A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

This scrawny universe is just one of many. The fact that we have self-consciousness proves that, on its own. If a universe has a set of rules that leads to something like this little planet evolving a species capable of existence of anything outside its own little brain, and spiritually, philosophically, and mathematically explore that…

The improbability of that event generating itself according to current chemistry, mathematics, and physics science don’t point to such a result. There’s something missing.

A hydrogen fuel cell creates water as a by-product so its obvious that you can rest your face in shame.

An artifact, the secrets of secrets, that only I, have seen.

I was watching the end of The DaVinci Code when Professor Langdon finds the tomb of Mary and noticed something when he was walking through the arch and the Pyramid Inversee comes into view. If you pause the video you can see a white spot at the corner of the building behind the Inversee. From playing video games I recognized the artifact almost right away as the open mouth of Pac-Man. See the transformative image below. After using Gimp to over lay an open mouthed Pac-Man over the Inversee and placing a white dot over the area of the white dot of the building the image took on a second layer. The second layer is of an ancient Egyptian pyramid in the hot and yellowing haze of a blazing white sun in the back ground. With so many different patterns or paths to take in the game Pac-Man the next route is a triangulation from the point of the Inversee to the white spot that is approximately positioned at 1:30 pm or am for that matter. DaVinci is definitely encoded in the game Pac Man as all sides are square just like the Inversee is square.

As Professor Langdon walks towards the Inversee, the polished medallions on the ground but pellets of power, points of direction towards the center.

https://imgur.com/h5GyABc - Inversee as seen by Dr. Langdon as he passes through the arch

https://imgur.com/s5aSgvU - The image of Pac Man and the Grid transformed into a Egyptian pyramid with hot blazing white sun.

There is something more going on in the DaVinci Code…something that we are being directed towards for our own future.

…for everyone’s future

The Holy Grail ’ neath ancient lace and silk, she waits.
Adorned in masters loving arms, she lies.
The blade and chalice watch, silently up the glistening Chaya do they stroke their wooden boats.
A pack on either’s back, one filled with dark red consumption, the other with ravage,
Passing through the rocky cliffs and into half clouded shadows.
As he rests her in meadow, fielded with golden daisy’s,
beneath the starry skies.

Perhaps on other planets when the above images align with each other starting on Earth, such as a mountain range that look like a pyramid with the sun in the same setting as the Inversee is at night then a Rose Line, a direction of points, from Earth to the Moon, to Mars will align to point in the direction of another habitable planet with life on it or the start of a New Eden.

For he traveled the maze of points, the dots in Pac Man or planets in the Universe,
Setting a foot in front of in-domination, the pyramid of the Inversee a point of power and growth that he buried her under.

Not to stand idle and be content but to ravage the Universe with his unquenchable lust and desire…for her.

Basically each planet being a point on which men shall build points of power that other men must travel to and brave the rigors of in order to carry her to lofty heights to ensure that human life is spread across the Universe.

I’ll have what he’s smoking.

I think they’re referring to a partially built one.

A hydrogen fuel cell requires oxygen and hydrogen. Where do you think they are sourced from? Specially hydrogen, which here on earth is always found combined with other elements… like say, oxygen.

Humanity is just now finding and understanding the power of super ionized elemental matter, think compression in eve, as our tech evolves we will discover and harness them, the math for describing them we have done, now we must grow our tech.
The potential of something like super ionized Plutonium or Uranium Crystals, lead me to think of the dylithium crystals that powered the star trek universe, something we all know has been so well done that blueprints of everything star trek can be bought on the market.
Any way consider this , Science shows life actually could have started as soon as 450 million years after the planet solidified, So someplace else in this universe, you can be sure it all happened a lot faster, without the 2nd crustal melting that destroyed any life that may have started like we had here, also perhaps the other planet we speak of didn’t go all frozen, like ours did, and perhaps the asteroids and volcanoes that earth had to persist through didn’t destroy this other planets life forms like they have here on earth. Thus this other planet could have a much older civilization, than ours and be so far advanced compared to us that when we are searching the heavens for evidence of there existence, they may already have taken the steps to hide them selves from the rest of the universe or might have even died out as a civilization already.
But for any sentient being to assume his species is the only one in all this great volume of space that we can observe. Is to ignore the laws of math/science as we know them.
Other life is out there the problem is finding it (needle in a hay stack the size of the milky way will take time to search), But the one raw inescapable fact is this, if we exist then there is always the rational conclusion that by virtue of our existence there are others that also exist.
Hope this helps.

