A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

(Remiel Pollard) #233

Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Time does exist and can be measured and observed through entropy. Its dependence on matter, space (ie time and space, you can’t have one without the other) can also be measured and observed by placing clocks in places with higher or lower gravity (which is the result of mass), and the results are deviations in the measurements not accounted by the functionality of the clock itself, because you use an atomic clock with an isotope with a known and constant half life.

Time doesn’t exist in the same way space does, but it does exist. The way we record time is an abstract based on the cycles of the earth, but while that is a human convenience, time as a measure of entropy in the same way that gravity is a measure of mass may well even be the fifth fundamental force of the universe.

(Nana Skalski) #234

Its not the time changing, its the changing speed of local interactions. Energy equation, it have to be correct all the time. “Time” is position and frequency of oscilations, they change. We can record the oscilations and call it a timeline, but in reality history, past, and future doesnt exist, its just written position, position in our recordings that itself is affected by energy and as you said entropy, entropy that is energy of interactions coming thru everything on most basic, smaller than electron scale. The real interaction already is something else, not stopping for us and our tools. You cant freeze these entropic interactions, cant record everything because its too much deep into the universe itself to record it by our primitive tools (when you see what is there for measurement, you can see they are primitive, and mathematics is what is left to work with, theorethical physics). With this everpresent characteristic the universe exists only now, on a plane of space. Speed is, always was relative, is also limited by our cosnsciousness, how our brain works, with what speed relative to environment. In future for example, if our AI friends would have faster functioning “brains”, they could experience our thinking process as slower. We will not be able to keep up with AI civilizations in that case.

Well, that is my outlook on the “time”. It never was. Everything can happen a lot faster than we think is happening. For photon its instant action for example.

  1. You absolutely cannot have a mass; if you did, you’d carry an infinite amount of energy at the speed of light. You must be massless.
  2. You will not experience any of your travels through space. All the distances along your direction of motion will be contracted down to a single point.
  3. And you will not experience the passage of time; you entire journey will appear to you to be instantaneous.

(Remiel Pollard) #235

Yeah, I understand all that, but to say time doesn’t exist is to ignore all the times that it does.

(Nana Skalski) #236

When then beside now? All that have been is now, only changed. What will be is now, only not changed. The sum of past, present and future is not greater than what is now.

(DrysonBennington) #237

There is no such thing as the Now. Time always progresses into the future. Your concept of the Now only lasts a Planck second, if that.

The only thing that exists is the future because elements and proteins can be tested to have a decay rate.

A slab of meat on a table top will always decay in an X amount of time. The sun will use all of its energy up in an X amount of time. All future events.

Time is actually faster than the speed of light because time, or the measurable distance between two reactions where a medium that the reactions contained in may or may not exert a force on the reaction determines the distance traveled.

The speed takes time to travel an X amount of distance.

But how long does it take Time to travel an X amount of distance. Time doesn’t two points where a reaction is taking place. Time can be measured without any reactions taking place at.

I watched a video the other day that was about the Miller-Ulrey experiment.

The experiment
The Miller–Urey experiment[1] (or Miller experiment)[2] was a chemical experiment that simulated the conditions thought at the time to be present on the early Earth, and tested the chemical origin of life under those conditions. The experiment supported Alexander Oparin’s and J. B. S. Haldane’s hypothesis that putative conditions on the primitive Earth favoured chemical reactions that synthesized more complex organic compounds from simpler ignorant precursors.

The atoms that were present didn’t do much actually they didn’t do anything at all. They didn’t combine. They just moved around in the flask. They didn’t expand like you would think they would have expanded. Without rapid expansion of gases, the Big Bang and the Universe would never have taken place.

It wasn’t until a spark was added to the flask that changes started to take place that caused the gas atoms present to explode or expand to form other combinations. Combinations that also included amino acids of which are the base building blocks of life.

Therefore a spark had to have taken place in Primordial Space or before the Big Bang that ignited the Big Bang to cause the same affects shown in the Miller-Ulrey experiment.

Only the thought from sentient Life would have needed the spark to cause the Big Bang to take shape so that Amino Acids would form that would then transfer the consciousness of life before the Big Bang into protein chains that eventually combined together to create life in the Universe.

(DrysonBennington) #238

Life always communicates and arranges its environment prior to life taking hold. If you have ever studied how a fetus develops the fertilized egg communicates with the females brain to instruct the brain to grown a placental sac, all without the female knowing what is taking place until her butt drops out in front of her.

Birther joke…don’t get offended.

Life would therefore have communicated with another function of life in Primordial Space to inform the secondary thought process or the brain that life needed elements rearranged to create the placental sack from, thus the Big Bang. Then as the Big Bang continued to expand other communication took place that caused other reactions to take place that created amino acids. Once the Amino Acids formed then life needed a skeletal structure and muscles which were also communicated into the Big Bang to create until eventually the full grown human being emerged from the thought process life that was and is still present in Primordial Space. A presence that created the Big Bang so that Life in a new form would exist.

(Nana Skalski) #239

Well, its not the time that progresses, its the change that progresses, the world around. Time is just a concept born from workings of brain and how it collects and store information. If your brain would work while you are speeding thru the galaxy with near light speed, your brain would be subject to the everpresent physics, it would work with different speed relative to being on earth, standing in one place. Your time experience would change, together with the interactions you are part of.

(DrysonBennington) #240

Time always progresses. If Primordial Space lacks any quantum reactions but is still bound by the measure of time does time or the measurable distances between two points still not exist without energy being present?

(Nana Skalski) #241

Distance, energy, all that doesnt implicate time, it implicates change. Humans just seem to like the concept of time because of memories they have. You can think of time as relation of all the changes around.

(Whitehound) #242

It’s not that we like it, it’s because we are a part of it and time, matter and energy is what makes us alive. A discussion on a universe without time, matter or energy is about as meaningful as a discussion on what happens to us after we have died. Or one might start a discussion on what life would have looked like on Earth if Earth had no water.

One might as well ponder over a question such as: if a discussion had no meaning, would it become meaningful if we only continued with it for long enough?

(Nana Skalski) #243

I never experienced time, only those interactions that my mind registers in particular order.

(Dark Engraver) #244

Unfortunately humanity isn’t what we could call an independent resourceful species as far as survivability goes.Yes maybe life on earth was an accident,maybe it wasn’t regardless one stray proper sized rock or abnormally powerful solar flare and we’re all gone.As far as time of our civilized world as we like to call it compared to the age of the universe we are totally insignificant and likely to vanish without anyone else noticing we ever existed.
Fact is we are a wayward ignorant and selfish people and unless major changes come around humanity will not make its mark among the stars

(DrysonBennington) #245

Newtons Third Law - You gotta leave something behind.

At every moment of the day or night we take in the available light that we see in the form of plants, objects, life and other humans. The memories made of what we see then translates into dreams. If you are able to learn to activate your dreams while you sleep you can recall anytime of the day that you want to while you sleep.

Most dreams however are randomly created events that the brain creates in the subconscious that are based on the thoughts that you have during the day.

For example you might be thinking about a pretty girl during the day and being on the beach to pass the day at work. Later when you dream your subconscious recreates the thoughts that you had during the day that were only based on word cues but did not actually form a day dream.

Every dream that you remember and don’t remember is recorded and stored in your brain for use at another time.

But why dream? Why does the human brain and any other brain that goes through active REM actually need to dream?

Dreaming is a series of events that are stored in the brain that are sometimes random and sometimes reoccurring. Dreams are series of patterns that help us rearrange our environment to understand the dream better and figure out its meaning.

Dreams have to be linked to life exerting a force across space time. Dreams excite sections of the brain that causes electrical impulses to recreate the dream that we are able to remember. In the Miller-Ulrey experiment it wasn’t until an electrical current was placed in the flask did amino acids form.

