4chan /vg/ does not have an EVE Online General

I wonder if this says more about EVE or about /vg/.
If you wonder what this means: 4chan is the most popular English language imageboard. An anonymous forum, where everybody can post without registering an account or providing any kind of credentials. And /vg/ is the sub-forum for popular video games, gaming communities and video gaming topics. Topics which are so popular they would interfere with the normal video gaming sub-forum /v/. 4chan once had an active, and infamous, Eve community, you might remember them under several names referring to manlove and homo activities (Pizza, Bros, Love, etc.). And now they are gone.
I’d really like to know what happened there. I am not a regular 4chan user but I logged into Eve today, for the first time in a year, to check the alpha changes and those guys were a big and very accessible Eve community.

Maybe this game is niche even for 4chan standards.

They went to reddit.

Looks like they followed 4chan’s moderators.

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