30-31/01/2020 - Connectivity Issues

A lot of complaints about lack of communication. This thread was created by CCP 2 days ago with a couple updates somewhere in these 1000+ posts. The message is always the same they are working hard to fix the issues. Not sure what else everyone expects them to say beyond that.

What I expect is that a game that has been running for the last 17 years would be able to suppress this issue faster then 7 days… As a player that has money in this game I am extremely pissed off, especially now that all the ■■■■ I work for each month I am now going to be a full week behind witch means im going to have to let half of my ■■■■ go offline till I can finally make up all the missed isk…

Updates every few hours would be ideal. Even if there’s nothing new to report, just saying “hey, we’re still working on it, but nothing new to report yet” would be great.

There have also been a few instances where CCP alluded to the problems being fixed. There was no communication between Tuesday and Thursday while these problems were still occurring, and then yesterday they claimed to have fixed the chat errors when for a lot of people they hadn’t, but didn’t update anything on the twitter until a few hours ago today.

For me it’s just like vOv. I’ve been playing EVE for 13 years and communication with CCP has always been poor, so I’ve come to expect it. For a while there since I came back to the game last year I thought it had gotten a little better, but clearly I was wrong.

An org would add some high level info like “analyzing traffic for source of attack expecting next decision point in 3 hours”. One wouldn’t give details as those change and might disclose proprietary information and I totally feel for these guys but comms are an issue even with the twitter feed. They’ve lost control of the customer’s expectations which is a key control in managing outages.

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Hey guys, No Chat logs, odd events at log in. I know about the DDOS thing but sigh, please give updates. It can’t be right that you are going to block my service provider forever?


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I found a solution to the server connection issue. When you open the Launcher window, select the Settings button and select Refresh. Then select the account you want to launch. When you see the screen that gives the message that you cannot connect to the EVE server due to all that guff just click the button on the screen that says Connect and you should see the intro movie and after that you can click on your character to log in. It worked for me…finally!

This doesn’t really help though that can’t even get to the login screen to select an account to launch.

Found this and tried the Google DNS suggestion:

Then I restarted my pooter. I went through normal log in procedures and…I got connection FAILED!

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This is so stupid and they think that that the users are stupid, this is clearly a server issue not an ISP issue, this new CCP people are incompetent


Third time its happend now this week.

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One big difference is it is not letting me click OK. Having to CRTL ALT DEL to get the window to close as well.

Restarted and tried an alpha account. This time got … Connection Failed but could click OK. Clicked CONNECT.
Handshake failure this time. OK. CONNECT. Wow noticed there are 28000+ players playing…screen went black characters popped up, Clicked on character and…I appear to be in. We will see for how long.

I wonder if you have a VPN if you connect to iceland server will it work

No new updates. Its obvious they don’t care about the North American player base. I’m not going to purchase a VPN plan just to play this game. Once the euro/asian playerbase was able to play after the ddos they basically just threw in the towel.

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Why would that help? The servers are not there. You may as well VPN to Turkmenistan…

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Just noticed chat appears to be working. Alas I am in a lonely c1 wh. Might this be a little hope?

WHs show no local anyway. What you should do is try talking a lot in local and see if anyone responds.

EVE System > Channel changed to Corp : Onward Christian Soldiers
EVE System > Connection to chat server lost
EVE System > Reconnected to chat server

False alarm. Just lost connection to chat.

Interesting thing I did not know. POS Ammunition assembly array still works in wh.

I am still in and lag has not yet started.

Still no chat

It is regularly disconnecting / reconnecting.