Without an electrical current being present in the brain then thought doesn’t take place because the gas atoms are not excited and do not expand into the amino acids necessary for the dream to take place. Without the amino acids then advanced thought processes would not exist.

The Big Bang would not need to expand gas atoms in order to create amino acids. Need is a life value. Atoms don’t need anything. Life always needs something.

Primordial Space

If I was a group of cells able to perceive the space around me but was unable to see the Universe before me…what would I need in order to achieve the need to see the Universe. I would need light. But how can I see the light in my Primordial perceptive state? I would have to know that an electrical current across two points would cause the beginning process of mass being added to mass less particles.

Dreams are an electrical current contained inside of the human brain where the electrical currents only create dreams. Electricity that is needed to access the storage part of the brain and in some cases the dream is remembered as if it were real. As if we were in another dimension.

But…when wiring is attached to regions of the brain where the electrical impulses are greatest and are collected into a single spark in a small area, that spark from our brain when inserted into the flask of gas atoms will generate the necessary electrical current for reactions to take place that then creates amino acids. The beginning process of life created from inside the brain where the memory of life being created passes through into the void to excite gas atoms that then become amino acids or the basis of all life.

Just like the Miller-Urley experiment if the act of placing an electrical current into Primordial Space had not taken place then the matter that was present in Primordial Space would never have expanded, it would never have known how to expand without the spark of life needing the gas atoms to expand into amino acids that eventually created human life.

Black Holes

A black hole consumes all light just like the human eye does but humans are only able to see visible light while other life is able to see in the different spectrum’s of light that we are not able to. Could it be that the Big Bang was created by the amino acids of life that passed through a black hole? At some point could amino acids learned how to live inside of the black hole and used what ever it found inside of the black hole, which is trillions of solar masses of information about atoms and elements that life then re-arranged into creating the Big Bang that allowed life to begin or survive?

One thing that can never be destroyed by a black hole is memory because like the human eye that takes in only visible light a black hole takes in all light meaning that a black hole could be the vision types of every animal or species of life in the Universe. Each species could have developed its ability to react to the light based on the energy found inside of the black hole. Amino acids could have interacted with one wavelength of light that excited the amino acids into being able to see in that type of light wavelength while being blinded by other wavelengths or not seeing very well but still better than humans.

Life is able to survive in many hospitable environments. Why wouldn’t the fragments of a dream contained within amino acids be able to exist inside of a black hole?

A dream has no mass at all. If amino acids were to pass into a black hole that contained electrical currents then the black hole itself might become sentient based on the dreams passing through the black hole that would not experience any degradation because the black hole cannot effect anything that doesn’t have mass.

A black hole could be similar to the Miller-Ulrey experiment. The void of the black hole could contain trillions of solar masses of information. But without the spark of the electrical current the information contained within the black hole simply remains inert.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s gas that’s falling onto it, If it’s another star that gets ripped apart and falls onto it, if its a planet that got ripped apart and fell onto it—whatever goes in adds to the mass of the back hole. That accretion process, eating little bits of stuff over a long period of time, that’s one way that black holes grow over the history of the Universe.” Bentz says.

Humans grow in the exact same manner. The more food that is consumed the larger the mass of the human becomes. When the human body intakes more food than it can use the energy is stored as fat cells for later re-arrangement into usable energy.

The black hole stores its energy for later re-arrangement. When a black hole is thought to die it might not be dying at all. What might have taken place when the black hole dies is that amino acids with memories which are electrical currents that are arranged in a certain frequency or energy pattern encounters the information inside of the black hole, life then re-arranges the information to create a Big Bang event elsewhere in another dimension. The black hole fades into space time because the dream has been able to force an exertion across space that pulls the black hole and its information along with it to create a new Universe.

