60 M SP (x2) Returning Vet looking for a ISK-making corp

Hello Fellow Canuck,

We appear to be in the same TZ, and I have on issues having members active in my time bracket. I think we’d be a decent fit, since I try and keep the ideology that space pixels are space pixels.

I think your experience would be indespensible in fortifying our industrial endeavors, as we’re trying to ramp up a wide variety of production to give us an industrial backbone to run small gang pvp off of.

For more information, our forum post is here:

Normally I’d send an in-game mail for this as well but I’m assuming this is an alt made just for this!

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Still looking

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Still looking

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Hi there

Fatal Outcome with our own alliance and Sov is looking for pilots for PVP in 0.0.
No block fights, no CTA’s, but plenty of small-gang content.

We offer
• Skirmishes
• Gate camps
• Small gang roams
• Family friendly atmosphere
• AU, EU, US timezones

And in between: top notch premier ratting/mining systems to fill your boots.

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Hey there,

Might be just what you are looking for…
Small Indy corp working mostly out of hi-sec. Plenty of lowsec next to us to “play” in. Close-knit group of friends who have been flying together 2-3 years for the most part. RL first - then this wonderful game.

(what part of Canada? We have 4 from Edmonton and 1 from Quebec)

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The Easter Federation wants you !!!

We are a tight knit group of people focusing on the Fun things in Eve. We wanted to carve out our own part of Space without “The Blobs” help or mentality. Usually we do small to medium sized Fleets and roams around our home region of Scalding Pass. We have our own SOV (Not rented !! ) for everyone to make them iskies with mining or ratting. Our little family is formed of Veterans and new players alike and we can teach you everything you can or want to know in and around New Eden.


What we offer:

  • Eve Veterans in Alliance to answer all of your questions

  • SOV Nullsec for all kinds of ISK making

  • PvP from small roams to medium sized Alliance Fleets

  • A strong member driven community


What we are looking for:

  • Active pilots

  • Working Mic

  • Friendly attitude and willingness to train to our requirements.


If you feel we might be the right place for you or your Corporation then please join our Discord and message one of our Recruiters. Or add one of our recruiters as a friend on Discord:

[E-FED] Gralek Mena#5246 / [E-FED] Panda Pelling#2830

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We are smaller corp than you indicated; balanced out by the alliance size. Your play style seems compatible, let us know if you want to chat.


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hi @Sorry_Eh

now thats some history … really cool

would like to talk to you
out alliance is active 24/7
we have a really huge indy part … you can build anything

lets talk


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Hi @Sorry_Eh you’ve clearly been looking for a while. I know you say you’re looking for a 30man corp no-alliance, and it looks like you haven’t picked a place yet. Is it because you’re looking for exactly that? You’ll have trouble finding that since that tends to be a sign of one of 2 things: a corp that’s too new or dying.

This is because not everyone plays everyday, so 30 man corps tend to have only a few ppl concurrently on at the same time, which means they don’t do a lot.

Now there’s tons of small gang pvp groups and small “tight knit” corps/alliance too. But your current scope is pretty narrow

What are you looking out of a group in Eve? Maybe we can help you find a type of corp that fits your needs. Rather than you looking at corp number restrictions in the hope of achieving some desired trait out of a corp.

Also if you want, you can always hop into fweddit discord and talk to me, niv to see what you’re looking for. I’ll even help you find a place that isn’t my corp since you seem fairly pained at looking for a place https://discord.gg/0kCRVItfTl2qAwf1. Just hop in and ask for me, niv.

And hey if a smaller ustz ls/NS alliance sounds like your jam. You can see my corp ad here

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look again :wink:

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Possible that we are bigger than what u are intrested in though i would highly recommend checking us out.
We want to have fun but also want to be somewhat good so our fancy big toyes arent just fed as skittles to the enemy.
We are a PVP focused corp, but dont fear the blood in our veins are mostly gold from ridiculous isk that is to be made trough our C5 krab hole empire. But that beeing said we are a pvp first pve after corp which i feel is perfect for anyone.

Age group is anywhere from 23-60 years of age.
Hoping to hear from you if this catches your intrest.

Can also contact me personally ingame or visit
TDSIN Recruitment ingame

Here is our forum post:

Regards Furu Bonehead
TDSIN Recruitment Team

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Hey, take a look and come say hi if you want to :slight_smile:

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if your still looking why not try some small gang in lowsec seems something you might like check this ad out see what you think

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