99.9% Stupid to play anymore

It’s so stupid that once you’ve played for a long time, you get too known and can pretty much do nothing in this game except pve in hisec… I can’t eve take a frig into lowsec for pvp anymore without getting hot dropped by supers… Eve has taken the biggest turn for the worst in the past couple months and I am glad to say I am quitting over the stupid player base.

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Since you hardly ever solo, and if you do you die, I don’t really get the “I” bit of your statement.


what is this guy even talking about

alot of us understand frustration but WHEN you LIE your credibility GOES OUT THE WINDOW WHEN were you repeatedly dropped on by super in a frigate? https://zkillboard.com/character/92367525/ all i see you doing is reasonably well

someone just lock this comment please i feel the cancer creeping up again this thread is not even fair for new players comming to the forums going to get the wrong idea

why not makee a thread called " my opinion why i don’t like CCP/eveonline"


Good riddance.

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Can i have your stuff?


50 50

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If we get anything at all. :wink:

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I think all these idiots forever complaining about getting dropped on by caps must be flying into goonspace or testspace and expecting nothing to happen. I fly all over EVE - well… except for goonspace or testspace - and I’ve never, never, NEVER been dropped on. I fly into lowsec, into nullsec, into NPC nullsec, into everywhere. I have a solitary base I live in ninja-style out of null. Do I die often? Hell yeah I do. Mostly to idiots getting their jollies camping gates in smarbomb Abaddons. But by getting dropped on by caps? It’s never happened.

Oh! you have never met a cyno bait procurer in a remote LS system i guess…

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well known? pve in highsec?

i dont know how to tell you this…

He dropping supers are annoying, but before you go. Can i have your stuff?

already asked, move back in the queue please. I have a deal with Aedaxus.

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goonspace better space as sometimes goonies or cohorts actually do small gang or even solo.

Test space is ‘im not undocking without 10 to 1 odds and im using my super whilst sperging in local about how scared everyone is’ space.

Quitting posts are moved to out of pod experience .

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I don’t want your stuff. It stinks of fear.


Even worst is the player with alts who hot drops himself and bait the competition into diversion meant to waste time and so on.
Of course, I can’t do anything, I can’t even say it, because I signed a contract with mercenary to do it for 240b ISK.
Since it’s not longer for fun only and I don’t consider it a game, I quit playing and use the program for real.

Reprocessing removes the stench.

If it’s no good they just destroy it.

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