A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

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Then explain the natural event that created the womb of the Big Bang that gave life a safe haven to get started in?

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I can’t because no one knows. Of course there are ideas about how the big bang came to be and why it is that our universe has the potential for life. But there is currently no way to test those theories and find out which one is right and which one is wrong.

Just to give you an example, one of the more popular theories is the multiverse theory, that our universe is but one of many and that they get born and die all the time. In such a case it would also be obvious why our universe has the potential for life as beings capable of asking that question would only emerge in a universe that happens to have that potential.

It’s basically the same as asking the question why is the earth capable of sustaining life. If it wasn’t we would not be here to ask the question. There is no one on Mercury for example that askes the question why it happens to be hostile to life because if life can’t emerge there it can’t ask the question.

But as I said, the multiverse theory is all speculation. And obviously you can then immediately ask where that came from, which is always a problem with such theories. Now there are even ideas how that particular theory could be tested. They assume that those universes could potentially influence each other and such an event could be visible in the microwave background like an imprint. But so far nothing like that has been discovered.

I mean it is super interesting to speculate about those things, but in the end you have to be ready to let your favorite theory go if new discoveries are made and new ideas emerge. I don’t believe in one theory or another, I just hold some as more likely than others but would not be terribly sad if tomorrow it was discovered that one of them is impossible.

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On the morning of July 25, one such burst of mysterious energy whizzed past a new array of radio telescopes nestled in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada, registering one of the rarest radio frequencies ever detected.

  1. These supposed FRB’s could be signals from an advanced civilization that has been able to manipulate space-time to send them.

  2. The FRB’s could be energy pulses that are similar to the synapse in the human brain where the FRB’s are generated from the same source of life that created the Big Bang and still continues to send energy pulses throughout the Universe communicating with other parts of the Universe’s brain.

  3. The FRB’s could be similar to the electrical wires placed in the flask of gases and liquid in the Miller-Ulrey experiment that travels the Universe’s network looking for pockets to then add the spark that is necessary for amino acids to take shape.

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Why do you think it was natural? Maybe it was artificial, caused by some alien technology creating chain reaction in previous universe? Throwing it off balance by some unknown technique of manipulation of the fabric of space. :thinking:

Its a sponge ball, not a brain. :sunglasses:

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Nope, mechanical beings are not able to create themselves as ore or rather minerals and crystals do not have the ability to think because they would lack the amino acids necessary that are involved in DNA chain sequences.


Quite a post, my thoughts are we should look for life inwards towards the middle of the Galaxy, Earth appears to be in the outward edges in an arm…to me it occupies the desert part of the Galaxy while closer in is the more fertile parts of the Galaxy, more density of objects, more carbon, more material mixing rather then the quite neighborhood we live in.
Meaning more opportunities for dynamic occurrences to be had, as such the inner part of the Galaxy should be much richer with materials such as gold, silver, copper, and definitely iron and water, silicon, carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

All the key ingredients for life to flourish, however the close you move to the center although more material is abundant you also have greater radiation which means it will destroy organic beings that are similar to humans while leaving smaller creatures intact so even the Galaxy has a “Goldilock” area.

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The thing with such fantastic ideas is that we will never be able to prove them. Hence we focus science on the things that we expect and hope to find an answer to, which is difficult enough.

It’s good to be curious about the world and to put a lot of thought into it, but what most of us want are not to have more questions, but to find first answers. And so it’s important to ask the right questions, the ones we may be able to find answers to, and to focus less on the fantastic ones.

To think the universe could be a giant brain then isn’t very helpful, when you consider how little we know about brains in the first place. It’s then better to let neurology figure out brains and to let astronomy figure out to the universe.

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Hydrogen is important to the human eye and vision.

Vision is such an everyday occurrence that we seldom stop to think and wonder how we are able to see the objects that surround us. Yet the vision process is a fascinating example of how light can produce molecular changes. The retina contain the molecules that undergo a chemical change upon absorbing light, but it is the brain that actually makes sense of the visual information to create an image.

In human eyes, rod and cones react to light stimulation, and a series of chemical reactions happen in cells. These cells receive light, and pass on signals to other receiver cells. This chain of process is class signal transduction pathway. Signal transduction pathway is a mechanism that describe the ways cells react and response to stimulation.

Therefore each time a human sees an object the rods in the human eyes undergo a chemical reaction that stores the chemical reaction to other receiver cells that include the subconscious part of the brain where dreams are formed and are seen in while sleeping.

A solar system capable of supporting a dream state that translates into sentient life being in the solar system will have to have a wall of hydrogen and the other gases discussed in the Chemistry of Vision article in order for sentient life, let alone life having a real possibility of existing in the solar system.


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The brain doesn’t work as a divided and separate entity like you think neurologists and astronomers should so that the secrets of the Universe will never be proven.

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Once the base amino acids had catalyzed after gaseous particles contained in a fluid encountered an electrical spark the catalyst that formed the DNA chain of proteins had to be almost instant. Much like dropping super glue into warm borax, then amino acids, when placed into another catalyst had to bond together instantly to form the base of life, skeletal systems, nervous system, etc. otherwise the life form would not have the ability to adapt to cold or hot weather to live in water or sulfuric acid. It might take nine months for the human fetus to develop into a hot drop o’clock moment, the actual process of creating the cellular information contained in DNA and cells however would had to have been instant.


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Someone somewhere else posted that the Universe doesn’t find us interesting.

If the Universe has the ability to find anything special like you have stated then you are implying that the Universe itself is sentient. So why, if the Universe is sentient and created life, wouldn’t the Universe find humanity interesting?

