2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues

In addition to chat issues, CCP now made it a game of luck whether you get on a killmail or not. I pumped 13k damage into a Mobile Depot, but did not get on the killmail. Other people reliably don’t get on ship kills either.
Another issue that has started to occur recently (or gotten much worse): bookmark brackets don’t load anymore and require a restart of the sensor overlay.


Surprise Mechanics :upside_down_face:


do we have the hillmar titan killmail?

welcome to the world of real time communications. much larger companies like slack or microsoft have their solutions break from time to time.

That’s a bovine waste argument because the chat never broke down when it was an integral part of the game.

Its annoying as hell when it does go down, But I am glad they are actively trying to sort it, and from what I can see at present they are having a good measure of success. :slight_smile:

I just had my local not updating anymore in highsec. Also when jumping to another system it didn’t change the people shown. Had to relog .