333.333.333 SP

Ah well… not a great post but here is a story…

Today I logged to check on my still playing friends (I am not actively playing since 2017… just skilling, and we all know that skilling is a game in a game in EVE :slight_smile: ).

I saw that I am at 333.332.650 SP and decided to spend a few hours and try to get a screenshot of 333.333.333.

Just wanted to share this with you.

I will continue to skill this character until my assets dry out. This character was born on the first day of EVE. Never used skill injection/extraction.

And I still have hopes that I will come back to game one day but… RL is a bitch.

Enjoy the game and have a lots of fun. I envy you.



¿Is it for sale?


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Hi Theodarum, thank you for your post.

GS is not for sale and will probably never be.

I had such a great time while I played EVE and while I have more characters that are also highly skilled, Grey Stone was the one I considered my main. I spent so much time daydreaming and skill planing and whatever when I was actively playing… it is crazy when I look at that period of my life… I am not sure I can quantify the amount of ISK I should sell this character for to compensate for my time and especially for many agonizing hours spent on thinking what to skill next…

And quite honestly, I don’t know what I would do with the ISK.

This way I still have some kind of connection to EVE and to the part of my life which I am very found of.



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I admire how you’ve saved that last bonus remap. They are quite rare and valuable these days. :heart_eyes:
Congrats on hitting the milestone. I stopped skilling 3 months ago to get rid of my burnout. But I think I’ll return to the game soon. who knows?

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