A 16 Bit 3D EvE Shoot'em up Idea

I’m not sure this is the best place to discuss this.
I Tried to write down my ideas in a sort of sketch, that could visually impact more.
The Idea is for a new ‘old school’ game, think of Xevious for the 3DS, or Some TurboGrafx16 Shoot’em up, or the first Amiga Star wars vectorial hyperspeed. A Mix of various missions with mixed side scrolling, vertical, and some bigger areas with pseudo 3D, with sidesweeping but mantaining always a lateral view.
but with Eve Ships, lore, modules, markets, Citadels, the Abyss, the races… a true Eve Arcade.
And with sovereignity, planetary bombardment, and a new idea, of AI bots cores, needed in order to build up an Army for to defeat the Final Titan Boss and gain the planetary / System control.

I’m available for expanding on the details—
I hope to not sound too out of this world :slight_smile: April 1st is passed :slight_smile:

I think Vanguard content is in the discord sorry.

Pretty sure the only way you’d get that, is if CCP licensed the ip to a 3rd party developer. If Project Awakening is successful, there might end up being some loosening up on those things.