can help