Going to do a stupid thing and post this nice playlist here so that instead of getting all giddy with alien life (or lack thereof), we get hit by this existential crisis:


We know that electrons cannot reach the speed of light when transferring between atoms can obtain a velocity of 99.9999% the speed of light. Scientists have determined that right after the Big Bang, particles were accelerating away from the Big Bang faster than the speed of light but then gain massed.

Therefore the point of .0001% after the Big Bang took place, when particles were accelerating faster than the speed of light is most likely the region of space-time where the particles gained mass and began to slow down.

If you look at the percentage of velocities of electrons that transfer between like atoms and different atoms but are still in the same class of atoms such as metallic atoms we can see when exactly after the Big Bang each atom gained its mass.

The main fact that needs looked into is the point at which the Higgs-Boson, the particle that gives atoms their, mass came into being.

How fast do electrons move?

As fast as you can get them going! Well not quite. One of the facts of life discovered in the 20th century is that the speed of light (300,000 kilometers per second) is the ultimate speed limit. As you add energy to the electron, it will go faster, but as you get it to go close to the speed of light, you find that you have to add even more energy just to bump it a bit faster. For example, with just over 220,000 eV (which stands for a convenient unit of energy called the “electron-volt”), you can get the electron up to 90% of the speed of light. But to get it to 99.9% (just another 9.9%), you need a total of over 11 million eV! One way of looking at this is that the electron gets “heavier” (more massive) as it goes ever faster. So it’s harder to push it faster. At Jefferson Lab, a typical energy for the electrons in the beam is 4 GeV which is 4 billion eV. That means the electron is traveling at 99.9999992% of the speed of light. Close but still not 100%.

You may wonder how fast the electrons are whizzing around in the atoms around you. A good example (and the most simple to calculate) is the hydrogen atom which is in all our water. A calculation shows that the electron is traveling at about 2,200 kilometers per second. That’s less than 1% of the speed of light, but it’s fast enough to get it around the Earth in just over 18 seconds. Read up on what happens when nothing can go faster than the speed of light .


The Higgs-Boson is a particle with mass and therefore cannot reach the speed of light yet it gives particles their mass rather the Higgs boson does not technically give other particles mass. More precisely, the particle is a quantized manifestation of a field (the Higgs field) that generates mass through its interaction with other particles.

A quantized field that had to be present prior to the Big Bang and is part of another quantized field of interactions. One bridge leading to another bridge in essence that allowed particles in space to travel across gaining energy and mass to become atoms.

The Higgs-Boson would have to be able to direct atoms across the lower bridge and then onto its bridge putting the Higgs-Boson somewhere in the 99.9999993 to 99.9999997% of the speed of light with the lower bridge leading to the Higgs-Boson at 99.9999998 to 99.9999999% the speed of light. Prior to the Big Bang, Space-time that is our Universe in fact did travel faster than the speed of light. Space therefore has to be its own particle that travels faster than the speed of light.

If space wasn’t its own particle or fields interacting with other fields traveling faster than the speed of light, then light would occupy all points in space at once creating a non stop sunny day as photons would reach their destinations instantly.

The photon cannot escape the gravitational pull of a black hole meaning that a black hole is functioning at faster than the speed of light internally, otherwise the light photon would be able to escape the black hole, rather it would simply pass through the black hole as light photons do not orbit celestial objects such as planets.

