2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues

7 Days Omega for free in the NES store.

I thought that was in aid of the expansion.

Can you show me where they said it was as compensation?

Yup, related to update/expansion, specifically to the TTT being taken down. Which they obviously expected, given the introduced changes.

10-04 good buddy

Chat’s are having a blast again. I have changed systems 2 times already but local has not updated yet. It still shows the same chars from 2 systems ago.

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I cannot see anyone in local.
Kind of annoying as I have this weird dynamic with the local gankers…

I have wildly inconsistent chat results. 1 char sees 1 other char in system even though there are 2 other chars with me. Another char sees no one besides itself. Another char in system even wrote something in local, which does not show up on the second char.
Great Chat System CCP got there. Breaking every other week. :slight_smile:

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chat is so fubar I don’t even know why it’s still there. Just host the service yourself, this thing you’re giving us is cancer incarnate.

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i dont even have a local sadly. none of my 8 accounts have anyone in chat. not even my self. corp mates report fleet corp and alliance are totally nonfunctional :frowning:

I am in a back water system with 90 people in local…no one in the station and combat probes returned no players results…
It was at that moment I realised local is bugged :frowning:

Local, corp and fleet chat is either empty, not updating or sometimes not even opening up.

Also i see characters of mine still show in local while being logged out. I guess this even impacts the server statistics now.

Clearly, return the ship that was destroyed because of your inability to ensure stable and high-quality operation of the game. Even the announcement on the startup program was not included about the failure.

Hello! Today local chats is broken. In local shows people, that 100% offline. Also same players shows in several system at one time.

Now not only chats have continued issues, but the Agency has become unreliable as well. :+1:

last couple of weekends, always the same thing with chats, seems that there is nobody that want work on weekends…

Next issue: right clicking does not work on all characters in chat user lists. :+1: Amazing Chat experience. This AWS outsourcing and distributed computing crap is really paying off well.

Ok yay for me. I do not have 100 people in local who are not online anymore…I have 0 people in local but 20 people in the station.
I do not understand the new game mechanic.


Seems to be working correctly now.
How about anyone else?

Buggy software doesn’t become better if you host it elsewhere, i.e. these kind of failures are unrelated to AWS and it wouldn’t be fixed if CCP was hostig it itself, either.

They would have never appeared if Chats were still an integral part of the cluster.

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