Zkill is kill *zKillboard's database needs a killmail)

For those who do not know … apparently yesterday

zKillboard’s database needs a killmail

So, I totally hosed the zkill database earlier:

I was attempting to diagnose why some pages were loading slowly, more specifically any titan or super page overview page.
I added an index on my smallest killmail collection (one week of killmails only) that had almost a dozen keys in it hoping this would solve the aggregation problem.
The db started creating the index and I went off to the bathroom.
I come back to find the db had crashed....
The db then would not start up because apparently the file name for said index was too long, thus causing any connections to fail and getting blacklisted on localhost (wtf?)
Attempting to rollback the db did nothing, attempting to remove the files in question did nothing, the db absolutely refused to even try to attempt to repair itself....
Hungry, thirsty, and grumpy, I said *■■■■ it* and purged the database, I've been wanting to rebuild it anyway.

So yea, restoring from backup will take a bit as all killmails will be re-parsed (I didn’t backup the raw killmails, just their killID & hashes, saves a shit ton of backup space and sending to off site backup servers). Killmails will be parsed newest to oldest. I’m sure I will hear lots of bitching and moaning about missing killmails. They’ll come back, cheers.

At least it fetched yesterday’s Login Server killmail. A glorious welp, I might say.


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