You suddenly and inexplicably have the power to delete ONE ship from the game!


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I didn’t say stations.

I said structures.

Yes, coward ganker”s mindset is to not be wardec”able!

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If only the poors would use it/be allowed to use it (ie. only characters with at most 5 or 10M SP or at most a character age of 3-6 months), no one would mind SOCT ships. But as it stands, they substitute actual BS and actual CBC, which harms the economy considerably. They are too good, too cheap, too readily available, too versatile, too easy to use.

SOCT ships are objectively my first choice, but my disdain agains Trig Shits pushed Trig ships (which have the exact same problems) ahead by a notch.



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Loki. its op af

I’m all fine for having structures in low and null.

What’s the problem Packy? Too scared to come to lowsec?

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Post must be 5 characters

Ishtar. Sick of seeing them.

Why not delete Maggie from the game so to release her from captivity one way or another? :thinking: :wink:

Already deleted.


The Tayra. It’s useless even if you give it arms and legs.


Flying coffin

More like large spacious flying coffin.

Hope it does get deleted also!


Not the prettiest ship…but probably one of the most flexible ships in the game. In varying combinations you can get the EHP to 110K, the DPS to 850, the align time to 2.6 seconds. Reasonable turret tracking with lasers can deliver 650 DPS at 20km. And all this flexibility for just 60m ISK…which is 1/4 of the cost of many ships that really don’t do all that much better.

The ship I would get rid of is the Gila. I hate drone ships anyway.

You have time to prepare tea for the hole family before it aligns. Talk about AFK
It screams “gank me now!”
It doesn’t only fly like a brick, it also looks like one.

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Imo the least liked comment should win.

Then it’s good enough for a lure.

Explain your thought process, please?

Not to someone experienced enough to have a cargo scanner. Or do you plan to load it with BS modules?

The player who exploded your empty Sigil would fall for it.

I give you that one. But what’s the percentage of players who don’t check before engaging?