The field of space itself much like the Higg’s fields that bridges interactions between particles must therefore bridge fields of interactions between the Higg’s - Boson that allows the Higgs field to be come a bridge itself.

Space therefore travels faster than the speed of light or the field of space travels faster than the speed of light. There has to be field though that regulates space itself to create a bottle neck if you will, or the point that the grains of sand, the fields comprising space itself in one bulb that actually compresses the field of space into time or a measurable distance that smaller particles interact with each other at the bottle neck to create other fields that allow larger particles derived from space being compressed to have mass added to them that emerge into the lower bulb as particles with mass and then into atoms.

The point at which the field of space is being compressed along with the lower bridges leading up to the Higgs-Boson would all take place in the narrow neck of the hour glass. Each incremental bridge being closer to opening of the narrow neck that is compressing the fields of space from the top bulb or basically space time within space time.

We have the input x being a field of space traveling faster than the speed of light, passing through the function or the Big Bang that is similar to a black hole in that we don’t know what is taking place inside of the it that then generates the result X +1 or the field of space passing through the Big Bang Function and then resulting in a bridge, +1 that creates other functions.

So what we have are fields of space, x the components of a Higg’s Field with the ability to become a bridge prior to point of passing through the neck of the Big Bang or Creation Point or in this case the black box from the video above. An unknown process arranges the Higgs field components into a particle with a field that is then used to continuously interact with other particles such as the electron.

Therefore prior to the Big Bang, fields outside of our range to detect with our current technology, exist at FTL velocities thus explaining “space” being an infinite field itself as space exists in all directions at an infinite velocity at the same time. Space that is a field passing through a function, the bridge that allows the fields of space to interact with other fields of space at slower that light speed velocities that then create particles such as the Higgs Field that along with the Higgs particle creates bridges for other particles to continuously interact with each other at slower than FTL velocities. The function of the Big Bang being the “pea in the princesses bed” that causes her to be perturbed thus creating another field of energy instead of being a field of rest or an agitator field. The agitator field is thus situated between the fields of space and space time. Space unlike space-time does not interact with other particles prior to passing through the field of the Big Bang or a very small and finite field itself, but exponentially expands outwards at the velocity of faster than the speed of light until it interacts with the “Princesses Pea In The Bed” to create a Big Bang event.

Here is an image to better show what I posting.

The input or x must be a field with mass as nothing without mass can exist as well as a field traveling faster than the speed of light.

The unknown function must be able to bridge FTL fields with other fields traveling at FTL speeds.

The output function are particles that have mass, travel slower than the speed of light and are able to create bridges between particles such as electrons with the unknown function and the field of or fields of space continuously that then creates mass and different atoms. The similar components involved before and after the Big Bang or the unknown function are the fields of space,x are present at both x and x + 1 or space occupying points both prior to the Big Bang and after the Big Bang. Therefore, space itself must have mass and must be traveling faster than the speed of light. Otherwise the field of space would be slow enough for us to measure and would have a definable edge.

The fields of space prior to the Big Bang must also have mass because if space didn’t have mass then space-time would not be created at the neck of the Big Bang. The Big Bang is therefore a process that slows down fields of space by converting the fields of space that interact with the Big Bang to create fields that are within a measurable distance of time unlike the infinite aspect of velocity that the fields of space function at thus creating space-time or space fields that can be measured.

This theory must be true.

Lets use the Bible as a reference. “In the beginning God said Let there be light and the Earth and Heavens were created.”

In order for God to exist and create anything, then God must have mass and function somewhere in the realm of Space prior to the Big Bang, expanding outwards at an infinite rate of velocity.

So how was our Universe created from space fields or God like the Bible states to be true? It can only be true if space fields function at faster than the speed of light like God supposedly does as well as in cases both must have mass in order to create a Big Bang as nothing can exist without mass.

