A Premise For Life Existing In The Universe Outside of Earth

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Maybe you want to verify the accuracy of massless and 0.000,000,001.
Not sure you want me to believe that, or rather, you don’t want me to use the exact measure or figure, but rather you prefer that I use the one you dream of, which is less accurate, and more an average or estimate.

Light has mass albeit minimal.

Quasar hitting earth knock off electronic equipment which keeps communication by satellite, and can transfer dream like data, which you represent as massless.
I guess you pay less if it weight less.

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Mass less is the energies that work together which negate the effect of the weight, or, anti-matter, in the case of mass.
Note that, I don’t believe or understand anti-matter, and I think what is represented as anti-matter is in fact something else.

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Anti-matter has normal mass and gravity. It’s just particles with the opposite electrical charge, that is all

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Yes, that’s not the same thing when a smaller body is in position between 2 larger astronomical systems or bodies, which negates the effects of weight and gravity.
If you notice, it also makes the mass weightless, be it a mass of 100, or 100,000 units of mass, or molecular units of mass.
Also note that molecular units of mass are changed into a black hole, due to the extreme effect of energies and transfer of energies into gravity, and the other effects related.

There is a point between earth and the moon, and there is a point between the sun and the earth (with no mass).
That point changes in space and position related to other systems.
It’s very likely not zero, but closer to zero.

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They are called Lagrange points and there are multiple of them for even around the earth. And no they don’t make anything mass less, objects at those points just stay there because they get tugged in both directions the same amount but they still have mass.

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Well, yes, but the weight of the mass changes.
Mass also have other effects, such as density, and numbers of atoms in their molecular structure, the arrangement of those atoms in the molecualr structure in relation to the other atoms in one molecule, and the arrangement of those atoms in the molecular structure in relation to the other molecules.

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Weight has no meaning outside a planet. What we call weight is the force with which the earth is pulling at objects it is measured in Newton, but a scale will “calculate” the mass (in kg) from this force. This mass is constant. 1kg is 1kg in earth, it is 1kg in space, it is 1kg on the moon, it is 1kg at a Lagrange point. The only difference is the scale that measures the force will show something different because it was built to work on earth only.

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Mass of what?
An electron and a positron can interact to produce two photons.


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He thinks an object changes mass if it is at a lagrange point or something and confuses it with weight.

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Things can change mass actually.

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Yes, but I was not talking about decay or antimatter annihilation. Even fusion changes the mass slightly, it’s where the sun gets the energy from. That doesn’t change what I said.

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Yes, you say that, I couldn’t miss but notice.
However, mass and weights are 2 different things although directly related.
And infinitesimal mass also exists, including mass of light particle and molecular structure which creates energy to emit a reaction.
Of course the mass weight differs at difference points in space, such as when the nearest and farthest stars and systems reach us.
There are more than light that reach us, as other emission of energy systems also occur, including detected black holes systems at center of systems.

It seems you get some benefit out of discrediting me with confusion based on accuracy, or, the lack thereof rather, which, you try to attribute to me, although my ability to detect it forces me to put it in practice to protect my knowledge and understanding from being diverted into the confusion you suggest, for which I never had any interest or pedantic interest in the last 26 years, and which would endanger my life, or restrict my freedoms.

Radiation mass changes, in the fact that the energy which was internal to the system of the mass is transferred into other external systems which are related.
Also, if a block gets chopped off, or implodes, the mass will change accordingly.

However, that will also be why I have less interest to communicate here and do have more interest into communicating with my future family for over $5,000 despite intent to forfeit my income and other work I do, as if confused, when it’s obviously not good for my family’s security, and, in fact, intended to be insane enough to cause relational problems and conflicts instead of harmony or the ability to be closer together by distancing the truth in exponential factors.

All perfect factors for me to get military training in SanRemo for my family’s safety and related systems security and rights.

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Sorry, but all discussions with you seem to always end in incoherent ramblings and sound pretty threatening at times. Could you please stop injecting your private stuff into every discussion, it is neither relevant nor interesting or even comprehensible.

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The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates or creates a definite algorithm that can be measured. Each dream that we have has numerous algorithms taking place at the exact same moment in time. An algorithm for each object in the dream would exist creating the object. Each color, object, action taking place and even the sensation of hearing, smell, taste, touch and sight all have an intertwined algorithm that can be matched precisely to each aspect of the dream. The vibrations taking place when we dream to create the dream exist based on gravitational variations of how the mind sees the objects in the world around it that is also governed by the amount of gravity present. Each object will have its own gravitational wavelength that influences light that we then see and store in our mind.

The stored dream algorithm would have its own mass and weight in a gravitated environment but the dream itself would still be without weight that has mass but is massless within the gravitational environment.

Since each object in a dream has its own bundle set of algorithms, such as a chair being White Oak and Victorian in design where the dream bundle set is produced by its own algorithm that is spherical in nature, a dream is put together so that each aspect of the bundle is tangent to another aspect of a bundle in the same dream.

If the bundle set is broken down into it’s base algorithms that exist in a gravitated environment then the algorithms that are present can be used to encode data that travel into a black hole and then gather data and then transfer that data out of the black hole. The algorithm would need to be designed so that it would interact with the black hole in such a way to return the necessary and correct data.

For example, if a particle algorithm is designed to be a cube based on how the mind creates the representation of the cube in the dream then the result of the interaction emitted from the black hole would have to function at the mathematical level of creating the same algorithm from emitted particles.

The particle bundle based on the dream algorithm would have mass and weight, but the actual dream that is contained within the particle bundle itself would have mass, be massless as well as not having weight meaning that the dream algorithm would still exist at the Quantum Mechanical level inside of the black hole.

The dream itself has no weight in a gravitational environment because it is massless but still has mass. The mass of the massless dream is represented by objects with mass and weight that exist in an environment where gravity is present. Quantum Gravity exists within a black hole. Therefore a dream could exist inside of a black hole where if the programming of the dream is correct then the dream could be programmed to open and close Quantum interactions within the black hole, much like the nodes of a computer open and close based on an algorithm, to generate an exact output function of 1 + 1 = 2 but not really because we have no idea the exact nature of what both ones represent. All that you know is that you have 1 of something and 1 of something else therefore leaving you with two of something that once again proves “It is what it is” does not exist in reality because the speaker cannot create a determining factor for all three numerical representations.


Worthless and outright no brain at all compartmentalized Laziness.

Physicist Stephen Hawking famously realized that on the microscopic, quantum mechanical level, things can escape from black holes . He predicted that black holes will spontaneously emit particles in a process he dubbed Hawking radiation.

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Say that again.

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The planet has a surface temperature of -150º C maximum. :woman_teacher:

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If scientific facts didn’t change over time, then we’d still be encouraged to consume sugar. I believe the measuring of temperatures will change over time and those number are subject to change. You remember since you’re more venerable than I am: Before Hubble ST, scientists used to believe that there were only a single galaxy.

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Huh… you’re getting things mixed up. Astronomer Edwin Hubble proved that Andromeda was a galaxy and thus ended the debate on the nature of those objects, but that was in 1925 after he photographed cepheid stars (a type of star whose brightness changes with a regular period linked to its mass) in what was known as the Andromeda Nebula.

Also, temperatures are an estimate, but that estimate is unlikely to change a lot. Barnard Star It’s a dim cold star an the planet is far away from it. Red dwarf stars are terrible candidates for any kind of inhabitable planet as they generally tend to destroy all water in any planet close enough to be inhabitable while they’re “young”. Planets far enough to not have their water obliterated by the intense radiation of the young star would be too cold after the star stabylized.