[* 1 RANK MERC] Mercenary Services - P I R A T


(Dom Arkaral) #177

I think dotlan is broken lol

(Cyber Fight'r) #178

Its more like that its a look in the future of PIRA. (What was their name.?..).

(Cyber Fight'r) #179

You can sit at the undock as a team aswell…
We have a lot of fun while we are doing it.
Every second saturday we have balaalaika evenings. Every first thursday we offer yodelling courses. Khromius teamed up with us aswell whenever he is online he is our guide to jove space (man this guy knows corners you never heard off :))

(Sandy Law) #180

For someone who flies a thrasher 99% of the times you have quite a big mouth. You’re like talking toilet paper

(Kuklo) #181

@CCP_Falcon @ISD_Buldath @ISD_Fractal can you do some cleaning work here? Big thanks.

(Cyber Fight'r) #182

He Natural,

To lose a ship is not that big thing.
No reason to post on a different char.
You dont have to be ashamed.

(Katsuro Yoshida) #183

P I R A T We offer the following services.

War Declaration. We will war dec a target and hunt them.
Protection services. We can protect your citadels and assets. Join our protection program.
Citadel attack. We will take down the target citadel (s).
Trade hub. We will ensure your enemy is attacked near the main trade hubs.
War assists. If someone attacks you, we will assist and use diplomacy to have the war ended or assist and fight for you.
A list of diplomatic contacts:

Natural CloneKiller

Tiran Taranovich
Cesare Paciotti
Lord Alarik

(Natural CloneKiller) #185

Hire PIRAT. We undock and fight rather that moan in a station all evening to local.

Winter is comming…and we just want to fly for you.

(Lyro Chastot) #186

Can you guys wardec Kids with guns alliance please? Thanks!

(Sol epoch) #187

You seem more concerned about it than I lol.

But then you have allways been cheap!

(Sol epoch) #188

I believe Loreth took the isk seeing as I gave it to him, You are just jelous.

I see you still talk a good game but the playing thing evades you!

(Saeger1737) #189

I live in null and I play more than you… But I’ll come back and bump your sensor boosted absolution off the station

(Sandy Law) #190

We all live in null when we’re not playing.

(Saeger1737) #191

I actually live in null and are still playing…

(Sandy Law) #192

Then why do you spend more time on the forums than actually playing the game?

(Saeger1737) #193

This must be a yaosus or so epoch alt or yaosus must be sol epoch

(Sol epoch) #194

Waste of time asking as he is not the brightest tool in the box!

(Sandy Law) #195

LMFAO you’re right

(Natural CloneKiller) #196

From Russia with love…hire PIRAT

(Lyro Chastot) #197

Botters gotta bot