A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

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Let me put it to you this way.

If a human being were to have its brain hooked up to the Miller-Ulrey experiment flask and the human is induced into a deep state of REM sleep that the dream patterns will create an electrical current that will pass through the wires and into the flask that will then create amino acids.

But what type of Amino Acids will be created?

Will each dream state that has a varying electrical frequency create different types of amino acids?

Which ever type of amino acid is created by the electrical impulses of the dream will in fact prove that dreams can and do in fact create the building blocks of life.

If one human isn’t able to generate the electrical current that is needed in the Miller-Ulrey experiment then numerous humans could be connected to the experiment to generate that single spark that is needed to ignite the building blocks of life.

Still replying young lady?

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I must say almost everything you write makes absolutely no sense. You mix stuff together that has nothing to do with each other. I don’t even know where to start describing what’s wrong with it and since you would just ignore it anyway I’m reluctant to invest time even trying.

Sorry that I’m so blunt, but this all sounds more like a drug induced hallucination than even remotely something that could be called philosophy or rational discurs about any if the topics you try to mix together.

Let me know if you are actually interested in understanding where I think your ideas go off the rails and I will gladly try to help untangle some of it.

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If a human in a dream state can create amino acids with the variances created during a dream state in the Miller-Ulrey expriment then it might be possible that the electrical spark that is based on the dream state could actually induce a memory pattern in the amino acid makeup itself.

Or in lay mans terms, we could potentially rebuild our mind thought by thought, dream by dream into a new body. If a dream is the reverse process of what we see on a daily basis then the encoding that is contained within the dream, the very emotions and thoughts that were present when the brain decided to encode the dream in our brain that day could be transferred to the flask could create amino acids that have an exact duplicate of the person who created the amino spark to begin with.

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Lol. I guess that means no then.

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Nobody cares where you think my ideas got off the rails at because you are trying to turn this discussion into something about you and CODE.

This isn’t the Ima_Wreckyou forum…as a matter of fact since you are so versed in spacial relativity then I suggest that you start your own thread about space and time and school everyone on it.

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I’m actually not trying to do that. It was a genuine attempt to discuss the topic. But as I have seen before you have trouble ignoring my character and mix the game into the discussion and in general just ignore what people post if it goes against your views.

This is why I asked. I will not go trough the trouble of engaging in a discussion if the other party is completely unwilling to even consider what I write. Your loss.

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Like I stated, if you want to discuss matters regarding space and time based on your profound knowledge then why can’t you start your own thread?

Why do you deflect away from the question of you starting your own discussion?

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In today’s science-so-weird-it-absolutely-must-be-science-fiction contest, we have a clear winner: a new study in which a team of scientists use an MRI machine, a computer model and thousands of images from the internet to figure out what people see as they dream.

The seemingly extraordinary idea is built from a straightforward concept: that our brains follow predictable patterns as they react to different kinds of visual stimuli, and over time, a learning algorithm can figure out how to correlate each of these patterns with different classes of visualizations.

This chapter addresses amino acid and protein requirements and brain function. A particular focus will be the possibility that central demands for amino acids may modify nutritional requirements when individuals are exposed to extreme environments and other stressors associated with combat and high-intensity military or civilian occupations.

To function adequately, the central nervous system (CNS) requires a number of amino acids found in protein foods. Amino acids such as tryptophan, tyrosine, histidine, and arginine are used by the brain for the synthesis of various neurotransmitters and neuromodulators (Betz et al., 1994).

Since science has discovered that each dream does create a different type of algorithm for each dream, when the dream algorithm is transferred in one of the three types of amino acids then the electrical stimulus should stimulate the amino acid to create a memory based on the person who had the dream.

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Yeah sure because that is how discussing ideas work, you dump your ideas into a thread and if people don’t agree they can make their own thread.

Well never mind, this is totally pointless and probably completely unsalvageable anyway. You mix things together that have absolutely nothing to do with each other things that are orders of magnitude appart in size and complexity just because you think something about it is similar. And I don’t think you would listen when I point out the errors.