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I could ask the same about the bunch of rocks in my backyard. That is ridiculous on such a small scale, why go further? Life was not created, it occured by combining and evolving pieces of non-life, it is still non-life at the fundamental level, but its a construction that makes it turn heads. Creation for me would mean consciousness was involved, a human thing, and there were no humans at that time, so why describe things with our skewed perspective. I would say it originated in a world, was not created.

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About this emergence of life, there are also suspicions that it was actually not only probable, but could have been even taken for granted in the environment that was.

Success of the evolutionary game was written into the fabric of the universe

Well, it happened, and we are taking life for granted, it is all around us here, on this planet.

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No, its not.

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Dreams are a living and breathing entity that do not have any mass. Yet the entity that we create in our dreams comes from objects with mass. Rocks, trees, the water, light, all have some form of mass. Our brain is able to convert the mass that we see on daily basis into mass less entities. Each dream being a daily reconnect to events that have taken place in our lives and then sometimes events that have not taken place at all.

How is it possible that the mind can convert an object or energy with mass into a mass less dimension inside of our minds?

Each object in a dream has to be comprised of the same mineral and elemental structures that the objects are comprised of in the real world. DNA and RNA would also have to be present in the flora and fauna and sentient beings that are represented in each dream. A dream wouldn’t exist if our minds did not know how to reconstruct each object and organic object if those patterns weren’t stored in our minds, somewhere. Our mind takes in the light of that world that we see. If all our mind did was store light in a dream then all we would see in our dreams are objects represented as light and not the actual object itself.

Since a dream is the storage data bank that exists without mass that stores the patterns to construct objects from light the human mind in a primordial state had to understand the patterns necessary to rearrange matter from the mass less into particles with mass.

The Higgs-Boson is thought to add mass to other particles that then allow construction of atoms and then the elements to take place. The state of the dream must exist somewhere right below the Higgs-Boson. Mass less yet able to motivate life to move mountains, to build a space station in space, to move a mountain across space. A mass less living entity able to distort and rearrange mass inside of the mind to then work the non dream environment into a reality.

If a dream is a mass less entity similar to the Higgs-Boson and can and does exist as a living state of matter comprised of DNA, RNA and elements then a dream would be able to pass into a black hole and be able to survive because it does not have mass. The dream would exist inside of the black hole pass to the core of the black hole where it then encounters the singularity of the black hole.

Any mass which crosses the event horizon will accelerate inwards toward the singularity. But a dream is mass less but still contains mass encoded in the dream itself.

Once at the singularity the dream would be able to re-arrange the singularity into the Big Bang where the causalities and effects stored within the dream such as the patterns needed for DNA, RNA and elemental composition would then structure the Big Bang in such a way to create life. Once the black hole dissipates the dream to Big Bang sequence would be complete thus creating a new Universe some place else.

Each dream that we might not understand passing through the singularity of a black hole that creates life. Life that starts out as an evolutionary ape and will then eventually evolve into the people that we see in our dreams. Their actions directed by an outside force that they are uncertain of where it is coming from or what it is exactly, but direction that has been given to them from our dreams to build the world that we have shown them in ours.

Humans mostly think of life and death as being organic based. A human is born lives for x amount of years and then dies. Humans rarely think about about the life and death of light. When light enters into a black hole it shifts into a different entity that cannot escape the pull of the black hole. The same thing happens when light enters through the human eye. It cannot escape but is converted into mass less objects that contain the patterns for life and the rearrangement of particles to create cause and effect, hence the Big Bang.

What was even more interesting is that after writing this I went up stairs and the t.v. was on. National Treasure, the part when John Voigt brushes the dust off of the amulet that reveals the eye and sun was playing. Give that I have a disability that slows my walking, it took me about a minute to get upstairs. Right before the show went to commercial break Nicholas Cage broke through the tombstone shaped ornament on the wall, I then went backstairs to type this.

There are others out there in the Universe.

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TL;DR Too long, read later…

Dyson Spheres don’t need to be solid. It could be a ring like the Halo series. Or it could be an interlocking mesh of satellites. So you could still see some of the starlight from within.

However, celebrating the potential discovery of a Dyson construct 1200 ly away is a bit belated, since that was going on 1200 years ago.

And as for life in general out there in space, I have no doubt that there are other civilizations. And I’m positive that with all the radio signals we’ve been broadcasting ever since we figured out how, they have NO interest in visiting us. We kill each other for resources. We kill each other for food. We kill each other for economy. We kill each other for mythology. I’m sure there is some kind of beacon out there warning any spaceships to avoid this little dirt ball until we either kill ourselves off, or grow the hell up.

And if we ever did develop interstellar craft, I’d expect to find a force field keeping us from getting out, or a blockade of ships telling us to turn around and go home because they don’t want us trying to plant a flag in someone else’s backyard. All those movies that show humans dominating the cosmos, setting up colonies and governments all over space… They know we’re expansionists, and we’d try to take over or something equally stupid. So they leave us here to either mature or die off. And the rate we’re going, “die off” is winning.

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You have to read the entire post to get the entire feel for the beginning of the post. The sheer magnitude of it is…Universal.

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…“What is it?”
…“Looks like a female corpse.”

…“How did a female corpse get into space?”

…“Checking all telemetry data now NASA.”

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I wouldn’t worry about any non-existent aliens picking up our radio waves. The image below illustrates how far our radio waves have extended out into the galaxy in the last 100 years. The enormity of space confounds 99.99999% of humans, hence this thread. We are dead, so dead. We will never invent magic space warp machines. I blame lazy science fiction and a lack of basic science education for the mass delusions I’m reading here. And yes, ironically, I play Eve. :rofl: