A little discussion about people with low iq not to make them stupid

for a start i want to greet you all
i’m a pretty old player in the game and as far as I can tell the game is going downhill
starting with the minor aspects in which ccp changed the drop rate at escalation decreased the ore capacity
after a new update they ruined the game even worse
for a new player it is very difficult to earn money and get different things + this time the players after stealing money and swearing at everything that comes to their mouths are not punished
after staying a whole day looking for escalation and earning money and after escalation you only get 2 mil
some people can’t even afford to buy food and try to play fair and some people come to make fun of them and brag that they put money into the game and so on

for those who have been scammed so far may the Lord give them only dead fish to eat
have a nice day all

I don’t understand. Are you the person with the low IQ?


He only has low case keys, much sadness.

Also I’d not advise eating live fish, they’d be a choking hazard.

But thank you for your prayer,

Blessed be the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep.

I would have to disagree with our friend making this post. Scarcity has made actually undocking and participating in resource gathering more valuable. We have gone from playing Hermit Kingdom Online to a paradigm where supply chains are more diverse and span the entirety of the major types of space in New Eden. Figuring out the currently profitable activities in the game in terms of ISK is part of the EVE experience. I would also imagine doing enjoyable activities factors into the decision of what to do and who to interact with.

As for scamming, I do think that making the UI clear so that it is harder to do simple context scams is just fine, but scamming as a whole is a time honored tradition in EVE. Most of the time it’s not new players who get scammed, but in the new paradigm of Injectors it is much easier for players to join us in the most fascinating Pay 2 Lose game out there.

I suggest to everyone to come in, invest in a bunch of cheap ships, figure things out a bit, then join a corp. If you aren’t the social type, dig into the EVE resources, but realize that many of them are outdated and there’s no substitute for doing your own research through experimentation and trail and error.

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