A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

Currently the best we know for life is what we know was best for us. So they search for those kinds of planets and consider them the most habitable. The Kepler telescope is no more tho. :pensive:

Oh, but replacement is on the way. Kepler ST is dead but its data will keep astronomers busy for decades… and then now comes the new generation with TESS (planet hunter) and CHEOPS (planet characteriser).

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Es’hail-2 Mission


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I doubt if life exists on the new planet as well. No signs of water have been found so life existing under frozen layers of ice is probably not present either.

Some planets are there to be consumed like sugar by humans just like we consume trees and ores.

If you come across a planet without any life on it all, you consume the planets resources.

Another clue or key to finding the gap to close the distance in looking for planets with life on them.

First a nebula must be present in order to spread the elements of life that are the same as the elements thag life is comprised of here on Earth.

Next a process would have to be present that would attract those elements to an Earth like planet and retain the life creating elements permanently.

The best example that I can give is the magnet in your transmission oil pan. As the fluid flows past the magnet metal particles are attracted to the magnet and become magnetized as the transmission fluid flows around the magnet. Eventually over time the material collected by the magnet would become the size of a marble.

The same could be possible with the Earth’s core. Gas particles and other elements expelled out wards from an exploding star passing by an area in space could have attracted the elements that we have on Earth along with the elements needed for life into a almost spherical shape. Once formed elemental particles would still pass close to Earth but would not be attracted as much as they had been when the Earth was forming.

This is an interesting article to say the least. To think that microbial life would be intelligent enough to group itself together to create enough mass to slow the rotation of the planet to velocity that it needed to survive.

Perhaps all of the stories from the ancient past of space men and angels coming from the sky is really a memory handed down through millions of years of microbial floating around in the atmosphere settling to Earth and then evolving into life such as dinosaurs and humans.

This idea could be theoretically true based on the fact that the Emerald Cockroach Wasp does not teach its offspring to find the brain center of the cockroach that it paralyzes with surgeon like precision. The knowledge is passed on through the DNA from the mother to the offspring. Such as memory of 'living in the clouds" could in fact be a trait that has been passed on to humans in the form of memory from a microbe much the same way that the Emerald Cockroach Wasp passes her knowledge off to her offspring through DNA.

In simpler terms, life slowing the rotation of the Earth would be similar to the pads on your brakes slowing the rotation of the axle. The main thing that is cool is that the more weight from microbial life slowing the rotation of the Earth would mean that friction takes places between the bodies, microbial mass and the Earth, that causes heat to be produced that allows microbes to jump to the next orbital of energy production possibly causing a dynamic evolutionary change to take place in the structure of the microbes DNA that is then passed on to the next generation.

Aesop - Titan of the Universe

Something up there that intervenes before all is lost…

Integrating Spore Drive Logic into Metaphysical Programming Logic S.I.N.S Computer

From one dream of beings made of light wearing hooded robes with black opulent eyes inside of a swirling storm of gray and white clouds to the same dream over and over again of people that I have never met before.

Inside of a hand made tunnel I looked out from it. On the right were hundreds of hooded robe people. On the left side I came closer to one of them ever than before. All were tall like us. No children though.

Their faces dominated by dark gray, their mouths and lips like ours but only a darker gray. Noses were not wide and the features of their face were slight. I did not see any hair present.

The terrain was flat and gray for as far as the eye could see. Mountains far off in the cloud shrouded weeping day.

It was almost as if I was inside of an hour glass. The beings of light showing me the way to the sands of time, the connection to the life in the Universe on the right and the left as well. The life on the right a mass of life near the point at which life first came to be in the Universe, collectively close to each other while the life on the left which I was closer too that all humans on Earth are connected too, was farther away from the point of creation. As life like the pollen of the Trumpet Creeper flows from the beginning and on the wind as the dream is carried through the Universe to a new flower. Life that is created between the distances of space and time connected to the pinnacle between both Creepers like the tunnel I was in, the hour glass.

Two points will always exist between the creation point of life and the flower waiting to be impregnated across space-time. Life pollenates like a flower. Earth is the far away flower.

Six Trumpet Creepers at each of the points on a protractor, 90, 180 then mirrored on the other side with one above and below at 90. Life’s seed passing between each flower or point to create a connection at Zero point so that the perimeter flows with pollen in a perfect circular pattern. The pattern then returns to Zero to create a new Trumpet Creeper and flower across space and time that pollen flows too to create new life.