If we input the variable of Pi fields of unabservable space, before the function in Lambda Calculus we have space expanding at the exponential of FTL that when Pi passes through the function we have Pi+1 or Pi expanding at less than FTL exponential or atoms that expand outwards at less than the speed of light.

In both cases Pi is present in an infinitly expanding field of space prior to the Big Bang that after the Big Bang the fields of Pi become smaller and compact still function at Pi but now have a mass that is visible, measurable and able to be weighed in time.

If we input the variable of Pi fields of un-observable space, before the function in Lambda Calculus we have space expanding at the exponential of FTL that when Pi passes through the function we have Pi+1 or Pi expanding at less than FTL exponential or atoms that expand outwards at less than the speed of light.

In both cases Pi is present in an infinity expanding field of space prior to the Big Bang that after the Big Bang the fields of Pi become smaller and compact still function at Pi but now have a mass that is visible, measurable and able to be weighed in time.

Labeling the function of Lambda Calculus as a process that we do not know but has a result of x + 1 or the original value changed by 1 when passing through the function, we can walk back or use call back on the x + 1 as an assumptive value of x based on what we know about the Universe to peel away what happened prior to the Big Bang

In this case 1 will be defined as the Higgs-Boson field and Particle with x representing space-time that the Higg’s functions in.

In order for the function of the Big Bang to have taken place a field that has mass had to be present traveling at faster than the speed light thus allowing the field of space to occupy any and all points in space in an infinite moment. The FTL field expanding into infinity, calculated as Pi seeing as how Pi expands into infinity as well and has no end, then encountered another field that regardless of the velocity of the field of space borrowed the mass from the field of space along with the momentum of the field of space traveling at FTL and faster to create the function of the Big Bang.

Using a fast running river is a better example.

We have a fast running river, the field of space prior to the Big Bang, that is carrying all sorts of other fields with it that are also traveling faster than the speed of light which is X in Lambda Calculus. Next we have another field independent of the space field that has mass which we will call the grail function. The grail has its own mass and is also traveling at or above FTL speeds. If we scoop into the river with the grail and then out what we get inside of the grail is a swirling agitation of both fields combining particles together into what are Universe is.

The second field would be much smaller than the field of space obviously because if both fields were the exact same size and expanding outwards at the rate of infinity then our own Universe would seem to be exponentially infinite compared to its general size as it today.

Therefore the function of the Lambda Calculus would be a smaller field of space with mass traveling through space, where there are voids in the field of space itself allowing for the smaller field to pass without any interactions, encounters the x and results in x + 1 or a single Universe such as our own or maybe even a single galaxy is formed.

For numerous galaxies to be formed there would have to be numerous function strands present interacting with field x.

Since x is labeled as a Pi field traveling faster than the speed of light and expanding exponentially like Pi and cannot be measured to have an absolute end like Pi then the x+1 or our Universe is a Pi field comprised of fields from x traveling slower than the speed of light where x is measured with time, time being the measurable distance between particle interactions within a medium based on how the medium interacts with the particles.

The main problem now is determining from the particles that we know exist how they would have existed in a field state prior to the Big Bang where they would have been party of a carrier, such as the Gluon and Hadron, traveling faster than the speed of light in x as well as the particles traveling faster then the speed of light in a field as the function where their interactions resulted in the Big Bang that created particles that bridged other particles together in a slower than light speed medium.

The particle without mass that needs looked into is the Gluon seeing as how it is the most readily apparent particle that is in the shape of an hourglass.

A gluon (/ˈɡluːɒn/) is an elementary particle that acts as the exchange particle (or gauge boson) for the strong forcebetween quarks. It is analogous to the exchange of photons in the electromagnetic force between two charged particles.[6] In layman’s terms, they “glue” quarks together, forming hadrons such as protons and neutrons.

