30-31/01/2020 - Connectivity Issues

At a minimum the games notifications need to be more accurate. The default messages arent clear what’s going on and there isn’t any information about this outside of using resources outside the game client such as here or Reddit.

I just came back after a 6 month vacation from the game and on day 1 I am already having major problems that have nothing to do with my end.

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still cant login, filed a support ticket, was told by a GM that they cant fix it any time soon, so im off to another mmo canceling my OMEGA and if it ever gets fixed for the East coast of USA ill come back.

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The problems persist and 30k players seem to be online.

online players number it was never true


Hard to tell what is working and what is messed up atm. Login issues, disconnect issues, and chat issues. Chat has been messed up before, showing an incorrect number of players in system. If that is where the total number of players on the login page gets its information then who knows how many are actually online.

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not broken died

I was able to get online without any chats when I got there. I logged off. How it seems to be working to a lot of people is beyond me…

I’ve had this happen to me, repeatedly. It seems stuck on the “alpha” account.

CCP, it would be the professional thing to do to inform your customers on a regular basis as to what the status is. Generally, customers tend to desert companies that communicate poorly. You remember summer 2011, when you introduced CQ and monocles and how badly you communicated then and the effect it had on your customers? That’s when I left and only came back three months ago. I would have loved to have imagined that CCP would have learned a thing or two about communications since then, but it seems you haven’t.

Just saying.


Just got this right now. One char cannot see any chat, Corp, fleet chat or local, whilst others can:

Chat Server Issue

OK. I know you guys must have your hands full, however, as pointed out above your lack of communication is astounding. I just paid for two 3 month subscriptions because at that time (just a couple weeks ago) the game was working great even on my crappy potato internet. Now I can’t log in. I feel like I wasted my money. If you can’t get the game back up and running decently then I think you owe me some money. I mean, EVE is almost 17 years old, I can’t believe that its this hard to keep it working well by now. Yes I know. DDOS attack. Surely there are workarounds.


Come guys, this is beyond crazy!! It takes me 5 tries to login and then I Disconnect after a few minutes. Seriously fix this or I am unsubbing!

This is crazy 5 days later and still the only way I can play is use a VPN. And the devs say nothing like nothing is going on


Suggestions are not demands. I am not your mom.
Teen angst, google it and get help.

I have to +1 the comms comments. With 20 years on an operations engineering team that supports the server hamsters, comms is lifeblood between the customer and the poor people loosing days of sleep to restore infrastructure.

Also being a noob and watching CCP Burger’s 2019 Keynote where they’re attempting to not loose new players in the first 2 weeks, the lack of comms is accelerating my loss of interest.

All that said, I don’t run a company so maybe we’re acceptable losses, fair enough and unfortunate for all involved. God’s speed in the repairs, I really feel for the techs over this last week (conference rooms smelling of stale dinners and poorly vented air, NOT fun)

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I’m going to resub to another MMO and go play that.

Whether or not I come back to EVE is going to depend entirely on how CCP wants to compensate me–not just for missing 6 days and counting of game time, but also missing the milestone of my capsuleer anniversary today.

Been getting this for 2 days. https://prnt.sc/qw4v1k

A lot of complaints about lack of communication. This thread was created by CCP 2 days ago with a couple updates somewhere in these 1000+ posts. The message is always the same they are working hard to fix the issues. Not sure what else everyone expects them to say beyond that.

What I expect is that a game that has been running for the last 17 years would be able to suppress this issue faster then 7 days… As a player that has money in this game I am extremely pissed off, especially now that all the ■■■■ I work for each month I am now going to be a full week behind witch means im going to have to let half of my ■■■■ go offline till I can finally make up all the missed isk…