A hopeful ending to an all-too-common tragedy

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Thankfully some lost children were able to be recovered as a band of criminals tried to spirit them away to a life of savage spiritual regression. The traffickers that seized them, were slain in the attempt. But sadly, they had killed several innocent caregivers and guides who were by the scripture’s word, serving their holder to see these slaves brought through Reclaiming. By Providence, their deaths will not be in vain, as these humble souls were recovered in time to resume Vitoc treatment and are being divided up to relocate in the region, where they can after this stumble re-find their paths, and call to salvation yet, despite the calamity of violence that tried to deprive them of that opportunity.

Deus vult

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Several dead slavers, you say? Why, that is hopeful news. Always my favorite part of these stories. Looking forward to more.


Out of curiosity, what was the response you expected to get posting this on an international forum? Did you intend to get compliments from your own, or provoke your enemy? Something else, what?


Faith, and at that point, there is nothing else to say here beyond that those with a perspective informed by that will see the thing as it was given sincerely. And those without, for varied reasons, will see it by whatever perspective they construct.

Otherwise, I do not wish to engage in the cultural narcissism it takes to look on a near alien way of being by the value lens of my own and expect to come away with any beneficial sense of empathy and understanding for it. Such is how strawman are made to serve one’s own personal moral vanity, where it is better to defer to the Scriptures guidance and command.

The response you expected was Faith? By who?

The difference in how what was said, was taken. It is a matter of faith or call it a world view if that substitution gives some idea, though nothing truly can substitute for it.

Even more tedious than expected.

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Let me see how my translator took that here…

Look, I am snarky, see how snarky I am… Please reply, I beg you.

Well, since you said please, here you go.

You don’t even have the basic moral courage to admit you came here to be provocative when challenged. Not that I’m surprised.

As the greatest Sani Sabik capsuleer philosopher of the modern era, I can offer this advice regarding posting publicly about being in favour of harsh methodologies of slave control.

Whatever support you get publicly, will be from crazies. Like Nauplius, who no doubt will reply shortly about how this sort of thing is a sign that the Throne is Vacant and/or that the Minmatar are given over to Destruction.
Whatever support you get privately, will be of little or no actual practical use, since those that would support you privately, are not willing to out themselves and attract attention from their political/religious opponents.

So… you have chosen to post publicly. Well. On thy own head be it.

… Did I not reply with in a thought out way, to the other when asked?

We often accuse those of doing, what we most despise in our own behavior.

I was just thinking that this reminded me of a low rent Nauplius post.

With all respect,

‘Grand father, what do we do if they revolt?’

‘We stand, where we are, where we followed the Scriptures to be. And we stay there, for our lives are not our own, but revealed to us by our faith to be of a cause greater than anything we may as merely flesh, and blood ever fully grasp.’ - The last words of a Holder of a lesser house at BYC20

Yeah, not enough bizarre metaphors or cryptic imprecations.

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Well, I guess when you can self-proclaim such things about yourself, any manner of reply is on the table.

It really does elevate the whole experience.

I’m beginning to think openly and inappropriately proselytizing their religion of narcotic slavery and repressed psychosexual decadence is just another checked box in the long list of Amarrian kinks.

And as far as drugs go, vitoc isn’t even enjoyable. It’s just a chemical nerve-stapler. Want to talk barbaric? Let’s talk your people’s bastardization of the art of drug manufacturing – maybe send a spy or two to crib notes from a Serpentis labhand?

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I am amazed your current clone still has fingers left with how much edginess you were just handling there.

Ah-- respectfully, ma’am, that’s not how that stuff works.

It’s not a drug in the Serpentis sense. It’s more of a treatment for a near-incurable, purposely-induced disease that is invariably, and usually very unpleasantly, fatal if left untreated. Which is I think called “vitoxin” and is distinct from the vitoc itself.

What’s more, both the illness and the treatment are configurable, which leads to what I understand as sort of a frantic attempt to find the right vitoc key to a particular vitoxin “lock” before a patient passes away. There’s a lab at Gottin’s Lamp that specializes in this kind of work, usually used when we have a big rescue of illegally-held slaves or people we’ve gotten away from Mr. Nauplius (which usually means the same thing, plus complications).

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That’s somehow worse than what I thought it was. I freely admit to not being an expert on the finer points of Amarrian slavery.

And for the gentleman commenting on my edginess, thank you for noticing, I’ll be sure to vape conspicuously on an InterBus to keep up appearances!