YouTubers and Eve Online

Hello everyone,

This is my first Post that is about a thought I recently had.

What if a big youtuber that only appeals to young audiences started playing Eve Online?

when I say appeals to younger audiences I mean someone who plays games that are very popular among kids such as Minecraft, Roblox etc…
for example: TheCampingRusher
this youtuber is a perfect example because they have over 1 million subscribers and it made me contemplate what would happen if he uploaded a video where he started playing eve online and welcomed his viewers to join his corp. I estimated maybe 3,000 would join within one month and I am curious how you feel this could impact Eve Online. will it cause a big war to make him and his viewers leave the game or something else?

If 3,000 joined 2,800 would quit in a month. The learning curve is too steep, the game rewards patience over Immediate satisfaction. And it’s freaking cruel, ruthless and relentless. It literally makes people cry…

Look at Zarvox and Bjornbee, how long did it take them to get good at what they do? Years?

No, Eve is not for mass consumption, it doesn’t appeal to the lowest common denominator. It’s not something you just sit down and play.

And that’s fine with me.


I agree with the above statement, and adds that it would only hurt EVE…


It is the key of success on youtube, consistency on what you do to keep the same audience come back, channels that have a twist in content can go from better to worse or sometimes the other way around, and right now I don’t see any game that rewards patience on a longer term than EvE. The example you gave is one, playing small games that are not heavy on graphics and provide fun right away with building and exploring, whatever, doing a sudden 190 turn and show a game heavy on graphics that requires people to wait far longer to get things done as well as the fact the young audience is very vulnerable to the things we EvE players do, ganking and scamming and stuff like that which would most likely cause them to ragequit (I mean, if they play minecraft then they do scream like nuts when their house is blown up) is the result of possible chaos on his own channel

And that is something very evil to even think about, war just to make them leave? Even if they did stick around, why would anybody do that? If anything its just war for fun, to blow up ships, not to make a potential playerbase leave! We all know we could use less multiboxers and more actual players.

There is a much better sub-forum for this.

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This already happened at least once. Popular starcraft 2 gamer and streamer Destiny and his entourage entered the game at once. Corp was called Nanashi no Geemu and CCP even made a news item about him:

Check the killboard for the corp… practicly dead… So yeah… :slight_smile:

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