A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

(Rana Ash) #213

Used to say?, does that mean that the level of intelligence has risen significantly in Waco?? :smiley:

(Underwater Sunlight) #214

We are almost certainly alone in this universe:

And another angle on it:

(Yiole Gionglao) #215

…or maybe has lowered below the point of being able to joke about themselves? :scream:

(Yiole Gionglao) #216

Uniqueness is not the same as unlikeliness. The evolution of life on Earth might be unique, but that doesn’t makes it necessarily unlikely.

(Nana Skalski) #217

I think there is life in the universe beside our planet. The odds for it being so are in my opinion really big. What I dont think there is tho, is the level of consciousnes and civilization that is able to send something outside their planetary system. But who knows… maybe we are too late or too early to the party. Maybe everything will change in few decades. :thinking:

(Underwater Sunlight) #218

I know we all want to believe that there is life elsewhere in the universe, but the science and mathematics doesn’t support the idea. Fermi paradox, anyone? And consider this, all life on earth is dna related to all other life on earth. This means that life sprung up into existence, on a planet that we know can support life, just once… precisely just once. I find that extraordinary. Life is the most ridiculously rare and unique thing in the cosmos. It’s so ridiculously unlikely that an atheist like me considers divine intervention as a possibility. Life, and especially intelligent life, makes no sense.

(Nana Skalski) #219

But its made up of the stuff available everywhere in universe. In quantities comparable to ours.

This means that life sprung up into existence, on a planet that we know can support life, just once… precisely just once.

That is what you know, what sprung up into existence. But the equation doesnt say there cant be more of it, elsewhere.

(Underwater Sunlight) #220

Like I said, I know we all want to ‘believe’. Look on the bright side, the universe is empty for us to populate without resistance. But that’s also not going to happen. It’s physically impossible for us to even leave this solar system. But because of science fiction, the uneducated masses (99.999999% of humanity) have no concept of effing how far away we are from anything else. It really is a hopeless situation.

(Nana Skalski) #221

Well, you have your beliefs, I have my own. Only time will say who is right, researchers coming up with more and more answers to technical questions. I am under impression that when the stuff happened once, using the same bricks of life can happen elsewhere too. But happening doesnt of course mean that it will produce something more than dinos for milions of life, maybe ever…

But who knows, if it hapened once…

(Underwater Sunlight) #222

No. I have no beliefs. You have beliefs. My comments are based on actual science. Look, I want your romantic, Star Trek/Star Wars view to be true, but I know it’s no better than believing in Islam or Father Christmas.

(Nana Skalski) #223

But you have a belief. You dont know if there is other life in the universe. You have not scientifically proven that we are the one and only in whole universe. Scientists look outside the cozy planet earth and they are not sure too. How can you be so sure?

(Underwater Sunlight) #224

Lol. I also can’t disprove the existence of God.

The difference between you and I is that you desperately want to believe in aliens and will therefore argue to support your desires, regardless of science. Whereas I just want to know the facts.

(Nana Skalski) #225

Then know this fact: nothing prohibits life emerging and existing outside earth, in correct circumstances of course.

(Yiole Gionglao) #226

As I’ve said a few tiems, uniqueness doesn’t implies unlikeliness. We know that life is a chemical accident waiting to happen whenever certain conditions are met. And the more we look, the more places we find that remove uniqueness from our little corner and put us in mainstream.

I think that I will live long enough to see free atmospheric oxygen detected on a planet in the goldilocks zone of some star. And then things will get really interesting.

(Underwater Sunlight) #227

It’s okay to disagree. I can see your desire to believe is strong and that’s okay.

(Yiole Gionglao) #228

To believe what? Why are you talking about belief in a scientifically informed opinion?

(Otheello Bennington) #229

All life on Earth has one common bond and that is exploration, to discover.

The dolphin explores the ocean to find the right sized rock to play with as well as using sponges as armor.

Great White sharks hunt in the depths of the ocean looking for food.

The bird flies around looking for twigs to build its nest from.

The ant moves Earth to build its colony in.

The paramecium explores its surroundings looking for food.

The male sperm cell explores the female uterus looking for the egg to fertilize without seeing or hearing where it is going. The male sperm cell travels up wards into the unknown looking for the egg. Once the egg is found the communication between the sperm and egg causes the rearranged of energy that then grows into a life.

This is true in all species…life is always looking for the next orbital to jump to in order to reach a new level of energy.

…copy go with throttle up…crossing the Primordial Barrier

In every single species of life on the planet and throughout the Universe exploration, consumption of energy and expanding are all common factors. One factor that is present in all life on Earth and across the Universe that also exists is:

Life rearranges its environment to create a better existence for itself. Life therefore would have rearranged energy or its environment prior to the Big Bang to create a better existence for itself.

There are 8.7 million species of life on Earth that rearranges their environments to create a better existence.

There are 60,065 species of trees on Earth that rearranges their environments to create a better existence.

There are 391,000 species of flowering plants on Earth that rearranges their environment to create a better existence.

There are close to one trillion species of microbes on Earth that rearranges their environment to create a better existence.

Life rearranged the energy before the Big Bang to create a better existence for itself.

Another way to determine that life created the Big Bang is based on electrons jumping to a higher orbital that creates a new energy potential.