So don’t worry, I let your thread in piece now.

Ramble on.

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Actually it does prove a point that you can’t avoid having the last comment on anything. Especially when it involves two words, Dryson Bennington.

You’re a Narcissist wreckyou.

You have no idea what I even posted because you are scientifically inclined. Being part of CODE. proves that you not scientifically inclined at all.

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Hey, I’m not the one rambling about dreams going into a blackhole

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Prove that a dream cannot pass through a black hole and survive?

Dreams are based on electrical patterns within the brain - proven.

The properties associated with dreaming requires mass - proven

Dreams themselves are however massless - proven

The Quantum that make up the properties associated with dreaming and the dream state reside at the foundation of the building blocks of energy - proven

Energy that existed prior to the Big Bang would therefore contain properties associated with the dream state and dreaming and would not be effected by a black hole. Theoretical

Electrical patterns create dreams that are stored in the human brain. When you have a reoccurring dream that means that part of your thinking process is accessing your subconscious to look for answers for the question based on knowledge that you have already learned and is stored in your brain.

Reoccurring dreams are dreams that repeat itself until the problem has been fixed or in other cases to recreate an event that person liked.

A reoccurring dream is created based on the objects, sounds, and smells involved in the problem that will most likely be represented by similar objects and representations of audible and floral objects in the dream. In order to build the dream the brain has to know what mass and other scientific processes are and how they work or function.

But since scientific processes, such as how atoms work together, is an on going science and is relatively new then how would the Universe know to build human DNA or the Big Bang that created the processes that eventually created life on Earth and the rest of the Universe?

You simply don’t throw a pile of steel plates on the ground and toss a blueprint beside the pile and hope that in a billion years that the pile of steel will have evolved and built the machine from the prints that you threw beside the pile. Won’t ever happen.

It takes life rearranging particles to the pile and blue prints to begin with. It would have taken Life to put together the catalysts involved in the Big Bang that would have otherwise have been like the pile of steel and would never have anything at all.

Since a dream state would had to have existed in Primordial Space that created the Big Bang the properties of a dream would be able to pass into a black hole, possibly as a function of the Higgs-Boson itself where Higgs-Boson that are present in a black hole would add mass to any available particles in the black hole. Once enough particle mass had accumulated inside of the black hole and the processes of life in a Quantum state had rearranged the particles to create a Universal womb a Big Bang would take place somewhere else in infinity that would then cause the black hole to appear to collapse in on itself as the Big Bang in another Universe takes place.

From the Sun that creates life and nourishes life to a black hole that consumes all life to the emergence of the Big Bang that seeds a new Universe with life. - Proven

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Those two statements contradict each other. A dream is not just a electrical pattern. The neurons and the conectome of the brain are an essential part of it. A dream is a state of a part of a brain and it can not exist outside of a brain.

A black hole is assumed to have a singularity beyond the event horizon. That means that all matter is concentrated on one single point in space and loses all properties and structure. No matter if your dream is just a pattern or a brain it will be destroyed.

You are mixing two concepts together that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. A dream is a highly complex thing which only happens in very complex and highly evolved living beings that have a complex brain.

Stuff like quantum effects on the other hand only play a role in stuff smaller than atoms. Go a layer up and all the quantum properties almost all cancel out. That’s why we didn’t know about them for so long, because on levels beyond the atom they simply don’t matter anymore.

There is absolutely no connection between quantum effects and dreams. I have no idea why you say that is proven.

No, because all matter and energy loses their properties when they enter the black hole. Also there is no “prior to the Big Bang” as all energy as we know it and even time and space originated in the big bang. There may be some way they can one day describe whatever it is where the universe itself exists in, but I know of no such theory as of now and even an idea of how you would check such a theory.

