A new era of gameplay!

No, he’s right. Really.

Just like in real life …
… you shoot random strangers and take their stuff.

And then, when they cry about it in the hospital …
… you make fun about them.

Because that’s what makes us happy.


Btw, I’m pretty sure it’s not allowed to pick names of public persona,
like a swiss BundesRichter.

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It already does that in a modest way, by offering to participate in real, potentially life saving scientific research, like the current Project Discovery. Some MMO’s, like our EvE, attract an audience that is sufficiently interested or engaged in science to lighten the burden of going through massive data sets. We try to contribute to goals outside of mere pass time activities. And the scientists seem to appreciate these efforts. They will probably call on more like us to help them out.

At least Microsoft has done it with their Bingpoints which are similar to Plex. So you can now donate at least one virtual currency to any non profit organisation. Seems its just a matter of time until it hits the gaming world. And Plex could take the chance to be through that the second virtual currency which could be donated to any non profit organisation. Who knows what that could mean to the community of Eve Online and if Microsoft does it at least they see some opportunity for their search engine in that. And that is that more users will use a search engine with such a feature. Which is easily applyable to Eve Online and Plex.

Do you want to see a higher purpose in gaming than it is actually the case ?
  • No
  • Maybee
  • Yes
  • I don’t care

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Guess you arent quitting gaming after all, huh sport?

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Well somehow Im back. Seems like I just cant quit this game now from one day to the other after 12 years of playing :slight_smile:

Nice bunch of cycled alts you got there from 2012 onwards.

Someone would almost think you were up to no good with that track record.

Not really…

Majority of EVE players base is focused in some way in something good. It is really a small % of the EVE player base that generates 90% of the news that comes from what so many would assume is “bad”. I call it fun but hey…

I mean who wants to hear a good news story when bad news sells so much better. :slight_smile:

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