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(gnshadowninja) #136

It does make me giggle when you drop a 10 man gank fleet on 2 guys, fail to kill anything yet consider it a victory.

Have you considered that PIRAT doesn’t bother with you since your boring content? It’s not even worth baiting or trapping you for 80m killmails.

Anyway, let’s get back on topic… PIRAT best, Hire PIRAT, [insert logo here]

(Dom Arkaral) #137

People who try to fight you guys are boring content? Lol that explains a lot

(Cyber Fight'r) #138

:slight_smile: it seems you live in the Same bubble like natural. We will keep up the fleets for you. And by the way if Khromius is on the field he is primary regardless of the outcome. Noone said it was a victory but to see you guys running is good also :). So now go on with your bubble messages hire Pirat bla bla.

And btw it always made me giggle back in the days when you had numbers… and you brought 10 bs +200 neutral Logis for a Single Hostile bs. You can say what you want the guys who deal with you and your friends know who you are :wink:

(Natural CloneKiller) #139


Hire the most feared group in high sec. We would prefer to be hired for Merc on Merc wars. Hire us now!

(Nexx Ramblin) #140


I want to pay to destroy a corps, and at least Terrorize them for as long as I can pay.

Are you up to it?
Character Broneymuff Napkins KIS-Chip
Corps - TurboJugend
Alliance: [Stuhlkreis]

I want their Structures dstroyed. I want his alts killed on a daily basis. And You can tell them you will stop if they Pay the 5 billion ISK They owe me.

Please contact me… Very serious Request

Nexx Ramblin

(Cyber Fight'r) #141

Yes Natural as you said you are the best and everyone runs from you …

and khromius ran again directly after it

(Dom Arkaral) #142

Armor arty no tackle mach

Nice kill

(Natural CloneKiller) #143

Contact me or Khromius in Game.

(Cyber Fight'r) #144

Good that you posted all details here. We will now Jump in and help them. We will keep you perma decced as long you have a contract with pirat.

(Natural CloneKiller) #145

Lol. Like you are a threat off the jita undock. Sit back down thrasher boy.

(Cyber Fight'r) #146

We dont accept your surrender offer. You really think you can buy out of this war for 5bn?

(Saeger1737) #147

Maybe you should sit back down crappy fit mach boy… At least he’s attempting content, khromius is about to become Tora, hidding in a station until his protection fleet arrives…

I do remember having to see 15 neutral logi on grid for khromdome to even undock whenever we were at war… But I guess he’s just fearful

(Cyber Fight'r) #148

Their new thing is now to bring 10+ Neutral Tornados as they are too feard to fight under their own banner.

(Natural CloneKiller) #149

(Tora Bushido) #150

Hire pirat, they have cookies!

(Cyber Fight'r) #151

Well this getting a bit ridiculous…

Natural you could do me a favour and talk to your leadership.

1.) First stop to send me conversation invites.
2.) No we dont drop the war against you (not for 5bn and not for 500bn).
3.) No we cant be friends.
4.) No we dont join PIRAT (maybe when the hell freezes).

You started this for Content we will end this for Content.

(Natural CloneKiller) #152

Why all the lies - You sound like HoleySheet with all the fake news.

You would not get in PIRAT as your not good enough. You fly thrashers, talos and a mega and hug Jita 4-4 more than anyone lol.

I’ll give you one thing - you have managed to bore us into looking for content in other places.

Hire PIRAT folks

(labtecwar) #153


(Cyber Fight'r) #154

Yes of course…

Is this the reason why you tried to shoot one of our lokis for hours today?

Is this the reason why you guys are sitting in 10 neutral Tornados on the 44?

All lies… Your Damage Control could be better after all the failures in the past…

(labtecwar) #155