(Yiole Gionglao) #246

“In any discussion about a transcendent topic, the ratio of bullsh*t to sound thinking will be directly proportional to the length of the discussion”


(DrysonBennington) #247

Don’t post anything unless you are able to add to conversation. Got it!

(Remiel Pollard) #248

Who even are you?


(Yiole Gionglao) #249

I’ll explain. Here’s a version of DB minus the bs:

You get the essentials of how dreams work from a psychology level, but then you begin mixing it with electricity (which is not how the brain works) and then the Miler-Ulrey experiment and then black holes and then… you end up so far from reality that, once removed all the bad content, your message barely makes sense. You talk about dreams, them black hole accretion (bot not evaporation), and that’s all.

You should try to focus better on how things work, how the brain works, FAI, so instead of bad analogies you would have a better foundation to whatever theory you’re sharing.

(DrysonBennington) #250

Light is an oscillating electric and magnetic field, so it is electrical and magnetic.

The dreams that we remember seeing are created from rearranged frames of images and interactions during the day or night. Since light is electrical the patterns of light that we see as images during the day is recorded in the brain and then used to recreate images that we see in dreams.

Yes, for real! Electricity is found throughout the human body. The flow of charged ions causes your heart to beat and your muscles to contract. But nowhere in the body is electrical activity better documented than the brain, which contains roughly a hundred billion electrically conductive, biological wires.

The light (i.e. radio frequency EM) causes electrons in the TV aerial to oscillate and this oscillation generates an oscillating electric current.

The same takes place within a dream. Light is absorbed by the eye where the patterns of the frequencies of light that we see objects as is recorded and then rearranged to create a dream.

If this process wasn’t true then humans and most other life would not need to see anything. Life would have simply determined life on Earth to only need hearing, smells, touch and chemical sensations to determine where we are going in the pursuit of food and a mate.

But being able to see and constructively create abstract thoughts to build a base of understanding from is what sets humans apart from the lowly dungeon dweller that is too scared to challenge the day.

So what are your qualifying factors of knowing anything about what I have posted? What is your education background? Because I read books such as Quantum Theory, Theoretical Physics and Quantum Mechanics almost every day.

Oh by the way Dan, cyber stalking and portraying yourself as someone from these forums is a crime. Check the local laws regarding cyber stalking instead of using the EULA as your law book because the EULA is not the law in the real would. I know, don’t bury you, you’re not dead.

There is no such thing as “It is what it is.” Never has been nor ever will be.

(DrysonBennington) #251

Continuing the discussion about black holes

Supermassive black holes can grow by consuming gas and dust from such disks. Black holes grow in mass by capturing nearby material.

If life is also present in the path of a black hole then some of the information carried in electrical wavelengths contained in the lifeforms DNA could pass into the event horizon of the black hole as Quantified bits of information.

A dream is a construct of electrons and other interactions that would have a completely different signature compared to other bits of information that is consumed by the black hole. Theorizing that a black hole could be a Quantum chamber of sorts the energy patterns of the dreams in the Quantum state might be able to pass into a black hole. Once inside the black hole the processes at work could interact with the dream that is in a Quantum energetic state that might bind with other similar Quantum states of the dream to create something entirely new.

Science has figured out that nothing can escape the pull of a black hole and popular convention and debates have determined that all matter is destroyed by the intense gravitational pull of the black hole.

But, since black holes can gain mass and increase in size due to the matter that it consumes then there must be a process at work inside of the black hole that does not destroy all matter but actually saves matter and rearranges it. A black hole really shouldn’t exist if you think about it seeing as how it consumes everything in its path. if it didn’t store matter that has mass inside of the event horizon then it wouldn’t exist as anything as nothing without mass actually exists as a reaction or interactive force until it has mass.

Basically since Higgs-Boson’s are thought to give particles their mass, particles that also include the foundation of life and life’s building blocks, particles inside of a black hole must retain their Higgs-Boson in some form otherwise the black hole would not have any mass and would exist at all.

(DrysonBennington) #252