Chaya or the river at Zero point nurtures all at the point of creation giving the pollen the small amount of energy needed to survive the cold and wasteful voids between each flower.

But at which point during Primordial Space or before the Big Bang did that single chunk of mineral held together with Quantum gravity split into pieces that formed the essence thought patterns from mineral isotopes that life needed to emerge from the Big Bang?

Where does dream have to lead too?

The Moon, Mars and planets around Jupiter and Saturn and beyond. The pollen of humanity must spread into the solar system…at all costs.

New research suggests that heat generated by geothermal processes could warm pockets of water beneath the surface of the planet called Barnard’s Star b, potentially providing havens for life to evolve. Images captured by NASA’s much-delayed James Webb Space Telescope could help determine if the planet is the right size for that phenomenon to occur, and instruments coming even later in the future could identify signs of life.

With each generation of space based telescopes the ability to detect life on other planets becomes clearer and clearer. Earth’s ability to detect life on planets is much like radar detection methods used to track fighter planes during World War II. Not very reliable but in the quest to defeat the enemy and being competitive that infant radar system has evolved into the James Webb Space Telescope.

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A prediction that will transcend all predictions.

In the year 11.8k Barnard’s Star will be 3.75 Light Years from Earth.

I am predicting that due to the close proximity of Barnard’s Star to Earth that the relative increase in radiation emitted from the star will cause evolutionary changes on planets in our solar system such as Enceladus that will cause life to emerge on those planets.

The year 11.8k is a long time from now, but why wait until the last minute to get in on this prediction that will set your families name apart for thousands of years to come.

Don’t get left on the bus on this one people.

That’s only in 9.8k years (11.8 - 2.019).
We’ve been on earth longer than that, and so, we have less time left than we were here, already.
Enceladus (/ɛnˈsɛlədəs/; en-SEL-ə-dəs) is the sixth-largest moon of Saturn. It is about 500 kilometers (310 mi) in diameter, about a tenth of that of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Enceladus is mostly covered by fresh, clean ice, making it one of the most reflective bodies of the Solar System.

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The water covered moons that you speak of that are ice over would create a lot of water, most likely a water planet the likes of Miller’s Planet from Interstellar.

According to The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne , Miller’s planet is shaped a little like a football, with one end constantly pointing at Gargantua. The waves are literally tidal waves, so it’s not the waves coming toward you, it’s the planet rotating under you and the fixed waves slamming into you.

I wonder if the planets that are iced over and thaw into water would have similar tidal waves due to the immense gravitational pull from their host planet?

Looking at some Entropy modules from Prof. Hawkins books I have a new premise for warp drive.

If Quantum gravity existed prior to the Big Bang and was responsible for causing atoms to collide releasing new forms of energy then Quantum gravity would be coupler between Einstein gravity and Quantum gravity.

If the process of coupling between Quantum Gravity and Einstein Gravity can be established and certain couplings between the two can be turned off then a ship could theoretically enter a Quantum Gravity loop around time where the ship would use the curve of Entropy to sling itself around entropy of space time without violating Einsteins gravity because such gravity would still exist putting a force against the ship as it travels through a tangent vector.

The proposed experiment will determine whether two objects — Bose’s group plans to use a pair of microdiamonds — can become quantum-mechanically entangled with each other through their mutual gravitational attraction. Entanglement is a quantum phenomenon in which particles become inseparably entwined, sharing a single physical description that specifies their possible combined states. (The coexistence of different possible states, called a “superposition,” is the hallmark of quantum systems.) For example, an entangled pair of particles might exist in a superposition in which there’s a 50 percent chance that the “spin” of particle A points upward and B’s points downward, and a 50 percent chance of the reverse. There’s no telling in advance which outcome you’ll get when you measure the particles’ spin directions, but you can be sure they’ll point opposite ways.

Let’s suppose for a moment that Particle A and Particle B point in the same direction. Could particles spinning fast that no matter which direction they were facing there were always pointing towards each other?

Could that be the cause of extreme gravity resulting in a black hole?

If two suns are relatively close to one another, approxiamtely 20 ly and are comparable in type, the gravity each would exert on the others space-time grid would result is possible tunnel like interactions.

If a way could be found to reduce the mass of particles in the tunnel then the pull on each sun would create a tunnel where mass is reduced allowing a ship to travel close too the speed of light.

If bow shock exists in a finite region and dissipates, then in an infinite region, such as quantum space or even deeper, then the bow shock effect might produce energy that would propel an object forward at close to ftl speeds.

Like the Heaven’s gave it to Hera

Adorned in Master’s Loving Arms She Lies…

Drought Plan #1

Hybrid Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electrical Power Plants.

The power plants only by-product is water. In a large enough capacity the power plant could create a small lake, where additional electrical power would come from the water that has been dammed up.

The power plant would create water for the dam while turning the generators of the dam during times of emergency or when the water might be low as well as creating its own electrical power turning generators.

Generators like the one above when built along the border will create new towns, create jobs in Mexico and America

Guarding all her gates…

My wager would be a fledgling binary system is in the works, it’s slowly growing a little brother or sister.

What? Gravity doesn’t bind atoms together. The strong nuclear force does.

No binding Quantum Gravity and Einstein Gravity together. Both are quite different.

First image of a real black hole.

These are made up. There is only Gravity. The other forces of nature are Electromagnetism, the Strong nuclear force (binds atoms together) and the Weak nuclear force (causes radioactive decay).

How so before the Big Bang when such particles did not exist?

Places a shard into the machine…

Have you ever heard of the story of Prometheus.

It took more than one hand at the table and not just the hand of Prometheus.

With the first black hole being photographed for the first time I have decided to theorize this:

Since Einsteins theories break down inside of a black hole it is safe to assume that a black hole or numerous black holes could have existed prior to the Big Bang.

The Universe has what are called Equal of Opposites values. A star that once gave life in the form of radiant energy, gravity and elements can became the opposite or a black hole that consumes all forms of energy and elements and light.

The Equal of Opposite value prior to the Big Bang would be a black hole that be the opposite of contemporary black hole in so much that when particles belonging to Pre-Big Bang Zero Point Energy fields interacted with the black hole, matter became super compressed too the point of releasing a tremendous amount of matter that then caused each black hole to change into an opposite value black hole or the center of each galaxy.

Such an interaction could explain why there are so many galaxies in our Universe. Just like the Hand of God sweeping the Pre-Big Bang fields of Zero Point Energy through the Universe that interacted with billions of Pre-Big Bang black holes that created the billions of galaxies in our Universe over a variable time period with the oldest galaxies being affected by the beginning of the wave and the younger galaxies being affected by the trailing aspect of the wave.

Each black hole prior to the Big Bang would have been formed out of different Quantum gravity where the excitation of the particles interacting with the black hole would have generated or created similar results all over the Universe.

Based on how old our galaxy is and finding other galaxies that are the same age as ours, it would be a pretty safe assumption that life does exist in such galaxies.

Be troubled no more, but lift your hearts into the night sky.

While there may be life out there it is not as common as most people tend to think. Having a “Goldilocks” planet isn’t an instant win for life. If it has no atmosphere, not enough atmosphere or an atmosphere of the wrong elements life will not survive there. If it has a star that is more active (solar flares, CME, etc) than ours and/or has an electromagnetic field that is not as strong as ours (see below), life will not survive there. Being Goldilocks isn’t enough, the bears have to also not be home and the house has to not be on fire as well for things to work out.

Earth is also more unique than many give it credit for. When the moon hit us, earth stole the majority of it’s iron core, making it approximately 60% more massive than a planet it’s size would normally be. That extra iron gives us a much stronger protective EM bubble to live in than we should have. In addition to that, you only have to look at the surface of the moon to know that it has taken a lot of hits for us. Mars doesn’t have moons that act like such good dartboards and look how it ended up. Earth also hasn’t had anything happen on it to kickstart a runaway greenhouse process to make it end up like venus yet. That is a likely future outcome in a billion years or two, and when it kicks off our version will make venus look like a noob, earth will get much much hotter.

Humans really need to get this idea out of their heads that we will be able to find dozens more Earths willy-nilly, our home required a very specific series of events to become the way it is.

Yeah, that’s not a thing. Doesn’t exist. It’s made up. The only forces of nature science recognizes are Gravity, EM, Strong and Weak, along with permutations of them like Electrostrong. There is only one kind of gravity and it only really works on very large objects, there is no “quantum” version of it, that would be one of the other forces.

Sorry, but no. It was a nice try though.

That didn’t work out so well for the dinosaurs, did it?

Uh, suuuure. Did you like… accidentally post this here instead of where the roleplay goes?

You realize it wasn’t literally photographed, right? An image was rendered from data, and technically that image wasn’t of the black hole itself but of the superheated gas falling into it.

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You’ve never actually looked up what a fuel cell is, have you? They don’t make water. They use water as fuel.