2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues

They are all hard at work. Two shifts, day and night, either working on the problem or dreaming about it. No time for updates or estimates. Every moment spent posting could mean hours lost working on the pronlem.
I cheer the devs on, I know they can do it!

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CCP has never been able to communicate accurate information in a clear, timely manner. I’m not saying that’s ok or that it’s right, but it’s been the case in different departments basically since Unifex, Soundwave, and Guard left. Kinda like gravity: it absolutely sucks, but there’s no point bitching, cuz it won’t change.

And ‘yeah, right’. CCP aren’t the only ones using Discourse for their forums. That’s how the software works in all its implementations: Automatic hidden, flagged for review on Monday after the weekend.


Oh my lol >>> this post was flagged…

I can second what @Arrendis wrote, having been a moderator on this platform before. A post can be hidden for one of a few reasons, either enough users or a singular user with a high enough flagging score flagged your post or a moderator did.

Either way, the people who moderate the forums are player volunteers, it’s not like they have any real ability to force CCP to fix the ■■■■ show that has been this issue.


lol I’m pretty sure of the people threatening to unsubscribe their 69 accounts none cancelled even one

In addition to chat issues, CCP now made it a game of luck whether you get on a killmail or not. I pumped 13k damage into a Mobile Depot, but did not get on the killmail. Other people reliably don’t get on ship kills either.
Another issue that has started to occur recently (or gotten much worse): bookmark brackets don’t load anymore and require a restart of the sensor overlay.


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Surprise Mechanics :upside_down_face:


do we have the hillmar titan killmail?

welcome to the world of real time communications. much larger companies like slack or microsoft have their solutions break from time to time.

That’s a bovine waste argument because the chat never broke down when it was an integral part of the game.


Its annoying as hell when it does go down, But I am glad they are actively trying to sort it, and from what I can see at present they are having a good measure of success. :slight_smile:

I just had my local not updating anymore in highsec. Also when jumping to another system it didn’t change the people shown. Had to relog .

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That’s scary, so it is still happening from time to time?

I can’t wait for the promised report on the issue

it did. And people still mess with chat settings in big fights because of that legacy even though it doesn’t do anything now.

Again Local not updating.Picture shows my 2 chars in the same system…

CCp said it would reverse the changes back in 2018 if the protocol failed to work correctly and they never did and its still rubbish, how can a company in 2023 have such a rubbish end-to-end communication system - do we all need to go back to CB radio for chat heh ccp?


Because they are allowed to not care to do better. People vote with their wallets and as long as they continue financially supporting bad business practices and decisions this is what they will get, everyone gets what they pay for, just like with any other gaming and other kind of company.



Well, since I have ten accounts, I guess that means my opinion out-votes at least nine of you.

Seems like nine is more than the number of whiners in this thread…


out-whines ?

So, anyone get that compensation they believe they were owed?