Zoomed out ship appearance color

You know how other ships can show up purple or yellow ir blinking depending on threat level. Can you change your own ships color or are you just stuck with thin white lines. I can never find myself when im zoomed out in space.

Not sure about colours, but you can easily find your own ship:

  • turn the camera a little, the point it turns around is your ship, unless your camera is following another object, in which case you can…
  • alt click anywhere in space to have your camera focus on your own ship
  • the focus object of your camera is always im the same spot on your screen, in the center (unless you moved the default position off-center)

Or just zoom in a little.

Thanks, i wonder. I can see the opponent easily because they flash yellow or red, but me, not so much. Ill get used to it

In fact the overview is much more important.
In 3D the picture you see can be missleading - proper information (velocity, distance, etc) you find in the overview.

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