2023/05/11 - Ongoing - Intermittent chat issues

I got Dc from eve.
When I try to log back in I get to the character screen but cannot click on any of my chars.
Is this happening to anyone else?

Well, I can confirm we have chat issues…and more.

just happened to me right now

yup - confirmed game dead… launcher says 81 players


Updated 2023/05/17 - 10:53

It has now been 48 hours since the updates were implemented, and chat continues to be stable. We will monitor and keep this thread open for further updates.

Can confirm it is NOT stable - at least one of my accounts does not get access to chat channels each time I log on since the update 0 including up to 3 mins ago when the servers crashed… Fix it ffs this isnt funny. We expect to be able to play when we pay…

Server back up but local seems broken again…

not fixed…
still broken

Constant chat issues, lag, client freezings, disconnects.

yay for 42 people in local no matter where I go… the same 42 people are following me around?

Tell them to buy your onlyfans merch. :wink: :smirk: :blush:

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OMG great idea :slight_smile:
thanks for that!

I see offline characters in systems that they weren’t in and which is not the system that they were logged off. Lovely.

  1. Availability of chat channels and their content is not consistent between several accounts logged in at the same computer
  2. Chat channels are getting randomly closed
  3. Participants list in chat might not get updated for 5-7 minutes. Especially visible with local and corp channels
  4. Local chat channel is not getting synchronized with player’s travel through star systems and essentially is lagging 3-5 jumps behind

These are actually not a new issues and they were present for a month at least and were manifesting themselves after DT. But now, after release of Havoc expansion they became a ‘new normal’(c)


This is my chat stacks today. Great.

chat is down, again

Joined a new corp; parted with cash to resub some toons; chat is still broken. sigh

Yea this update has really messed with chat servers. We even had people undock and end up randomly distributed across the system as a new thing. It’s obvious that CCP has some major issues going on right now. Maybe next time offer 7 free days week 2 or 3 after the patch. Once things actually work.

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https://status.eveonline.com is lying. Things are most definitely not working. Chat is still not working (we can join channels but information in them is wrong). Local is not updating. Even after full cache clear (great that we have to start each account separately, then shut it down, start next, and so on to clear cache for each one.

Chat is very broken - we have a char currently showing up in 4 different systems at the same time.