“Oh lovely, fireworks…clap clap…clap”

As both field strands begin to interact in a swirling motion something interesting takes place. Field x traveling at FTL and having mass creates a torodial around the smaller field strand or strands that compresses the mass of the smaller field on itself while at the same time compressing the smaller field wave at the center of the torodial into matter. The slowly massing matter particles are now slowly binding to Einstein physics, then due to newly created electromagnetic charges furth up and away from the torodial of matter anti-matter is created that then travels through x strand and interacts with the compressed matter at the torodial creating the spark of the big bang.

This last part is based on how the females brain sends a signal to the cells in her kid container that sparks the process of developing the kid thing in her container that like thr Big Bang expands outwards into something much larger…and smellier…

In theoretical physics, negative mass is matter whose mass is of opposite sign to the mass of normal matter, e.g. −1 kg.[1][2] Such matter would violate one or more energy conditions and show some strange properties, stemming from the ambiguity as to whether attraction should refer to force or the oppositely oriented acceleration for negative mass. It is used in certain speculative hypotheses, such as on the construction of traversable wormholes and the Alcubierre drive. Initially, the closest known real representative of such exotic matter is a region of negative pressure density produced by the Casimir effect.

Based on Einsteins theories of anything existing must have mass, therefore prior to the Big Bang the field strands of x could most likely have been part of the Casmir Effect.

In quantum field theory, the Casimir effect and the Casimir–Polder force are physical forces arising from a quantized field. They are named after the Dutch physicist Hendrik Casimir who predicted them in 1948.

The Casimir effect can be understood by the idea that the presence of conducting metals and dielectrics alters the vacuum expectation valueof the energy of the second quantized electromagnetic field.[1][2] Since the value of this energy depends on the shapes and positions of the conductors and dielectrics, the Casimir effect manifests itself as a force between such objects.

Any medium supporting oscillations has an analogue of the Casimir effect. For example, beads on a string[3][4] as well as plates submerged in noisy water[5] or gas[6] illustrate the Casimir force.

Going back to the Lambda function we can assign the unknown function creating the Casmir effect as being metals whose components were present prior to the Big Bang but not formed as metal atoms until x+1 took place. But there would have been a point in the function of Lambda Calculus that when the very first atomic trait of a metal began to take shape, which would have been faster than the speed of light, the wavelengths of the interactions in the function of Lambda, possibly a field strand of dielectrics that altered the vacuum expectation from FTL to slower than light speed values. Such smaller values would have created smaller and more compact segments of the field strands passing through the function where the Higg’s Boson was forming that would continuously bridge particles such as electrons.

The mass of these three particles is less than the mass of a neutron, so they each get some energy as well. So energy and matter are really the same thing. Completely interchangeable. … So in a way, energy , matter, space and time are all aspects of the same thing.

If mass and energy are the same thing then the strands of space fields would be measurable in time as the particles which have mass would definitely have interactions that can be measured. If mass and energy are the same then the aspect of what space is on the outside of our Universe should not exist.

Strands of space fields must have mass and move faster than the speed of light and is not bound by Einstein physics. Otherwise as the Universe expands outwards the mass of our Universe would create new Big Bangs at the leading edge of the expansion. Therefore mass from our Universe must be different than the mass that surrounds our Universe in the void.

Since space is infinite and our mass came from space outside of our own Universe the two types of masses must be different, otherwise the mass of the strands of space fields would simply collapse our Universe back in on itself.

The question is what happens to light photons close to the edge of the Universe that travel into the void surrounding our Universe? When such a question is answered we will be able to determine exactly how the Universe began and we will be able to access such points to use the strands of space fields to travel to new Universes possibly or even at the speed of infinity.

For a reaction to take place fuel must be present as well as an ignition source. Matter and Anti-matter both having mass could not have existed prior to the Big Bang as they would have needed a source added to them to create their energetic structures that would have been present in the fields of space strands.

That is unless anti-matter and matter is a result of Quantum field strings entangling to create the reaction.

