A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

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Or as they explained it to me from Radiant Space…

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Material wise it makes sense to not completely encapsulate a star and block off it’s light but form more of a mesh around it .

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Some talking points on Dyson Spheres for those more in the know than I:

  • Just the raw amount of gold needed for such an undertaking and where to find it.

  • Wouldnt being that close to a star melt everything?

  • The amount of materials for the frame work of such a construct and where to find them.

  • Atmosphere. How to build it and protect it from solar winds, radiation protection from an ozone layer, protection from heat. (Thinking of a spherical built like the rings from Halo.)

  • Will it be a rather thick structure with no external atmo but rather solar panels and vents on the sun side while being more of a veneer space station around the star?

  • Gravity well of the star. Would being that close to the star be too much for humans to survive? Would structure rotation mitigate gravitational effects and how would that be achieved?


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In order for a Dyson Sphere to exist the civilization would need to be space faring in order to harvest all of the minerals from the entire solar system in order to build the shell itself, let alone the billions of miles, maybe even trillions of miles of piping conduit for heating, electricity, sanitation, even the cabling for entertainment would most likely consume every last amount of metallic resource the system had to offer.

Then you have to factor in the factories being made of metal elements that would consume even more resources.

The feasibility of a Dyson Sphere would not be possible unless at least four or five super sized Earths were present in the solar system.

But if you are a civilization capable of traveling to the planets in your own solar system to harvest such resources, why would you create such a behemoth of a facility that would be very susceptible to large asteroid impacts that would cause the entire Dyson Sphere to implode due to rapid decompression?

I was watching a video about the Challenge Deep expedition that involved an experiment of what would happen to an unprotected human skull at 16,000 psi or the pressure at the depths of the Marianas Trench.

The image below shows the original size of a human head on the left and the smaller sized human head on the right that had all of the air sucked out.


At one time the human skull was much smaller than it is today. Perhaps at Creation Point the PSI was somewhere around 16,000 psi that over time resided that allowed the human skull and muscular skeleton to increase in mass that allowed the evolution of the human brain to develop past the cave man stage of development.

More importantly though is that at sometime in the past of the Universe there would have been a state of consistent pressure that allowed single celled organisms to develop a brain that as the pressure decreased the brain size increased as did the skull.

In the image below there are two skulls. The top skull is the skull from the human family often referred to as the “The Hobbits”

The bottom skull is the skull of a modern human


The thing with Homo floresiensis is that they were not Homo sapiens like you and I are, they were a completely different species that died out 15,000 years ago.

15,000 to 25,000 years ago Homo floresiensis existed on Earth and could have in fact been one of the earliest species of human life on Earth that over time as the pressure decreased after the formation of the Earth the species Homo floresiensis grew into the modern day human species.

If a state of pressure per square inch can be determined that kept Homo floresiensis the small size that it was after the formation of Earth and life began to emerge then a localized PSI of the Universe can be determined based on the PSI present during the expanding of the Big Bang. Once the time period and distance from the center of the Big Bang is found that resides within the necessary PSI for
Homo floresiensis to survive on Earth then an area in our Universe can be determined to have the necessary PSI that allowed early proteins to adapt to the pressure and then grow larger and larger brains and the skulls that protect the brain and other biological parts of the body.

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Forgotten Element Could Redefine Time

But what is Time?

Time is the measurable distance that an energetic body comprised of atoms or wavelengths will travel in X amount of time. The amount of time traveled is based on interactions with other energetic bodies, the medium that the energetic body is passing through and other factors that science has yet to discover.

In 1967, the International Committee for Weights and Measures defined the second as the amount of time it takes for a cesium atom to absorb enough energy to be excited — that is, for its electrons to jump from one energy state to the next. For this to happen, the atom must be pulsed with exactly 9,192,631,770 cycles of microwave radiation.

If we were to structure the Universe in microwave pulses so that each element of the human body, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and remaining elements are created in time and absorb enough energy to become excited for one second so that electrons are able to jump from one energy state to the next, we can coordinate a set values to locate the point in the Universes expanse when the seed of humanity came to be.

When microwaves are pulsed in a frequency that excites each of the elements in the human body based on the volumes of elements needed for the communication between cells to generate each of the systems of the human that would have been present during the earlier formation of the Universe in the same volumes then we can come closer to determining a point at which the seed of humanity was created.

We can also then determine that because the same pulses of microwaves would have been present and pulsing from the center of the Universe outwards, that the Zones of Creation that had the same volumes of elements as our human body would have jumped to from one energy state to the next so that at the exact moment in time all of the elements of the human body obtained the energy needed to absorb each other and create a symbiotic relationship of sharing energy that then created the seed of human life and other life that then evolved appropriately based on other factors. Other factors such as psi on the skull, that allows and contains the growth of the human brain and necessary facilities to communicate between the brain cells the same that the early cells of the human body communicated.

