12 laws of Engineering: CCP needs to recover these, I think

The 12 Fundamental Laws Of Engineering You Must Know (guardianconstructors.com)


First Law: The correct order is: debug, then ship.
Second Law: If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.
Third Law: If you fiddle with something long enough, it will break.
Fourth Law: It works better if you plug it in.
Fifth Law: If it’s wedged, power-cycle it.
Sixth Law: A working example is worth a thousand manual pages.
Seventh Law: Failures occur where two parts join.
Eighth Law: Demos cause failures.
Ninth Law: Systems grow more complex with time.
Tenth Law: If it’s too complex, rebuild it.
Eleventh Law: Small parts vanish when dropped.
Twelfth Law: Don’t build from components what you can buy pre-packaged for less.


Thanks for this.

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Oh god. That means a total rebuild in a language other than stackless python…


Maybe it’s time for that :thinking:

Its time to free the game. Upload the source code and relinquish intellectual monopoly rights. The community will take it from here.

Problem is getting anything else to run eve, even close to similarly, much less better.

idk, some Devs lamented at Python dragging EVE back at last FF :thinking:

Oh absolutely. but if we change languages, that’s a full codebase rebuild.

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One more law: using the right tool is half the job.


Obviously can’t argue with that :slight_smile:

This is one of your dumber ideas, and that says a lot. Are we expecting that a bunch of private servers will spin up supercomputers or whatever the hell EVE servers run on nowadays and fracture the ecosystem?


First law should be: Keep ignorants away from your creation.


Speaking of laws of engineering…in what sensible application of Newton’s laws would a ship still be firing its thrusters while decelerating ?

The ships have to fire their thrusters in order to decelerate. An object in motion will remain in motion, so obviously they need the thrusters to stop the ship.

Then they should turn round and fire the thrusters in the direction of motion. Otherwise its like trying to brake a car by applying the brakes while foot is still on the accelerator.

They do that.

In water.

This is a pun at the game design and I think it is uncalled for.

The ecosystem fracturing is not a bad thing for the players. You can take a look at the Wow private server market for example. Theres is so much content there and each server is going in a slightly different direction.

So you get to play how you want, with the community you want and if you feel its going the wrong way you dont have to quit the game you can just join another server.

And for the record one of the WoW private servers can reach like 20k players online without major issues.