Zero-Point Field manipulator?

Where do they drop from ?
Salvage trig ships ?
They are not in the abysses so I was wondering where they come from and why since october supply crashed

Thanks all

Trig ships, everybody wants to be friend with trigs now they own space.

but the field manipulator price went up by 4 … looks profitable to be farming them ? Are there other equi- or more profitable things to have / do from being Trig friend ?

edit : corrected “friend”

If you dont care about them ganking you later in high sec, you can farm them around Jita. The wormhole they come from spawn usually there, and all around Caldari space more then anywhere else.

Be careful, they escalate, so if you kill small group, larger appears, eventually you will be overwhelmed. You should bring small fleet of battleships. 2 Golems are good for beginning, then invite more people.

Yes, the benefits are, being able to travel Povchen super highway and it’s possible riches. Plus being able to travel high and lowsec unmolested by trig ganking fleets and gate guns.

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