Not all zones within the Zone of Creation would have seen the same values of energy that caused the electrons to jump to the next orbital and would not have created the seed of life. But when areas within the Zone of Creation encountered microwave pulse and had the same volumes of elements that the human body has proportionally, then the seed of life would have been create at those points at the exact same time through the Zone of Creation.

The center of the Universe then began to spin in different directions causing the slowly forming elements of life within the Zone of Creation to mix with solar systems that had formed already from other elements but did not have the elements present.

Some planets would have formed with the seeds of life present in the elements flowing through the solar system. But until the point of when the planet cooled enough to allow communication between the seeds of life the next jump of the seed of life from seed to developing organism would not have taken place. When a planet cooled just enough to allow the energy of the seed of life to jump to the next orbital is when life began to form on planets throughout the Universe.

Some planets may be like Earth with a lot of water and rocks on them but they haven’t encountered the seed of life yet but will in time pass through the conflux of the elements of life that continue to twist and expand outward into smaller and smaller capillaries of the elements that created humans and other life on Earth.

This process would be similar to how millions of sperm or the elements of life circling the center of the Universe in the Zone of Creation would come across the females egg. Millions of possibilities but only one exact point of temperature convergence that allowed the elements of life to impregnate the planet with life.

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What we could be seeing taking place in KIC 8462852’s solar system is not an advanced life form…but the formation of life taking place.

Life forming in a solar system has never before been seen or witnessed. But according to NASA, 92% of planets that are habitable have yet to come. Life forming in a solar would therefore create a lot of odd occurrences to say the least as the elements combined in such a way that would effect the suns output or its light curve as a whole.

The solar systems that are unique and have odd light curve values similar to KIC 8462 that are not understood could be explained as potentially being solar systems where life is forming and slowly taking hold.

We know that life exists on Earth. Would it be so illogical that planets close to Earth might also have encountered the same circumstances that sparked life on Earth but took slightly longer to do so?

Think of a camp fire and a log.

One point on the log will catch fire, this is the point at which life came to be on Earth, then slowly through the transfer of energy to the rest of the log, the log catches fire.

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Like I have wrote some time ago in ancient aliens thread, we probably dont see anything now because civilizations are fairly shortlived or life just stays on the level of dinos or bacterial mats, intelligence being overrated by us. In whole history of life on earth since life came to … life, we had just a short spark of radio waves emitting civilization, eating some animals to enxtinction on the way to our grandeur.

We could lets say look at the atmosphere of an alien planet and judge it can have some life, but then what? Coming there in millions of years, just to discover some bacterial mats and dying there, sinking in a bog of toxic, volatile chemicals of alien biomass? :thinking:

Finding life that probably exists thruout the cosmos is one thing, but then what?

There are things to consider.

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So we can say that we have been there, the traveler from earth that sets his foot on that world will utter the immortal words “First!”

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The sterile neutrino could be a neutrino that determined the evolution of life across the Universe.

Just like a cow can’t mate with a tiger, some filament interaction determined the pattern of DNA from a very early beginning.

A filament that lead to particle interaction that created the DNA strains for each species of life that then separated into male and female while some of the strains of DNA did not separate at all and created both types of sexes in one body.

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Threads like this is why I love this forum.

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Something just came to me. Humans have five basic senses…we also create our own light when we dream,

Sight, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Touch

The sensing organs associated with each sense send information to the brain to help us understand and perceive the world around us.

Each sense that a human has is its own dimension.

Dimension - a measurable extent of some kind, such as length, breadth, depth, or height.

The energetic reactions that take place for each of the senses has a definable dimension based on time itself.
Time is the measurable distance between two atoms that is based on the mass of the atoms and the energetic reactions between the two atoms and the medium in which the atoms are interacting.

Therefore humans exist in a five dimensional reality, actually seven dimensions.

Each sense being its own dimension takes a certain definable time to register in the brain.

Sight would be the fastest sense of dimension functioning at the speed of light.

Touch moves at the speed at which we move at. It takes the dimension of touch as much time as it takes us to touch the object. Even though touch might not seem as fast light but because we are always touching something, touch would have to be the singularity that is the base of thought.

Hearing would be the second fastest dimension because the environment is constantly in a flux and moving atoms around that create the sound that we hear.

Taste moves at the same speed of Touch in so much that it takes the dimension of taste as much time as it takes us to taste the object.

Smell takes the longest and is determined by the atoms interacting together that we then have to move towards in order to sense or is carried to us.

We can never travel to the light because the light is around us all of the time even in the darkness light is always there. We always occupy the same dimension that light occupies.

