18.02.2020 Kakol Incursion Did Not Pay Concord LP After Mothership Goes Pop

No Mail, No Concord Loyalty Points In My Wallet !?!?


Please respond

It says status attached, I have no idea what that means.

Tx in advance ccplease

you might want to petition that.

Yes I did, that is the issue ID part, edited to show that I did.

you need to respond to the petition. and wait,

also be careful posting petition info or any communications with the devs or GMs, it’s not allowed.

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Defect Fixes:

Fixed an issue where contested incursion sites would yield no reward at all."

I read this in the patch notes changelog, it was implemented the day before
the incursion went down maybe something bad happened.


Hey as I read what was posted I now realize what might have happened, the mothership
site was contested at the time it went down, maybe just maybe they fixed the issue
about the contested sites, but in doing so something bad happened, that it made
the mainsite (mothership site) if contested inherit the old problem from the previous bug.

And so that is the reason why we all did not get paid ?

incursions are being removed from highsec in March anyhow per announcement. no reason to get upset over this.

Oh look the forum lair/wannabee sex offender.

Err what?

What announcement? Where?

You must be the new face of that Legit HyperN et scare monger.

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Read his other posts, he just post things he made up as if they were real.


Huh? Legit what? i dont follow…

Yeah, I wrote a ticket in, no reply, still on another ticket from 10 days ago.
CCPlease, what is going on with the support these days.

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I always wonder how people manage to require so many tickets while playing a game.

Apart from reporting idiots doing idiot stuff in Rookie I don’t think I even made 10 tickets in 15 years of playing.


That’s the problem…you swallow everything and pay regardless…

You are the kind of customer every company owner has a wet dream about…

No I’m just actually playing the game and having fun, even though I don’t agree to many of CCP’s decisions. It’s only the terrible whiners and idiots, like you, who keep whining about how the game sucks but you keep playing it.

Feel free to leave if you don’t like the game.


Yeah i wouldn’t admit that too… :slight_smile:

Bad for the self-perception.

admit what? That I enjoy playing the game?

Dunno, sounds healthier than what you do: mindless low IQ whining and crying about how the game sucks, but playing it anyway.

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apparently not totally true… i got called out on saying the same thing, and in 2018, they clarified what Rule 18 is, in the TOS

@Theron_Larkis admitting you actually like playing eve is alien to some people. It’s like they can’t actually believe that while majority of the people may complain about a game (looking at wwe2k20) There are some who still really enjoy playing them.

This is not about enjoying,it’s about sweettalking everything CCP does…

You should probably wisen up a little. But we all know that’s never going to happen.