Your fattest can?

My fattest can so far is the 50mil can floating in a WH near meves
7 intact amor plate
It was the best moments I have
What about you guys

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20 Ward Consoles.

One of the jackpot loots taken with my thief alt from a Jita 4-4 gank (I was not involved in the gank, not a ganker, not that I have anything against it either just too much effort for my taste :stuck_out_tongue: ) that contained among other things this:

If you really want maybe I even can dig up the killmail as I’ve sent its link to some people who I’ve shared this fun story with back then just have to sign in to her and dig up the EVEmail if I still have it. Though am too lazy to do it right now.

Edit: Here it is…

Btw as I recall the buyer who contacted me in-game was actually the first guy who bid on that auction.

It was a yellow can, just off a highsec gate. A bit more than 350 million ISK (Much more than the price of a 30 day ETC, back then.) in salvage and common PvP modules. The UI did not show ISK values, but anybody even vaguely familiar with the markets could have made a rough guess about what he would get, if he just dragged and dropped whatever he could get into his cargo hold. That was a lot of money… And I was in an empty Industrial… A few seconds and a few clicks away from safety. (In an age before log-off timers, and safety settings, and suspect status, and warnings, and all that nonsense.)
And then I noticed the owner of the can, and smelled the bait: That can was the aftermath of an RvB battle. Left behind to entice somebody else into picking a fight with the purple blob. If I had not subscribed to the game a few days ago, hearing that “click” when I understood what was wrong with this can would have been more than enough to make me reach for my credit card.


Officer wreck about 2bil was 9 year’s ago so would be equivalent to about 8b now.

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My fattest can?


This isn’t the highest drop but definitely a memorable experience. Guess about 8 or 9 yrs ago I was cruisin’ round high sec in my Rifter Frigate and happened to find a T2 wreck filled with loot sitting by a gate in a system that was pretty much empty. Don’t know what happened to it or why nobody was there collecting the stuff but it had a Sisters Of Eve Expanded Probe Launcher and some Tech 2 modules in it.

Anyway, I always carry a salvager mod in my cargohold so I docked up, refit and went back to salvage the wreck, took quite a while but eventually I got a couple Intact Armor Plates and an Intact Shield Emitter. Was my first time ever getting any Blue Tech 2 Salvage and I hit the jackpot with those which was big ISK back then.

After checking twice to make sure nobody was around, I quickly looted the can and docked up asap, trembling with excitement and worried about getting attacked for robbing someones wreck. Yeah, I’ll always remember that Eve experience.

I mainly do PvE content so nowadays I’m happy to see something other than Metal Scraps in the wrecks.



So I am jumping into incursion system in low sec. I see a yellow wreck. I think: maybe someone tried to fight gate rats and got blown up?

I dock up, grab a rookie frigate and warp to the bookmarked wreck, around 350M ISK loot inside, including Gecko, deadspace and faction cruiser modules. My rookie frigate is scrammed and webbed and blown up by sansha just moments later, fortunately I did not attempt to take the cargo with that ship.

I warp out to station and bring another rookie frigate to the treasure wreck at the gate, this time few seconds is enough for me to quickly take the loot and warp to station, safely. :relaxed:

But the fattest ever was the 800M loot from 6/10 DED boss in last room.


I’m one of the players that leaves all those fat cans for you to grab.

Waking up in a new clone twenty jumps from where I got exploded might have something to do with it. I should really remember to reset my home station more often.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


A few years ago, when I still lived in low sec, I would often run unrated drone sites. They were really quick to run, would drop some junk, but their escalations had a pretty good chance to drop a chip that you could trade for an astero/stratios/nestor blueprint.

I dropped the junk in a station container named “trash” in my home system. All kind of stuff was piling up in there, but the estimated value was never over 20mil or so.

After a while the new faction mining drones came out, I paid it no notice since… mining… meh…

At some point later I looked into my trashcan, and promptly fell off my chair. The estimated value was listed at 60 billion ISK. Apparently amongst all that drone junk were items suddenly needed to make excavator drones, and I had several years worth of ratting “junk” lying about.


A yellow one , all it had were metal scraps but the vindicator that fought me over it had so nice loot.:dealwithitparrot:


link killmail or the vindicator was a big bottle of whiskey.

Good whisky


railgun fit and unable to hit your frig…have a cookie.

Nice kill, not sure why a vindicator pilot would waste that lovely 90% web bonus thou xD

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Back when I was still freshly Omega and had just joined a low/null sec Corp I started running exploration sites in our local drone space. Everyone always said drone space had ■■■■ for exploration, but the escalations on those data sites can be juicy as ■■■■. I landed blueprints for 60 run augmented mining drones not once but twice within the span of a week. Over 1b each. I rode that windfall for quite a while…

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Rail vindi is a good mission runner due to weapon dmg bonus. Better than mega and iirc also better than navy mega.

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sh&t buddy…you triggered or something? Go have a drink.

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I suspect that if he was, it would be you showing up on his KB.

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