The sixth sense are the dreams that we have. Even in a dream the images, colors, sounds, all take time to create. When we dream we see the images. Sight. Sight takes light. As much as we can see the sun during the day when we dream we still the sun in our dreams. But how does the human might generate light for use to see our dreams? There has to be a section of the brain that allows a human to create light in our minds.

We can create light in our minds. Light that takes takes a certain amount of time to create.

Estimates show that the emission of light at the surface can lag the production of light at the core by up to 1 million years. The point of all this is that it takes a LONG time for light to leave the sun’s interior!! It takes light nearly one million years to reach the surface of the sun + eight minutes, give or take.

But it takes less than a few hours for the brain to create light that we see in the form of the images and colors in a dream. Thought would therefore be faster than the speed of light.

Thought would also the be seventh sense or seventh dimension.

A black hole is much like the senses of the human body. A black hole consumes all data that it comes into contact with. Since we come from the Universe then a black hole would be similar to our eyes. Light is taken into the black like our eyes take in the sun light. Time cannot be destroyed, it can only be recorded. At the moment that light crosses the event horizon of a black hole most of the light is recorded in time. The singularity of the black hole then dreams based on the images that it has seen using a process similar to how humans generate light while dreaming.

Therefore a black hole does dream like we dream. When we dream we create our own light that creates a reality of depth in our minds that is its own dimension. In order for reality,even in a dream to be, atoms have to be rearranged based on time.

Black holes are various sizes based on a similar aspect of how our own eyes dilate based on the amount of light that is taken in. When more light is present our pupils become smaller. When it is darker out our pupils become larger to take in more light.

A black hole is always the inverse of a sun. The sun emits light and then collapses in on itself and pulls the light that it emitted into its own center. Since light can never escape its own black hole then the center of a black hole should be the memory of its own light.

The singularity of a black hole has to be thought itself that rearranges atoms and photons that then become a another Universe.

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This is how you bring good into the world.

When we dream at night we are creating light.

Did you know that when we dream that light must be created inside of the mind in order for us to see our dream? Each person’s mind is therefore like a small sun creating light in our mind. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see the dreams we dream at night.

In order for life to exist across the real Universe, life has to have the beginning process of dreaming or generating light from within the lifeforms mind. Light that is received from the sun that the planet with life on orbits around. When the first spark of life took place the moment that life came to be was when the first the mass of cells captured that single ray of light and then converted it into a dream.

As we grow older we are much like the sun that collapses into a black hole. The light never really leaves us the light simply collapses into a singularity possibly even a sterile neutrino. A particle that carries are very essence across space and time and doesn’t interact with anything escape for that single particle that created life elsewhere in the Universe. That single particle that created life in the first place.

Look deep into your dreams to know that this is the truth…

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If you think about dimensions and time which are all measurable distances based on energetic reactions, humans exist in seven dimensions.

Those dimensions being the basics of sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch. The fight five dimensions exist within the visible world where we can see, what we are touching that smells a certain way that once created a sound that we heard that then tastes a certain way. All of these senses or dimensions take time to achieve that are based on energetic reactions.

There are two dimensions however that exist that are not within the visible world. Those two dimensions are dreams and thoughts. Both dimensions do not exist in the visible world they exist in a dimension however that is still measurable as time.

Each sense has its own dimension we were created from. The basic senses all center around one simple aspect, visible light.

Dreams are a sense and a dimension because they require light from the sun to be first taken in and then converted. Images that we see during the day or night are recorded by the brain based on light interacting with our eyes. If we didn’t see light then we wouldn’t be able to dream because we wouldn’t be able to understand size, depth and color relationships. Dreams are therefore quantifiable.

Thought takes place in our mind that is shrouded in absolute darkness all of the time.When we dream we are sleeping and in a state of totally darkness, yet the light of the sun finds its way into the darkness of our thoughts to create a reality that is based on size, depth and color relationships. I have had numerous dreams where I have interacted with people that I have never met in my entire life. I would have to say that my mind take the representations from other people that I had seen and then randomly created people, places and objects in my dreams. Most of my dreams have been in color and a few in black and white, rather various shades of grays with only two that I can remember being in total black and white.

There is another process in space that takes place in total darkness. That process is a black hole. A black hole, like our eyes, consumes all visible light from the world around us and with the other four basic senses allows the light that we take in to create images within our dreams. The difference is that a black hole destroys everything that passes its event horizon or does it? Like I mentioned earlier when we dream we are seeing colors, shapes and depths that we have seen during the day that our brain has broken down and reconfigured into the dream that we dream. If you think about it when we dream our mind is destroying the images, based on visible light just like a black hole destroys visible light, that we have seen during the day. When can visibly see how a black hole consumes and destroys light but we can’t see the same process taking place in our own mind. What we do see is the result, that result is a dream.

