Need advice on recourse for many lost billions on Marauder

We have big problem here because many people are posting the fake fits to mislead others and results in huge losses of ISK and time. I am talking about @Aceyfacey and @Anderson_Geten who push these polarized fits for super damage.

Real result is some damage yes but ship is destroyed in mission so fast by NPC and all investment is gone! How this mislead is allowed??

Where I file to get isk back for this?

Help is requested and demanded.

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I don’t know AceyFacey, but I don’t think Anderson Geten is the sort to post ‘fake’ fits. You took an expensive ship into a mission that you didn’t know how to use to its full potential and it blew up. There’s no way to recover your isk from such a mistake.

Like Rafiki said in The Lion King. You can either run from it, or learn from it.


If you find a fit someone else has used, it’s up to you whether or not you trust it or not. I’d suggest doing research before you use any fit for anything.

In the case of marauders especially, if you have any clue how they work you’d know polarizing them is probably a horrible idea. Marauders are known for excellent tank so removing all resists isn’t a good idea, and if you don’t notice that, that’s kinda on you.

Furthermore, this is eve, any and all forms of tricking people into losing their stuff is allowed. Trust is something you should give to very few people and very sparingly, and constantly be evaluating whether someone deserves your trust.


Well this is just insane and beyond griefing/bullying.

This should not be tolerated to make people lose all their hard earned stuff and laugh at them for no reason.

I seriously doubt anyone griefed or bullied you. I don’t always agree with Anderson, but I’ve never seen her not be a straight shooter with those asking for help. And, I’ve watched some of Aceyface’s videos, and he also seems good to go. So, what probably happened is you messed up, and are now looking for someone else to blame.

Thus, my advice to you is to stop externalizing blame, and start asking yourself, “what could I do differently in order to get a more desirable outcome?” I’m sure you’re frustrated, and that that’s not the answer that you wanted to hear, but I promise you that it will help you so much more as a player than complaining ever will.


He put up video and say use this for guarantee isk and i do now i have NO ISK. What more to explain with this???

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Oh, this is going to be exciting.


I’d say they aren’t flying it exactly like them.

Fits can be very personal experiences. Some only work if flown exactly the way the owner flies them.

I have several fits built up around how I play. And will assume 05 level implants (+5% to something hardwires) and faction implant sets in one case. Trying to make eve interesting this go round one alt I bit the bullet and said lets play sig tank games. Halo based sig tank games lol. Been an interesting time so far that.

Don’t fly like how I do…some of these fits will go boom! much easier.

OP…see new fit, not sure how it works there is a magical place to try this not losing billions. Its called Sisi. Blow up as much as you want there till you don’t blow up. Then…run it on tranq.


You don’t have the proper skills or implants?

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No one owes you anything. No one bullied or griefed you, you did something thinking you’d profit from it without asking yourself if you should or if you were capable of it.

That said, EVEN IF someone did intentionally tried to “grief” you by tricking you into flying some bling fit (again, they didn’t), this is EVE. You shouldn’t fly anything you aren’t sure about and can’t afford to lose.


We will see about this because thats alot of money lost in game by treachery.

Well this is eve, so people are allowed to do just about anything they want. That’s the beauty of the sandbox. If you don’t like that, this isn’t the game for you.




i can’t tell if this is a joke.


They did take away the bonus room…

The what? Not sure what bonus room youre talking about

just google eve bonus room… … yea… i was just reading about it… it makes CODE. look like angels

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Alot of the same folks involved actually since CODE spawned around 2012 and this was going on in the same era for awhile until shut down.

Also can google gecko soundcloud for various other examples Like fleet phoon awox.

Though losing your mind over polarizing your own ship is sure as heck funny.

A link. You need a link. You need evidence that Aceyfacey and Andersen_Gehen are guilty of what you are claiming. Your word is not enough. And its damned irresponsible to make such accusations without some sort of proof of your claim.

I find it far more likely you misunderstood the purpose of the fit or even mistook an intentionally poor example posted to show a poor example… as a good example. You may be blaming them for your own mistake.

But until you post proof we can’t side with you.


wow…im actually liking a post from rohan…shocker