That sounds like you think the brain has to create the actual places in the dream with mass and all. That would be absolutely wrong. A dream is like a hallucination. Our perception of sight, smell touch etc is higly complex and what we perceive is not directly what the eye sees or what we touch but interpreted by the brain in many ways. When we dream we don’t have any sensory perception yet the brain is somehow able to simulate them to process certain events or whatever. But it has nothing to do with the outside world, it all happens in the brain. Maybe I misunderstand you on this.

The universe is not a being or a brain, it knows nothing. Also DNA was not just built, it was a process over hundreds of millions of years. Biologists assume that the first molecules that could replicate itself where relatively simple, so they where just created by chance, which is what happens if you have millions of years.

Those molecules replicated and trough simple evolution became more and more complex and maybe even on this level there where different types of those replicator molecules, we don’t know. What we know is that the molecule we know as DNA won the battle because all live today is based on it. That does not mean that all live everywhere has DNA, there may be other viable self replicator molecules which are better suited for other environments or maybe it’s also just chance based how the thing looks in the end.

This is why it is so extremely important and would be a complete biological revolution if we would find even basic alien life. This would revolutionise biochemistry since at the moment we have only one story of how life can happen and we can only speculate if that is the only viable solution or if it may be completely different. Does not even matter what the answer is, it would be absolutely revolutionising either way.

Yeah but machines are things engineered and built by humans. That is the complete opposite of a living evolving being. There is a plan to the machine, there is NO plan to life or humanity. We are not the planed outcome or the target of evolution, we just happened. There is no blueprint or plan to life.

Look, this are questions that people ask since they gazed up to the stars the first time and tried to find their place in the universe. What you are trying to establish here is your own theology about the meaning of life and the universe. But let me tell you that there are billions of answers and ideas to this questions and all have one thing in common, we just can’t verify them.

So maybe it is how you say and life created this universe, maybe life from a precursor universe and they where created the same way in an endless cycle. And then comes another person along and says no a god has created the universe and he is not life but a timeless higher being.

Ok, so who is right? We don’t know. I for myself look into the universe and see that 99.9999% is inhospitable for life and that the universe is so vast and so much older than life on earth that I don’t feel like drawing a connection of meaning between the two phenomenons is appropriate. The universe may have a reason, I find that highly unlikely but maybe it has. Life may have a reason and I find that even more unlikely and absolutely incredibly unlikely that it is connected to the reason of why the universe exists. In my opinion those two things are completely separated.

I don’t think I will address that point since I would just repeat previous points.

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And then comes another person along and says no a god has created the universe and he is not life but a timeless higher being.

There is no such thing as a timeless being as all life and non-life are always present a within time frame or the measure of all points from the being outwards and inwards. A timeless being is not possible. Because in order for a timeless being to exist it would have to reside outside of time itself. Since all energetic reactions reside within time and doe not exist outside of time then a timeless being would cease to exist…except in the form of the massless dream passing through a black hole.

Only a dream is timeless. That is unless the energy patterns of the dream does encounter gas to the create amino acids from. A being of time or the dream in the form of an energy pattern might possibly jump back and forth between Quantum creating sparks of life. But once that dream pattern jumps into the void where there isn’t any Quantum or particles that might be even smaller than the Quantum to jump onto the energy pattern dissipates into nothing…absolute death.

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No it isn’t Dryson I don’t know why you think a dream is something special. A dream is always in a brain, it is part of a brain. A dream can not exist without a brain.

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“determining that an artificial source, such as a Dyson Sphere, could be responsible for the fluctuation in a light Sun’s light curve is a “best guess possible” scenario.”

Sorry but a Dyson sphere is not the “best guess” we have.

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Yeah, maybe you noticed they always add a “maybe it is an alien structure” or something while they clearly know that it is just a natural phenomenon they don’t understand. But no one would read or print that if they wouldn’t add “some mystery” to it. That is unfortunately how the press works today.

I can guarantee you that if you go and look for it you will find hundreds of such articles from the past and in all cases the final answer was some natural event they expected in the first place.

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It is proposed that these FRBs are because of blitzars.