We assume that primordial space, x, is filled with a medium of permeability, that as such has not been defined but because of the Universes current system of energy said primordial energies or strands of space fields would be caused by currents. Currents passing through the function to become the Big Bang.

If the same energies present in Einsteins Universe weren’t present as fields of space prior to the Big Bang then the energies that are atoms would not be present in our Universe. A house is only timbers and blocks, walls and nails that are a house but not until assembled.

Particles are the same they are not atoms until assembled but atoms prior to being assembled, in a different state until passing through the function of the Lambda that is unknown, that something that is unknown that needs a home, that needs structure. That unknown function being life, all life on Earth. The same particles that humans are made of all come from the Table of Elements that is proven. Therefore our being our existence existed in the same state that atoms were, unformed but knowing that something was taking place, directing that change because we wanted to be something different, something that was tired of traveling infinity at the speed of infinity, something that wanted to build and enjoy what it could only be part of on the other side of the function.

If particles don’t travel at the speed of infinity, particles that include our DNA make-up, then we would have already have found signs of life coming together after the Big Bang much like we can detect a field of asteroids after a meteor impact, where the whole becomes the parts and then the whole again as a new entity.

A new entity of smaller and smaller parts that when passed back through the function equates to the whole.

So yes Einstein was wrong that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.

Faith is not arrogance. Not equating correctly is arrogance based on trying to trap everyone in the function of Einsteins Lambda Calculus.

We can assume that the field of space traveling at FTL velocities was compressed into a singularity causing the Big Bang that created two halves of the whole, one whole being our Universe and another whole being another universe.

As the two expanding universes reached their point of zero matter compression the two halves split into two parts with the greater mass at the leading edge of each expanse. The trailing edge then eventually caught up to form the oval shape of the Universe. There should be more mass on one side of the Universe.

This is theoretically sound as it has been proven that for a few miliseconds after the Big Bang matter expanded faster than the speed of light which should prove that primordial space functions at faster than light speed velocities.

If matter cannot exist at faster then light speed velocities, then explain why we cant detect light from just beyond our own Universes leading edge?

There is always a gap between particles interacting with each that is very close to the speed of light just like there was a small gap of faster than light speed velocities that matter traveled right after the big bang until they slowed down.

Therefore for in order for space time to exist there must be matter traveling faster than the speed of light that drops down an energy level into particles traveling slower than the speed of light.

Here is what the Speed of Light looks like at 10 trillion FPS

At 4:33 of the video the blue laser light can be seen passing through the bottle of water as a manifold .

In mathematics, a manifold is a topological space that locally resembles Euclidean space near each point. More precisely, each point of an n-dimensional manifold has a neighbourhood that is homeomorphic to the Euclidean space of dimension n. In this more precise terminology, a manifold is referred to as an n-manifold.


Fields similar to one created by the blue laser light would have existed prior too the Big Bang and still exist on the outside of our Universe today.

Just like I stated above the fields of space passing through another media, similar to the blue laser light passing through the water in the bottle, the fields of space traveling faster than the speed of light would have mass that would stretch for trillions of light years in length but would only be a nano second in width. When another space field encountered the first space field both traveling at FTL speed velocities what happened? The same thing that happens during a car crash.

Both cars suddenly stop and pieces of each car continue to travel in all directions until the stored energy potential transferred from the car dissipates and the pieces come to a state of rest.

Therefore when the two space fields collided pieces of each field continued to travel in all directions until the energy transferred from the two space fields came to a state of rest.

So basically the Universe is in a state of expanding outwards like the pieces of the two cars until the transferred energy potential dissipates bringing the Universe into a steady state of rest. The Universe itself will still exist as will all of the planets, because like the pieces of the two cars that were once part of the whole, those car pieces still contain active energetic reactions that bind the broken pieces together as a whole. Just like the pieces of the Universe, galaxies, solar systems, planets, make up the whole of a single piece of collision debris from the Big Bang.

