(2.1k DPS) Polarized Barghest is so fast in L4 missions!


The Barghest is a very good blitzing ship due to its damage projection and range for doing those missions with minimal objectives (blitzable missions).

I tried out the Bargh with some polarized torpedoes achieving a whopping 2.1k DPS (Im sure it can be more with implants). The tank isnt too bad since you can switch the multispectrums for a boost amp and combined with crystals you get a respectable tank.

Havent looked back ever since I switched to Polarized torps, its just so damn fast! I demonstrate it here:


Mach is still faster I believe because it has faster warp speed and on-grid movement speed.

but barghest can keep moving and still hit its targets.


Mach can fire and move as well.

31k EHP for something that does less damage than a rage torp Golem, nice.

just because it can, does not mean that it should.


mordus are weak to kinetic, not EM

Also, you have two groups of torps … shoot two different targets.

“the way missiles work” is that the bigger the target, the more application. When they are out of burn range, they activate MWD which increases your DPS against them. Some cr/BC/BS have AB not MWD though.

Also please fix your overview. Why do you have the wrecks visible ? Make a separate overview for non-empty wrecks and mission targets (commanders etc.) and your main overview with everything that is IMPORTANT to be aware of : rats, players, MTU, depots, cyno, bubbles, and that’s it.

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