12 year absence

I’m easy. But, I’m not cheap!

Welcome back to EVE!

I recently returned too, although my break was a lot shorter. I hope you find what you’re looking for here in New Eden.

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Welcome back OP, if anything I would suggest to find a playstyle that involves others, either for or against them and on the level and severity of interaction that suits you.

Grinding solo PVE is probably going to burn you out so I’d put in the effort to come up with more meaningful and impactful goals than “grind lvl 4” or “make a bazillion isk”.

The link someone gave you earlier can help with this, stroll through all the options and from that formulate a goal that sounds both intriguing as difficult. Gotta keep yourself busy.


If you were doing scanning 12 years ago, there has changed quite a lot (i remember this old scanning system, i found it awful).

I made a short listing in the other “came back” thread (the more ranting one :wink: :smile:)

But the main question should not be “what can i do in EVE”. It should be: “What do you want to do, and does EVE has it”.
There is way to many that you can do in EVE. The Big Honking Chart from Mkikaden Tiragen is showing it. And this one is a bit overfilled and outdated (it is from 2016, if i see it right) at the same time.

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Start with running the abyssals. Learn about upwell structures. Set a goal like plexing one account from profits or something.

Stay far away from these forums for good advice.

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Lawl. So I should stay.

As long as I’m happy, I guess it doesn’t matter.

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