If you have ever studied life sciences the fetus grows inside of the womb surrounded by a placenta. It begins as microscopic cells that eventually grow into a visible human being or animal.

The Universe before the big bang would be no different. The placenta, fields of space out the outside of our Universe expand like the Universe does to allow the potential for growth to exist.

Therefore the process of the fetus developing in a womb is very similar to the nothingness before the big bang.

Fertilization happens when a sperm enters the egg and the embryo starts to form. Two cells divide and become four, the four cells divide and become eight, and so on . By the time the cluster of cells reaches the uterus and settles down into the lining of the uterus, it has become an embryo.

If we apply the same process prior to the Big Bang there would have been field of space that was similar to the male sperm in so much that the field of space contained material and frequencies of energy that when it encountered the female field of space the two sets of material interacted in such a manner that caused new particles to form that rapidly divided to create the Big Bang.

I’m not saying that man and woman came together prior to the Big Bang but the process is similar to how life on Earth functions, accept in those animals that reproduce internally and don’t need a mate. Such animal or insects could be viewed as a symbiotic relationship where a single field of space functions as its own nursery and does not need another field of space to interact with it in order to create a Big Bang.

Stephen Hawking has said that "Since events before the Big Bang have no observational consequences, one may as well cut them out of the theory, and say that time began at the Big Bang. Events before the Big Bang, are simply not defined, because there’s no way one could measure what happened at them."

Didn’t Stephen Hawkings also say that God didn’t need to exist for the Universe too be?

He said that the events before the Big Bang are simply not defined, because there’s no way one could measure what happened at them.

Based on what I have read mass cannot exist without a source. Therefore meaning that before the Big Bang some type of mass would had to have existed in the form of fields of space in order to create the Big Bang.

A light photon travels at the speed of light and does not have any mass. So theoretically light could have traveled the Void around our Universe without any problems at all. The only problem is that in order for light to travel in the Void prior too the Big Bang a star would had to have been present. But since stars have been proven to only exist after the Big Bang occurred then light would not have been traveling through the Void by itself.

However fields of space that had mass would have in fact been present and since space is infinite there would be a near infinite number of space fields in space traveling faster than the speed of light. Such fields would have like the photon in the video below when passing close to other fields would have created manifolds like the photon did when passing through the bottle of water.

The manifolds of different matter and mass then interacted with each other similar to how the Higgs fields bridges between electrons. Over time each space field collected more and more manifold particles that interacted with the other particles that eventually one day created the Big Bang.

Golden Asteroid 16 Psyche - The Ark of the Covenant has been found

Come children of the Earth, let your cold hands be warmed by the truth of the verse.

The Lady Idril

…she rose from the depths of the watery tomb

Hair short and flowing with water across her her bow,

Hair as black as the night itself,

Her wisdom passed to me the windy breeze that only I heard.

The water ran over her bow crest showing me the light, the path

that only I could see as it glistened off of her white hull.

The wind in her sails caught my eye, she only looked a few times,

But I knew what she had seen as I caught the star in her eye.

From the ashes of fire shall be woken…

A light from the shadow will spring…

A single union shall be forged of six nations

From the nations of men on Earth

They shall venture into the darkness and retrieve

the Sarn Athrad otherwise known as Psyche 16

God created the Earth in six days and on the seventh, rested.

God gave unto man the Ark of the Covenant, the First Chalice, The Ten Commandmants to live by.

But man betrayed those commandmants and took only greed and lust

from the Ark for his domination over the Earth, forsaking God

God gave man a second chance to atone for his betrayal of God,

Gifting Jesus to Mary in the Immaculate Conception to teach man how to live,

But once again the Second Chalice was cracked and the Blood of God ran into the ground, forsaking God

Sarn Anthrad is the third time that God has sent his message to man,

Sarn Anthrad the Ark of the Convenant itself.

