A letter to CCP and the Community

You are thinking in regard to your local situation, which is relevant to you and those who live around you.

Down-time is common to all players, all across the globe.

Im not saying its relevant here, im saying that if UTC is a universal clock, then why should EVE day end a odd UTC time rather then just UTC 00:00

You made an assumption and you got it wrong. It happens, just accept it.

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I’d suggest move on and reflect about it in a month or two, maybe then it will make sense, when you are not so worked up about it.

Remember when CCP screwed up after one of the in-game events, and made all the boosters expire 1 day too soon as opposed to when they said they would expire in the item description?

Pepperidge Farm remembers. As do I. I lost 24 billion ISK from boosters that expired 1 day earlier than when they were suppose to, because one of the programmers made a ‘mistake’.

I petitioned for it. Was denied reimbursement for the ISK I had invested. Even though it was entirely CCPs fault, and I couldn’t have done anything to prevent it myself.

Doubt CCP will give a jack ass about those who missed out on the 1 mil SP reward due to the event deadline being vague. Even if it’s on CCP.

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It was a bait and switch. CCP lied. “Consecutive log-ins not necessary…” … End of story. They owe all Omegas everything. Legally they’d be drawn and quartered in a court for their ambiguity.

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Since promotional events run year around, you need to have a time marker that is independent of seasonal clock changes (DST). In addition, rule changes or additions can only be injected during downtime (regular or emergency). The use of downtime as the standard for day change only makes logical sense.



I can completely understand that people are unhappy about missing more than 2 days over an 18 day span. That is indeed a pretty tight schedule.

However, there is no way in heck that CCP is going to reimburse thousands of people who apply individually with their reason why they missed days. It’s not really even reasonable (IMO) to expect them to do so.

The event and timing was badly designed. It was particularly badly designed given that it was supposed to be an anniversary, client appreciation, loyalty reward event. They compounded the bad design with poor communication and assuming everyone knew ‘how they did things’.

But there ain’t no way they are fixing that now. Complain all you like about poor event design. Let CCP know on Twitter, on Facebook, on Reddit, get sky-writing planes to fly over major cities with your message. Demand they do better.

But expect a fix now? That’s just crazy talk, tbh.

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It WAS badly designed and promoted.
Quick, have CCP assemble the Community Relations team to improve future…oh, that’s right…

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Eve players must be generally very stupid I dunno how you fail to understand logging in sixteen out of eighteen days. ezpz

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You are wrong.

I just took a look at the events page from World of Warcraft.

It has the dates of the events. But does it show the time? What time, exactly, on June 21st, does the event begin at? What time does it end? Clicking the “learn more” button gives no details about this, either.

Furthermore, CCP did state that the event would begin at downtime on May 2nd.

EVE’s sixteenth anniversary has kicked off with daily downtime today and will run through until May 20th!

And yes, it makes perfect sense from a business perspective. The server runs every day, but it actually doesnt run every minute. It closes down on downtime, during 11:00 AM UTC, to usually around 11:15 AM UTC. They chose that time to reset the event, because they are working, they are there on-site, and its the middle of their workday, allowing them to be able to react to anything wrong.

ANY time you choose, will be awkward for SOMEONE.


I told CCP they now have to work at night for giveaways als have to reboot at night. Who is going to pay all that overtime for free stuff?

All you had to do was log in every day. And if you were too ignorant about downtime, they gave you a few days buffer.

You failed to understand the system. They added a few days buffer and you still failed. All I can say is HTFU.


From the EULA
"You may not share your Account with anyone, or allow anyone other than you personally (or your minor child, if you have registered an Account on behalf of your minor child) to access or use your Account. "


The counter was misleading, it told my I still had 1 day but it ended at the start of that day… Very pissed at this. Filed a ticket that sent me a MASS email relining that basically I’m an idiot and they can’t help me with that. This was a major troll event.


You did. You had 1 more day, and you were on that day.

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It would be worse if it said you had no days left, with still time to participate.







Maybe his friend is his son.

Maybe thats the only friend he has.

Have some pity on him, for christs sake.


Downtime IS the start/end of the EVE day though, thats the point


Hello dear sore losers! Next time make an effort and log in for a minute if you want free ■■■■.
CCP relies on these metrics to show their overlords and make them happy.
If overlords aren’t happy no more EVE for anyone