Need advice on recourse for many lost billions on Marauder

Ah, so the real problem was that they used the scam to harass the victim everywhere? That makes sense, if they took it to outside the game then they should face consequences for that

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There was a particular case that CCP didn’t like, so they banned everybody.

From what I’m hearing, this scam went beyond just taking a foolish dude’s assets in an internet spaceships game. They harassed the dude for over an hour and a half while he was crying, raging, and they spread the news about his idiocy to his wife, friends, family, work boss, etc. That, if you ask me, is taking things way too far




I think he had a speech impediment or something. The optics were really bad and I think CCP was afraid of bad publicity, so they cancelled the Bonus Room.

Try to play dumb not work here.

is right this Polarize SCAM

This has got to be a joke.

So are you running crystals? I will assume HG used by the poster/streamer. Also probaby forgot to put in combat drugs being used. If used that is. Crystal with combat drugs…man you could make even a ship truly meant to armor tank be a pro shield tank setup.

If they went polarized resists no matter what they do go to crap. HG crystal with deadspace boosters…works off really boosting the crap out of the boosts. No crystal this fit will die. That’s a no brainer. Its EHP is taking hits from crap resists.

Less resists you need way more shield boost/ armour rep.

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I’d hope so, but I think this guy is serious.

@Bishop_Don_Juan No one scammed you. For something to be a scam, they’d need to be trying to trick you AND get something out of it. Did you pay Anderson or the other person any money?

You lost your ship because you didn’t know what you are doing. This is the cost of doing something dumb in EVE. I think the mods should delete your post as a rant.

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This reminds me of the lady that spilled hot coffee on herself and then sued McDonalds.

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She won the game though didn’t she…

It was overturned later.

Afaik tho, she was in the right on that case, because the coffee was burning hot beyond reason and she had to get medical attention for the burn, but McDonalds offered practically 0 compensation


So, your source that we “push those fits” is?

Claiming people took acts without a proof is defamation.


There is no temperature though that is beyond reason. It could be 900 degrees its still her fault and she deserves nothing and should have been prosecuted for it.

So. You Use a billion isk ship with a module you copied from youtube straight at TQ? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


So, you’re telling me if you make and sell coffee thats literally 900 degrees and someone spills it on themselves by accident, getting severe burns as a result, the person who made and sold the coffee owes absolutely NOTHING to the victim? That’s just ■■■■■■ up

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Can’t wait for him to find SB Titan vids.


She bought coffee. At what point did she become a victim?

When she spills it on herself and it’s so hot that it burns the skin to the point it needs medical attention and is potentially life threatening