2018/04/28 - 11:28 UTC - Connectivity Issues - DDoS Attack


(Deucey D) #21


(DeMichael Crimson) #22


Wow, I hope you guys quickly catch the culprit and give them a proper ‘Burn Jita’ reception.

(elitatwo) #23

Those muppets should be jammed, neuted offline, scram+web, with lots of angry Rattlesnake drones and bubbles and podded to the beginning of time.

(Smuff Gallente) #24

@CCP_Falcon looks like Sisi chat server is crashed messages are not being delivered turning grey saying undelivered not sure about tq

(Alana Packham) #25

jita chat almost died, only 1 spammer coming up

(Deucey D) #26



(not scam)

(Felyx Ravencroft) #27

Here we go again, again…

(Luke Skywalking) #28

Crashed again. Weekend gaming rip

(Jenni Concarnadine) #29

Just gone down in UK – hope the DDoSers get banned

(Gian Bal) #30

socket closed for uk peeps, friend in SA unaffected

(Max Poweer) #31

rip me and i try to log in…

(Black Ambulance) #32

no no , logs show nothing … blame DDoS … tell players we got DDoSed …

(Queitis) #33

its dead again

(Makshima Shogo) #34

Game is so ■■■■■■ atm with this DDOS nothing responding in game

(Xi Ling) #35

Probably Chinese RMT farmers upset at FW Warp core stab changes.

I would blame the Minnies but everyone knows they have shocking internet connections.

(Chssmius) #36

Just got a socket closure after being stuck in a jump for a couple minutes.

Another DDOS?

(Alana Packham) #37

my jita alt went a bit wobbly but stayed up, was also setting up a contract on a miner out in the sticks and that died.

less power to jita and more power to miners!!

(Kilon Alios) #38

cant connect from Greece

I have not experienced the DDoS until now, although EVE always gave me the occasional disconnect

(Lyta Alexander) #39

who the hell is doing this???

(Marie Kaster) #40

Getting mass disconnects all over. Yet another attack? Seriously who the hell is so petty that they need to DDOS the whole damn game just to protect their assets?