A Diplomat's Response to Panic

Static interrupts all media broadcasts as the feed cuts in and out… A face appears before you all

“People of N-new Eden…” There’s a pause with white noise buzzing and hissing within the background.

“Tot-t-tality has been a-achieved… I have s-s-seen the terror in your eyes as the p-passing months had transg-gressed with war between powers. The Kybernauts and T-triglovians versus Edenc-com and the Empires. There was gains and losses on both sides… We have reshap-ped New Eden for the better and w-w-worse…” White noise and static interrupts for a few seconds.

“-ife will be renewed through the flow. As we, Kybern-n-nauts and supporters, h-h-head into singularity, into totality. We face our future together and with bravery and optimism as we head to Paradise. I enc-courage all others to do the same-” The feed cuts even more the connection getting weaker as there is some rumbling in the background…

“Glory to Triglov!” Salutes and continues, “Glory to Zorya!”

The feed cuts completely.

“Sorry about the planet, let’s be friends”?



A diplomat’s words typically have some substance; to have used so many and said so little… more a politician’s response.

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What the ■■■■ is this ■■■■


That’s what you get when you side with Triglavians. The rejects of the cluster, the trash of humanity. :slight_smile:


All Invaders Must Die.


I doubt this is actually a message passed from Collective leadership, and is mere Kybernaut posturing. I find the stuttering delivery a tad concerning for the messenger, as it suggests duress.

Evidence that the Triglavians are in fact humanitarian and are not interfering with evacuations of civilians from the invaded systems, just like a whole lot of kybernuts asserted.

O wait, it’s not that at all, it’s the complete opposite, and the kybernuts were all utterly deluded and/or liars. Whoops.


They claim it was civilians but it was a bowhead. People cannot safely be carried in large hangars opened to the vacuum of space.

This was clearly an attempt of EDENCOM to move military assets under the false flag of humanitarian operations. Absolutely disgusting.


Ssh child, the adults are talking.

All I see is soldiers loading equipment onto a big fat military bowhead


Actually dont even know what this is

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It’s a teddy Bear… A comfort toy for children.

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Looks like a full grown adult standing next to it, loading it into a very large transport container thats as big as the bear is.

You want to tell me a Teddy bear for children is nearly 1.5x the side of an adult? And that during a high urgency last minute evacuation they had time to load this massive “Toy” up?

No, it’s full of munitions. Lets be serious here. You can’t really be that naive

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First off, they can be

Secondly, why even?

Why the ■■■■ even… I don’t care how foolish and incompetent you think EDENCOM is, there is no practical way or reason to smuggle munitions in a ■■■■■■■ teddy bear. There’s no reason.

Why do that when you can just get a massive container, plaster some medical logos all over it then store your weapons and ■■■■ in it. Hell, pass it off as agricultural foodstuffs, that works just as fine. You’ll get twice as much volume moved, way easier to store, would attract as less suspicion.

Why, when lives are “Critically endangered” and it’s an “Emergency Evacuation” do you think they made the time to haul this ridiculously oversized stuffed toy and take up an incredible amount of valuable space that could have been used to evacuate probably 4 more people?

Do not blindly believe what the empires tell you. The proof is right in front of you. It makes zero sense.

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It is incredibly ironic that some loon claiming a teddy bear was full of munitions and an evacuation transport was full of weapons would say something like this.

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You say this but can you reasonably explain it any other way?

Go ahead, try to justify it.

Ridiculously oversized stuffed animal vs 4 Real people.

Guess you so blindly believe that a toy is more important than lives.

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