Do scammers think they are smart?

They didnt come up with the scam themselves, they just copy paste it and then spam while afk

Now that i think about it that seems alot like the development process at CCP over the last 10 years

Scammers only need to be smarter than the people they are scamming.


Scammers feed on greed. Smart move. :yum:

p.s. wait until he gets ganked, then we’re in for thread numbers 5, 6 and 7


No, they just think there are dumber people out there, and there always is


Welcome back to EvE Online, plazid.

Please note a couple of things you may have forgotten in your “10 or 20” year absence.

First, the setting of EvE:

New Eden (the area of space were we all play regardless of security rating, and the name of the Galaxy) is a dystopia. There are no sapient aliens in New Eden to showcase that the monsters in this dystopia are US.

CONCORD, the empires-wide ‘police force’ is not there to protect players. It exists to protect regular humans from the crazy space gods - again that’s US.

Scamming, lying, cheating, extortion, and plain old murder are all acceptable game mechanics - so long as these methods STAY in the game.

Which brings us to your attempt at discovering the identity of a player - not a character. That’s a big no-no, so it would behoove you to stop that action immediately.

Trying to uncover a character is fine, though - within the game mechanics. In this Game of Alts, that’s a useful skill. Just keep the game and Real Life separate.

Again, welcome back to New Eden, pilot. There aren’t many rules in our little dystopia, but the ones that do exist need to be followed for the safety of the players and the betterment of the game.

–Gadget, Welcome Back to New Eden Committee Chair


No. They think most Eve players are stupid and lazy… which is 100% correct.


Like all traders, they don’t need to be smart, they only have to obey the rules of acquisition.


People who think the Jita trade chat/local is bad have not played Warframe or seen the Warframe trade chat.

Warframe trade chat is Jita x10 on steroids.

I was scammed out of greed by the great Snake Oil Sam once, the famous president of Rens, it was a great experience and i learned a lot, at least i learned about not getting scammed any more.

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