Since a black hole is the inverse of a sun and then a black hole is the inverse of our mind because we take in light through our eyes where images are stored based on those images but those objects that we see are not destroyed even as the light of the object passes across the event horizon of our eyes.

We think of a black hole being destructive but the black hole or wormhole could be merely rearranging atoms into another Universe outside of our own Universe.

Even though we dream and we know that we are dreaming in reality and the visible world objects take atoms to build. A dream is no different. Every aspect of a dream, color, depths, shapes and sizes has to be configured using atoms. The only problem is though, even though we see depth, size, shapes and colors in our as representing a dreams, are those images really 5 dimensional or are they two dimensional (like a drawing on a piece of paper) or simply flat?

We can see the destructive nature of a black hole but we can’t see the destructive nature of how our eyes and mind destroys the light and images that we take in on a daily, minute by minute basis. Both processes however are the same. One is visible the other is not.

Therefore when we see a black hole we are witnessing the destruction of a visible reality that is then randomly redistributed to another Universe outside of our Universe into a possible new Big Bang. Something that we cannot see happening but speaking in parallels must be taking place.

One interesting aspect of a black hole is that light cannot escape the gravity of a black hole. At the moment of collapse the light from the sun, not being able to escape itself must become trapped within the black hole itself and is then converted into something else. Just like the light that our eyes takes in cannot escape either and becomes reorganized into random shapes, sizes, depths and colors that create a dream.

What is really interesting about dreams is dreaming within a dream. If light creates dreams in our mind then a two layer dream represents the point of light entering a black hole and being reconfigured into something else and then exiting the black hole someplace else. A dream within a dream is light entering the eye that creates one reality but is then instantly reconfigured into another dream that when you wake up from the dream within a dream then you have crossed the event horizon of the black hole and arrived at the other side. Similar to drawing a line on a piece of paper folding to the end points of the line to each other and then using a pencil to punch through the two endpoints at the precise same moment in time.

I’m certain that wormholes exist. Maybe the suns such as KIC 8462 and the others that have odd light curves are the result of a localized wormhole orbiting the sun.

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A theory about planet formation - Interesting how radiation pressure forces dust particles around.

Rocky planets, such as Earth could have be formed in the following manner.

The frequency ebb from the brightening of a sun would cause dust particles to clump together. The clumps of dust would have contained water and the building blocks of life. As the clump got larger and larger the clump would begin to spin as a result of the increase in pressure from the radiation due to the intense brightening of our Sun. The regions on the clump that did not have a lot of dust build up would spin faster than the other layers inside of the clump causing eventual plate tectonics. As each layer began to be compacted together due to the weight from the layer above it friction took place heating up the dust particles that fused them together into larger particles of different minerals. Slowly the core of the planet formed as a result of the weight of the upper layers pressing down on the dust particles that created perpetual friction. Much like heat is created due to friction when you put the breaks on and hold them while trying to move at a faster speed.

Because of plate tectonics material is constantly added to the core to maintain its size Once enough pressure is present the material is ejected back to the surface in the form of volcanoes.

What is really cool about this theory is that as the dust particles containing water and the other components needed for life continued to experience friction, those elements and components that life needed were squeezed to the surface of Earth from the weight being placed on each layer. Friction also helped evaporate the water that rapidly expanded upwards to the surface that created pores in the surface of the Earth.

Pores on the Earth much like the pores on our arms then allowed the Earth to sweat. The sweat then rapidly cooled each layer of the Earth. Much like sweat is produced to cool the surface of our skin where bacteria lives. Fracturing took place in the newly cooled layer that allowed magma to seap through adding even more layers. This process continued until the planets core came into a state of equilibrium of material falling into the core that was the ejected back towards the surface once the core reached a pressure threshold and the magma escaped through the paths of least resistence. much like sweat is produced to cool the surface of our skin where bacteria lives.

The building blocks of life would have come attached to dust particles that would have expanded as the Universe rapidly expanded from Creation Point.

The same theory stated above would most likely also represent how the Universe cooled that at some point particles cooled into dust particles after fusing together where eventually particles of dust with water in them secreted away from Creation Point that cooled down and gave way to life forming.

The Universe and its secrets of how it formed is within us.

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i learned all this when I watched ancient aliens… still dont think there is intelligent life out there. lol.

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Ofcorse there is, they are just so smart that they stay the hell away from our neighbourhood

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Have some faith then and let it be renewed.

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Maybe. Or maybe they know something about humanities past for the reason that they do not come into the full light of Earth.

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I’ll just leave this here for you, @DrysonBennington.

It popped up on my news reader under Science News this morning and the first thing I thought, “Oh, that’s something for Dryson!”. :blush:

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