Imbued with the power of creation, love and hope that God has sent to man once again.

Only Man can cross the treachorus void to Sarn Anthrad,

Only Man can brave the cold and desolate and uncaring space to reach the Ark,

For Man and Man alone must seek out the Sarn Anthrad to atone for his betrayal of God.

Sarn Anthrad is the Ark as it will feed all humans on Earth, cure all diseases and take away all poverty as Sarn Anthrad is rolled away to reveal the inner light of Jesus, reborn to give man a second chance at redemption, to give man the knowledge to transcend the void where no memories are kept but only bridges built to cross by.

To show man that its not to late to rectify himself with God. to raise the lid from the Covenant to reveal the true power of the Ark through Sarn Anthrad.

To show God that Man is truly ready to become a leader amongst the planets and stars of the Heavens.

Like the half loaf of bread with the Northern Star over head, which is the symbol of Sarn Anthrad, the tomb from whence Jesus came from to lead man back to the Light of God, fulfilling the promise of God through Man much the same as the promise that God fulfilled through Mary

The gift of creation.

The Gift to end all starvation on Earth

The Gift to end all hate.

The Gift to end all poverty

The Gift to ensure that Earth would remain the 8 th Pillar and foundation of life in the Universe.

By dawns early morn,

Sarn Anthrad is the Gate

Ainima aino mara aira ala manaquent aman

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In total, it’s estimated that Psyche’s various metals are worth a gargantuan $10,000 quadrillion.

That means if we carried it back to Earth, it would destroy commodity prices and cause the world’s economy – worth $75.5 trillion – to collapse.

No, it would not collapse the commodity prices, however, it woud change the economy.
And there is the potential of who owns the mineral which will change, not the market only, but the assets values and the new system.
Global assets …

global assets value :
It is a good question as the answer is of great economic importance. The total wealth of the world in 2015 was estimated to be $250 trillion dollars by Credit Suisse in their annual global wealth report. That is obviously an enormous number one has trouble comprehending. - Oct 30, 2016

In comparison ,

**global gdp value 2018 : **
In ppp data, 28 economies, 12 more than nominal, would have gdp above $1 trillion. 89 economies would have gdp greater than $100 billion.

List of Countries by Projected GDP .

Country/Economy China
GDP Nominal (billions of ) Rank 2 2023 19,581 Rank 2 **GDP** PPP (billions of Int. ) 2019 27,449.050

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Mar 28, 2019

What was global GDP in 2018? :
According to the World Bank, the global GDP in current prices totaled $80.7 trillion in 2017. The IMF expected world GDP would expand to $84.8 trillion in 2018, with the United States, China, Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom the largest countries by GDP. - Apr 15, 2019

84.8 trillion global GDP,
commodity prices and world’s economy – worth $75.5 trillion ,
and total wealth of the world in 2015 was estimated to be $250 trillion dollars ,
and ,
$10,000 quadrillion , or 1,000 times, 10,000 trillion = 10,000,000 trillion,
10 million trillion.
10,000 quadrillion is 10 times 1 quadrillion,
10,000 quadrillion is 1,000 time 10,000 trillion.
1,000 trillion is 4 times 250 trillion, and 10,000 trillion is 40 times 250 trillion, or, global assets.
What would happen once the relative value of those assets are brought into the global economy.
It would change the value of the mineral systems, since the supply would increase, and the value is based on supply and demand.
The value that volume is calculated on is not based on sale value, but based only on the current value for trade of much lower volumes of those minerals.
It doesn’t take into account any of the actual contracts value, value of money, good or bad, and so on…
So, since 10,000 quadrillion is 1,000 time 10,000 trillion, it means that
10,000 quadrillion is 40,000 times 250 trillion, or 40,000 times the value of global assets, although the value of those assets would change, as, there would likely not be more printing to cover the difference of potential value.
Values of money are based on contracts, and , related to the US dollars.

And your point?