When an electron absorbs energy, it jumps to a higher orbital. An electron in an excited state can release energy and ‘fall’ to a lower state. When it does, the electron releases a photon of electromagnetic energy. The energy contained in that photon corresponds to the difference between the two states the electron moves between. When the electron returns to the ground state, it can no longer release energy, but can absorb quanta of energy and move up to excitation states (higher orbitals).

Life has gone from the orbital of Primordial Existence to a Quantum state and now into a Relative state of existence based on the human growing larger and needing more energy for advanced thoughts.

The Universe unlike the brain doesn’t need to expand to achieve advanced thoughts. The Universe does not have any need at all. Life and the thought process is what needs energy consumption and expansion.

There also had to have been some point in humanities past where an energetic reaction caused the thought processes of the human brain to want to need more. Be that energetic reaction simply be survival or a naturally occurring event where humans began to pick up items and build stable huts to live in, which once again proves that life rearranges its environment to better itself.

Human’s built huts to protect themselves from the elements and to raise and nurture their young in. Life also built the Big Bang in order to raise and nurture life in as well.
In both instances between the hut and the Big Bang they are containers that provide safety from the weather and a place to think and progress ones own thoughts.

Humans and life like the electron absorb energy to jump to a higher state of excitement. If energy created humans and life then there would be a thought process determined to be taking place that cause the need of the electrons of the atoms to jump to higher and lower orbitals for the benefit of the atom itself.

Life has always created the need for the higher orbital level of energy but unlike the electron, life is never satisfied with just being in a certain energy phase. Life is always trying to better its environment for its own benefit.

Humans have gone from living in caves to thatch huts to sod built homes to thousand foot tall buildings and even living in space. Making such jumps requires an immense amount of energy to be consumed that once that jump is finished the thought processes of all humanity is affected. New conscious and subconscious thoughts then exist at the lower level of life that then amount more energy that causes the life to once again jump to a higher of energy use or existence.

So as you can see electrons and the processes of energy will never have a reason for performing the actions of jumping to higher and lower orbitals. They are a result of life needing to create an energy base for itself in order to exist.

Life created the processes that we see in the function of the atoms as only life would be able to determine how an energy state needed to function in order to be used by life. An energy function would never have the ability to determine its state of energy release and absorption to create life.

(Otheello Bennington) #230

ʻOumuamua’ - ʻOumuamua is a small object, estimated to be about 230 by 35 meters (800 ft × 100 ft) in size. It has a dark red color, similar to objects in the outer Solar System. ʻOumuamua showed no signs of a comet tail despite its close approach to the Sun, but has since undergone non-gravitational acceleration consistent with comet outgassing. It has significant elongation and rotation rate, so it is thought to be metal-rich with a relatively high density. ʻOumuamua is tumbling, rather than smoothly rotating, and is moving so fast relative to the Sun that there is no chance it originated in the Solar System. It also means that ʻOumuamua cannot be captured into a solar orbit, so it will eventually leave the Solar System and resume traveling through interstellar space. ʻOumuamua’s system of origin and the amount of time it has spent traveling amongst the stars are unknown.

Since Oumuamua is a comet that is not able to be caught in a solar orbit because it is moving so fast fast relative to the sun, could the object that impacted Earth and is thought to have caused the extinction of the dinosaurs along with it origins not being known be part of a train of exo-solar objects from another region of the galaxy be responsible for extinguishing life on Mars and changing the environment on Earth forever?

I came to this theory after watching this History Channel documentary on the First Apocalypse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpKCmnJJm3c

In the video the size of the asteroid that impacted Earth is thought to have been larger than Mt. Everest. An object that large could possibly generate its own gravity field or at least cause widespread impact events as it crashed through the rings around Saturn or Jupiter causing other meteors and asteroids to pummel the planets in the habitable zone.

As the Dino Killer traveled from its point of origin could it have had smaller bits of debris that impacted planets as far out as Gliese 317 that caused extinction level events which could be the reason why we haven’t discovered any life within 50 ly of Earth yet?

Could Oumuamua be a comet that was dislodged from the Oort Cloud and was effected in such a manner that the impact from the Dino Killer asteroid sent it on an end over end tumble in the direction of Earth? But more importantly, does Oumuamua pave the way for an extinction event theory where a large swarm of asteroids as big as Mount Everest traveled through the Sol system region and caused extinction level events as far out as 50 ly?

Could Earth have been lucky and avoided larger asteroids that killed off life completely on the planets that have been discovered thus far? Since Earth, Mars and some of the planets orbiting the gas giants of Jupiter and Saturn have been discovered with having water on them I am convinced that a lot of water would have formed on planets within 50 ly of Earth…if…if those suns are that have planets in orbit around them are relatively the same age as our own Sun.

(Rana Ash) #231

Thats deep dude, almost close to keeping me up at night deep…

(DrysonBennington) #232

It makes sense seeing as how Earth has water, carbon, oxygen on it. At the speed of light the energy from our own sun would only take 50 years to reach planet that is 50 ly away.

In one billion years energy from our sun would have come into contact with a planet at 50 ly from us 20,000,000 times. If the same volume of life building elements that are present on Earth are present out to 50 ly then there is a good chance that life does exist or at one time existed but might be in a rebuilding phase as a result of a major asteroid impact event that took place such as the Dino Killer roid.